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  • Will the future of space exploration be community, or commercially financed?

    With the sci-fi franchises and real life commercial space exploration applications being split, with religious aspirations of pilgrimage's beyond Mecca and Plymouth Rock, who is going too lead the way to the next Star System, Galaxy, or Universe?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 weeks ago
  • Spaz parakeet?

    Why did my parakeet always attack the television during the pet shop scene in Rocky?

    Birds1 month ago
  • Miss Quan, or the Church Lady?

    Who has the best T.V. comedy skit show catch phrase? Miss Quan's "He uh looka, like a maan!!!" From Mad T.V.? Or the Church Lady's "Well Isn't That Special? From SNL?

    3 AnswersPolitics1 month ago
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    Telling my friend too go too hell?

    I had a good friend I met at swimming camp who was visiting his aunt during the summer who lived in Livingston County, and I lived in Barry County, Michigan. My town of Hastings, was named after a famous battle, and his town if, well, Hell, was named after something else. Why did people not from the area think it wasn't O.K. at the end of summer, too wish him well, and go too Hell?

    1 AnswerFriends1 month ago
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    37 years later, will they team up?

    They were given their suits and a mission by their extraterrestrial mentors, too save 🌎 from the same fate their planets did, by avoiding the same mistakes here on Earth. Will the two franchises put their wonderboys together too save the day, or does Hinckley fade into obscurity while Kent has his reputation bashed too bits by modern day marketing demands?

    Politics2 months ago
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    Countdown too what?

    Is there ever a senario in 📺 or 🎥's, where a digital or analogue display counting backwards ever ends well for anyone involved? New Years countdown concluded, if in a romantic comedy? My snooze button counts down backwards to the horrible ⏰ of "get your lazy *** out of bed and do something with your miserable life" moment we all dread each and every 🌄......Captain, another spontaneous asshole inspired singularity of pre-coffee morning grumpy destruction. "Arm caffeine enhanced perky detonation torpedos!!!" 🔥 all waky waky weopons!!!"

    Polls & Surveys2 months ago
  • How are law enforcement not "civilian?"?

    When I was in the military, part of my job was rendering aid too military and civilian law enforcement when necessary. As a civilian,I constantly hear police agencies referring too people who do not wear a badge as civilians. Military police and the Infantry that support them don't wear badges, but insignia of rank and a Flag on their shoulders. People who wore badges were referred too as civilian law enforcement. If these police officers consider everyone who doesn't wear a badge as civilians, than what are they?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
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    Ever see a pair of boobies like this?

    I've seen my share of boobies and they always seem too show☝ in pairs, but I like firm, perk little cuties like these two, giving a warm welcome too the 🌄.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 months ago
  • Is a person equally accountable for the atrocities they fail to prevent as they are the ones the knowingly commit?

    5 years ago, someone in was illegally incarcerated, tortured, humiliated, deprived of water and food, no phone or outside contact allowed, and taken away in an ambulance too a hospital that asked him why he was there and who did these terrible things that almost cost him his life, too be released with his property, identification, charges brought against him, and evidence of misconduct gone. He feared tbe worst and had access to what he would need too take matters into his own hands. He didn't, believing the system would work and he wouldn't have too do something that couldn't be undone. The system didn't work and a dozen people died in the torture chair that almost claimed his life. Is their blood on his hands? Should he give into the need to put that flash suppressor in his mouth and end the pain?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago
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    Why are people validating a question challenging the right of an educated person with a brain and a clue, who was born after the incident in question, too have an opinion about the Nixon administration and the ensuing Watergate scandal and the issues of presidential privacy rights over an American President's lack of rights to defraud the government and commit treason with a definitive attack on American democracy. I was born after the impeachment trials and presidential pardon by a local boy of my community who was born and buried in the same city as me. "Born and raised, that is. Buried remains too bee seen." Too answer your question why we get too have an opinion?  People died too protect that right. I killed people in South America 🇺🇸 and the middle east too protect that right. What do you think I will do to you, if you try too take that right away from me? Besides, I actually know what I'm talking about. You don't, so shut it an go back too school.

    7 AnswersPersonal Finance2 months ago
  • Artificial intelligence, smart. Artificial life, dumb. Why?

    Why is a weather drone that is less sophisticated than the device I wear on my wrist called artificial intelligence just because it can make course corrections and recharge it's solar powered battery banks without being monitored by human beings, but a robot fashioned after insectoid life forms is not, when it makes the decision to "blow this geek infestation of troglodyte as----es!!!" the second research students take a lunch break, and escape into the woods and get into an altercation with a squirrel is considered stupid as s--t, by researchers?

    1 AnswerPsychology2 months ago