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  • If Yugoslavian countries re-united, would the national team be top 2?

    I say easily. Croatia were underdogs in the World Cup, but they were world class. Now imagine this midfield:

    Pjanic - Matic - Modric

    bench: Rakatic, Mil-Savic, Kovacic

    Strikers: Jovic, Mandzukic, Dzeko

    Wingers: Perisic, Visca

    Defence: Kolisinac, Kolarov, Corluka, Jedvaj

    GK: Subasic, Begovic

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  • Spurs Away vs Everton Away?

    Obviously Everton away is always harder, but with our current form, idk which will be a better game.

    We need to step our game up. I utterly hate spurs with a passion, so De bruyne better start and make papa some fantasy points and bragging rights for *** licking him. Hazard needs to be benched cuz he's too cocky. He thinks he has a starting place every game. Cech, Cole, Ivanovic, JT, Azpiliqueta, MVG/Mikel, Luiz, De Bruyne, Mata, Oscar, Torres. Essien also needs to play! Substitutions: Cahill, Hazard and Ramires/Lamps/Etoo if torres doesnt play well.

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  • What is wrong with Mourinho?


    Lukaku sent out on loan to Everton. I hope he plays against us next week and rips our *** into shreads. #joseout. From antifootball to loaning our best striker. Carlo is the only manager that fits our club. F**k this ****

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  • Thoughts on Lukaku? (Chelsea FC)?

    He needs to prove himself to José by preforming well to rightly start games. As long as he doesn't, José wont start him. I kinda feel sorry for him, but also, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Hopefully he can preform well to FINALLY start games! This guy is full of potential! He just needs to SCORE for Chelsea. He definatly does better than the one he gets subbed in for though, so he's the better of the 3. Idk about Eto'o though.

    English Football Section

    CFC Keep ur Heads up lads


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  • Chelsea fans: Who was your favourite Manager of the 21st century?

    Other than José?

    Some people might say Di Matteo, because he was a liked player and he won us the CL, but mine is Ancelotti. He won us the PL, which we dont win often and I think he handles rich clubs well. I think if he didnt F*** up with the Torres move, he wouldnt have been sacked... But then again, we are talking about Roman so anything is possible lol

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  • Rafa for Chelsea or Wenger for Arsenal?

    Thats not the question, but what Im actually asking is should Arsenal fans be making Wenger out banners? Rafa was descent IMO and thts a different case, since we have Abramovic who sacks everyone he sees. Lol but i think if Abramovic buys Arsenal, tht will fix all their problems

    BQ: predictions for the United and Chelsea games?

    Mine are:

    Swansea 2-2 United

    Chelsea 3-1 Hull

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  • That just proves that Sczeszny is absolutely GARBAGE?

    Every single oppostunity Villa had, I was thinking two things (Wenger's fault and Sczesny is utter $H!TE) wtf was that? Btw I had Koscielny in FFL...FML

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  • 13 hours untill the start of the Premier League?

    How excited are you?

    BQ: predict the score for your team's first match

    Chelsea 3-1 Hull

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  • Thoughts on Henrik Mkhitaryan and Yura Movsisyan?

    I think they are underrated. Maybe I'm biased because I'm Armenian, but they proved it to the world with that 4-0 win against Denmark. Yura is the top scorer of the russian league and Henrik has scored 25 goals (record breaking) this season AND is Liverpool's top transfer target. I know both play in pub leagues, but TBH the russian league is underrated because of its money teams. Btw Henrikh almost got us to qualify for Euro 2012 and was voted into the top 5 of Euro 2012 Qualifiers with most goals in the group. They are also both preety young at U25

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  • Thought on Henrik Mkhitaryan and Yura Movsisyan?

    I think they are underrated. Maybe I'm biased because I'm Armenian, but they proved it to the world with that 4-0 win against Denmark. Yura is the top scorer of the russian league and Henrik has scored 25 goals this season AND is one of Liverpool's top 5 transfer target. I know both play in pub leagues, but TBH the russian league is underrated because of its money teams

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  • Chelsea Fans: thoughts on Schurrle?

    Just last week, The Happy One said "De Bruyne is ready to play for Chelsea". Are you serious? Next thing you know, we buy someone who plays the position we are overcrowded in! De Bruyne and Oscar are world class at NT level and Kevin's had a great season at Bremen. Unless we rotate Lukaku and Schurrle at ST, I will NOT be happy.

    OQ: Will we win the league? United will get Lewendowski and Arsenal will get Rooney. Dont see us winning it with our negotiation skills.

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  • Who else sees Palace getting promoted?

    And then getting demolished without Zaha?

    I've been wanting them to get promoted since they got relegated in 2005 and this season they've done much much better than previous years... Will it happen or will Watford edge it?

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  • It just doesn't get more scripted than that... Does it?

    90th minute scripting at it's best. Well done EA

    Why was 6 minutes added, and why did the ref not blow the whistle when it was a throw in. It was already over time... And Sturridge to score against his former club... F*ck my ar$e... And after the most boring first half of the century... Bullocks at its finest

    But KTBFFH! We'll get top 3

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  • So you people don't like Pogba?

    Ok wtvr we'll see

    spanish football section

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  • Pogba the next big thing?

    I think he's better than Thiago and Isco any day

    FQ: is he better than any CM United have? Cuz wtf was Fergie thinking selling him? Jesus! I think he would fit United or Barca the best.

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  • Predictions for BPL standing at the end of the season?

    You dont have to guess points


    1. Manchester United

    2. Manchester City

    3. Chelsea

    4. Spurs

    5. Arsenal (sorry mate)

    6. Everton

    7. Liverpool

    8. West Brom

    9. Newcastle

    10. Stoke

    11. West Ham

    12. Stoke

    13. Norwich

    14. Fulham

    15. Southampton

    16. Sunderland

    17 and down, anyones really. I see Villa surviving though

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  • Who'll win CL this season?

    United? I have a terrible feeling they might. I honestly think they might be the best team ATM. Maybe Dortmund/Bayern? I think they have a fair chance. Or Barcelona? Idk no idea. As for EL, im more pissed It will be a boring Chelsea win rather than that Chelsea are out of CL

    FQ: what worldclass teams that were great last year have been crap this season? With he exception of the obvious, Chelsea and RMadrid... And Arsenal and Milan (seprate cuz they lost players, not cuz they play crap)

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  • Busquets for Barca or Alonso for Real?

    Carles Busquets and Juan Alonso that is

    Hey I'm back! Anyway, do you think Busquets learned his diving skills from his dad? LOL

    BTW time to time, I'll ask for your comparisons of classic players. I'll call it eg. History: Busquets vs Alonso

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  • Have Spain EVER pulled off a decent counter attack?


    FQ: have you witnessed the dumbest decision by a football coach (relating to football) ever?

    FQ2: how sad does Torres look?

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  • Spanish Football Section: Mario Gomez vs RVP?

    I think people underrate Gomez. Specially in the football section in Y! Answers, and the spanish section in particular. I think he's about the same level as RVP. Though he's younger. He's been the best player at the Euros so far IMO.

    FQ: Khadira vs Schweinsteiger

    Madridistas, dont be arrogant and baised please. Seriously, I Feel like an idiot asking this, its like a joke, but lately, Madridistas have been back to their arrogance. I heard them say Khedira is better! Are you kidding me? I know you obviously mean ATM, so I wont go into the super obvious detail of history, but I think both for club and country, Bastian any day.

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