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  • Why has my libido gone down since I got a kitten?

    I used to jack off everyday but ever since I got this kitten I haven't jacked off once and don't feel need. What sorcery is this?

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  • I liked my girlfriend being mad?

    My gf is very sweet and has never once been mad at me over the course of our three month relationship. Anyways, for the first time, she got mad at me for some things I said and, oddly enough, I liked it? She's super cute in anything she does and she's cute when she's mad too. I know I should take her seriously but it just made me feel good to know I made her mad at me and I kind of want her to stay mad at me for a bit because, idk, it just feels good. And does this make me a masochist or a sadist? 

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  • What defines a romantic relationship/feelings?

    I've self decared myself an asexual aromantic for a long time now, but every now and then I question it. Maybe I'm unable to understand what romantic is bc I'm aromantic but I'm not sure.

    When I look at other explanations of "romantic", aside from physical contanct such as sex and kissing, how different is it from platonic love? As a mother, I love gazing into my child's eyes  cuddling them, spending every moment with them and am, ofc, committed. So far the definitions I see are easily are easily comparable to maternal love or a really close friendship.

  • Is it wrong for a college student to be friends with a high school sophomore?

    I'm 19 and asexual, we're just friends who met in an online gc but we're really close and the most important person in each other's eyes. Tbf I had just finished hs when we met, so I never considered it a big deal until recently.

    As friends, we plan to meet up someday, possibly soon, but I only just realized that such a situation might be creepy. I'm an adult, she's sort of a kid, but we're both female, close friends, and I'm an asexual aromantic, so I have no ulterior motives of any sort. I've never had such a close friend so I'm excited to meet her and value her a lot, but I'm worried my actions might be seen as creepy?

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  • Does my bi friend like me?

    We started talking bc of similar political beliefs, she knows I'm asexual (aroace), so we eventually started saying stuff like "I love you", but platonically ofc. Our close relationship keeps getting closer and now she always tells me I'm the most important person in her life, and in the world, I kept thinking it's exaggerated talk but by now it seems genuinely honest. She sends me selfies with hearts, talking to me very sweetly and personal things, and our "I love you's" have become more blunt with her, such as saying "I want you".

    Since from the start it's been nothing more than platonic, I'm thinking she doesn't mean this in the romantic/sexual way but it's hard to tell from an outside perspective. One of our friends started "shipping" us even though we all know I'm asexual. We've also always sent wholesome memes to each other but some of hers say things like me being the only "boo"/"candy" she needs. I'm worried she might be liking me too much, more than platonically, but she's always liked dirty jokes, so maybe that's just part of her fun?

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  • What to do about a fake manipulative friend?

    I have a tight group of friends whom we mutually talk to about everything. However, I noticed one of them was lowkey kind of a douche. Eventually we had a talk and, for whatever reason, he admitted that he honestly doesn't care for any one of us. He admitted to feeling annoyed and ignoring us whenever we talked about our issues to him and that he sometimes tries to manipulate us. iow, he's a self-centered douche, and he continues to act normal and friendly with everyone.

    If it were just me he felt this way about, I wouldn't care too much tbh, but since I care a lot for my friends, I can't stand watching him be fake and the others buying it. I spoke to a couple of my most trusted friend of our group, and bc he goes through so much and is suicidal and everything, we agreed that we don't want to just abandon him and, bc it hurt us lot to hear how he feels, we also don't want to tell the others about him yet. However, I don't think it's healthy to be with someone out of obligation and, again, he's a douche, and I don't want him to be around me or part of our friends circle anymore. What should I do?

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  • Can you donate eggs all at once?

    I've been wanting to donate my eggs for a while now but it seems to be a very long and painful procedure for only removing one egg at a time. I was wondering if it is possible to get them removed all at once, like, can't doctors just do a single surgery of taking out my entire ovaries?

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  • Who is running for ny governor rn?

    And not just the main ones, but also for the green party, etc.

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  • What happens if you show babies porn? (Psychology)?

    Not that I don't intend to try, I'm just really into psychology. Would the baby just see it as random images? Is it only at a certain age that feel scared or uneasy confusion? If it's continually shown, would it never bother them and just be seen as something normal like regular cartoons and not anything sexual or bad at all?

    3 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • How to deal with my sisters fighting?

    I know this may be childlike, but I really have a hard time dealing with my sisters fighting. They mostly fought at night, so I'd just cry mysef to sleep, even in 8th grade. It got so bad one time, we actually had to call the cops because it got too physical.

    Things got better for a few years, but now I hear they had another big fight last night (we still live together). It was very close to getting physical again and my mom had to get between them.

    Even though I didn't witness it, I'm very heartbroken at that fact that everyone's so fed up, we're finally seperating, which I know is inevitable and probably healthier, but the fight still puts a burden on me. I guess bc it's bringing back old memories and I was just so happy all this time that my sisters were finally getting along. Right now I just want to crawl into a tiny hole and cry even though at my age, this shouldn't affect me. I don't really know how to deal with these emotions and would appreciate some advice, though not for how to make their relationship better or anything, just my emotions.

    1 AnswerFamily2 years ago
  • What are some things that beat (like a heart)?

    Writing a story for english. I'm trying to make a comparison like , " my heart beating like...", and I just can't find the right word. Sun? She's in love, so something to enhance that delicate feel might be nice, though something ominous wouldn't be too bad either. Anything really.

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors2 years ago
  • Are humans better at creating or destroying, and why?

    I'm personally leaning towards destruction but I want to see what other people think too. Just curious

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  • How to get rid of an overinflated ego?

    I realize that I'm becoming increasingly conceited; not the confident kind, but the kind that stems from insecurity, I guess. I don't like being the way am, and though not outloud, I'm very condescending, constantly criticizing and judging other people in my head, calling myself better than others. I look down on other people, have some belief that they need to treat me like I'm their king. It's gotten so bad that lately I've even been calling myself "God" despite my usual pious attitude.

    2 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • Would you call this manipulative?

    I was watching a psych video on the different types of manipulation. One that caught my was The Flirt, those who kind of flirt or seduce others into doing what they want with little care to what the other feels

    I realized this is something very similar to what I do. I'm not exactly alluring, I literally look like I'm 12 despite being 18. So instead of seduction, I tend to act really shy and childlike, which is part of my nature, but I do it on purpose too. You'd be surprised how much it works. With women, it's like their maternal instincts kick in and they treat me like child even if they do know my real age. Men treat me kindly too, even my own peers. This allows me to get what I want and not have to face the harshness other people might have to deal with.

    It's easy, simple, and though in my head I don't think "look at these fools", or anything condescending, but I do sort of sit back in my inaginary chair as they speak to me sweetly amd sometimes even give me a free treat when I go buy something. I for the most part think well of them for falling for the act, I think I even sort of do it in a defensive way because I'm scared of harshness, so would it still be considered manipulation?

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  • When is the world cup?

    I really want to get into sports, ever since I was a child really, but every year I miss it. When does it start, and if it strated already, when channel, days, and hours does it play on?

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  • Can size affect chest pain?

    My breasts are almost constantly hurting and since I'm a DD, I'm wondering if maybe that could be part of the issue. Could getting breast reduction aurgery help? I plan to do so antway because of my back pain

    1 AnswerWomen's Health2 years ago
  • If a guy asks if I'm going to prom, is it implied he wanted to ask me out?

    A guy I sometimes talk to and was friends with freshman year asked if I was going, I said no. He just said "oh" and left. From my perspective, he seemed a bit timid about it, though I could be biased. He doesn't exactly have many friends, so I take it he's shy, but I don't know, do guys just ask female sort-of-friends just because?

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