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  • How does tax refund work? ?

    I just got my first job so i am new to the whole tax info.

    I notice a big chunk of my paycheck being deducted for taxes and im wondering if the government gives it back 'tax refund' 

    I filled up a w4 form for my employment application. 

    So i basically want to know when i get a tax refund and how. Like does it automatically get sent to my bank account? Or would i have to file/sign something else in person in order to get a tax refund. 

    Thank you! 

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    Why am I paying more tax than others? ?

    So I got my first job (part-time) and just got my full week paycheck.

    At $17.25 an hour at 20 hours a week I would get $345 before tax. 

    I tried using the online California paycheck calculator and estimated to get $314 but ended up getting $274 after tax on my direct deposit. 

    At first I thought okay maybe that’s how taxes work. But then I asked several of my co workers how much they made and said they got $300 after tax. (They all work the same hours/no dependents/ benefits) They too were surprised at how significant the tax deduction was on my paycheck 

    This is what my pay statement looks like.

    If someone can explain what each tax deduction is for I’d really appreciate it. 

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