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  • is porn sex??

    I'm a youtuber and i often times then none spend time editing and learning ti improve to make m y edits and youtube content better and more enjoyable with better quality. So what i genuinely like to do is use a image of a naked adult woman or women to educate so i can go like ok i need make a few minor changes or adjustments. From my understanding porn is basically a bunch of sex acts and sex arousal intentions. Naked is basically a body with no clothes on. Add Fuel to the fire i see a woman as a individual like any other person in the world so gotta treat her right and love her so as far as that goes i dont think my brain is affected what so ever. 

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  • what does this mean??? whats wrong with me??? am i fear of my farther??

    im a 26 and a half year old male with medium level ADHD. Now add fuel to the fire when i was 7 my farther divorced my mom and betrayed me and my 2 younger brothers and had a affair with my mom. when i was 7 my farther would spank / beat me to the point of tears and i being only 7 i never understood why i remember one night i was at kfc and my stepmom got me all upset threatening me with my farther if i dont sit at the table with her my dad and youngest brother so i came sat down all upset in tears and so as a result of it i didnt eat my kfc order so as we left kfc my dad said to me just wait til we get to the house and at first i was sitting in the truck kinda thinking like do i go inside or do i like sit here in the truck??? so i got inside the house and my farther beat me to the point of tears and said here take this drink you had to have all angered at me and with me in tears dropped me off at mom. i was all in tears crying my eyes out and decided i wanted nothing to do with the man and that if or when i had kids in order to protect my kids it would be a cold day in hell long before my kids seen their grandfarther in order for me to protect them now years later every time im around my farther and my stepmom im a man of very few words and i keep silent at all times only speak to the server to order and even then i dont look at the server in the eyes insteadi look at the menu or table or something and thats it majority of the time im so silent that. on my mom's side im fine

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  • if i create a photo of a woman fishing or holding a gun  on my pc using images subject to copyright from bing then who owns the copyright??

    i want to create my own custom lifeproof sticker decal for my iphone 6s plus but due to copyright there is the problem of not accepting my order i that i made. so what i wanna knows is this (((((((( if i create a photo of a woman on a boat with a fishing pole or a gun with photos subject to copyright on my pc  then who owns the copyright to that created photo??? )))

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  • what do i do??

    i have a leopard gecko that loves petco crickets and i feed him 12 large petco crickets. Well since covid 19 is going on non essential stores are closing now petco says they are open from 10 - 6 but for how long??? so i feel that God Forbid that petco closes that i should stock up on meal worms. i dont know what to do in this situation

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  • what happen if it rains during a college football game??

    For my birthday this year my brother got tickets to see UGA Bull Dogs Football Team VS Kentucky so i got ponchos and im gonna wear my UGA bull dog onesie and i put life proof with a screen protector on my iphone 6S problem is that its suppose to rain which during the game but what i wanna know is this what happens if it rains during a football game does the game still continue??? do they play in the rain?? what happens if it rains???

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  • why would Fed EX change the delivery of my package from being scheduled monday the 30th to october 1st??

    so last Friday my Fillet Table i bought on ebay shipped so Friday so i been tracking it. Well Fed Ex scheduled my Fillet table to be delivered today Monday the 30th but now Fed EX changed it to October 1st after it arrived at Fed Ex facility in Kennesaw GA why???

    Chicago1 year ago
  • hows my fillet table gonna be here tomorrow on Monday the 30th??

    so i bought a fillet table on ebay and it was shipped through fed ex on Friday night well it says its scheduled to be delivered to me Monday the 30th and it says in transit at WYTHEVILLE, VA since 3 pm yesterday saturday the 28th so what i wanna know is hows it gonna be delivered to me tomorrow on Monday the 30th if its still in transit in WYTHEVILLE, VA??? i dont know how its gonna get to me ifs still stuck in WYTHEVILLE, VA unless Fed EX hasnt updated yet.i every several times through out the day around the clock add fuel to the fire Fed Ex says that my fillet table is SCHEDULED for delivery tomorrow Monday the 30th but i dont see how if its stuck in WYTHEVILLE, VA

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  • what do i wear to a fair??

    so tomorrow im going to the state fair and lately i have been dressing as a cowboy problem is i dont know if cowboys attend fair or how im suppose to dress for a fair also im a guy so what guys wear to fairs???

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  • is 500 subscribers a lot??

    im a small youtuber with 447 subscribers im 53 subscribers away from 500 and i know 500 is half of 1 thousand but while back i was told by one my fave youtubers that i heard and did what they said and saw major improvement with my youtube channel and they said think of it like this youre on stage in room with the amount of subscribers you have now thats alot of people in just one room so to me tha would be 447 subscribers in on room watching me on sage so my question is this is 500 subscribers a lot as in a big number??? or no big deal not worth getting excited about???

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  • is the app text free a fake number?

    im just wondering if its a fake number

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  • how long can leopard gecko go without crickets??

    i have a leopard gecko that i feed 12 large crickets to about once every week and what i noticed was if i fed my gecko linguini say Tuesday then about Monday all 12 crickets would be gone and Tuesday he would need another 12. well i didnt get the chance to go to petco yesterday or today and im going out to dinner tomorrow night so i can pick up 12 Large crickets and make matters worse im new to this and i've given him a full water bowl and im all out of meal worms as they are all dead and thrown out so im worried about linguini if he can hang in there for just until like 8pm tomorrow tonight so i can go to petco get 12 large crickets and feed linguini if i need to im more then happy to contact petco and see if they have large crickets.

    1 AnswerReptiles1 year ago
  • how do i change myself??? How do i change myself to become flexible??? how do i get rid off my autism??

    Every Thursday for 18 years i have always gone out to dinner with my dad and 2 bros and my black widow step mom well For some God Forsaken Forbidden BS reason that has to do with Geys anatomy Bull S we had to change from thrusday to Tuesday night well this in of its self post a Damn problem sunday from 2 to 6 pm i watch nascar Monday from 8 to 11 i watch WWE monday night raw and upload to my youtube channel at 1 pm then Tuesday i watch WWE Smackdown from 8pm to 10 pm and i hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when my schedule is all messed up due to the fact that i have ADHD well now that we changed the nights what i want to know is how do i change myself so i dont care if i miss smackdown or even watch wwe smack down so i can Mudda F accommodate dinner every Tuesday so i can go out to dinner every God Forsaken Tuesday and not have to get upset or mad that my schedule is messed up and ruined? how do i change myself so my show doesnt matter if i miss it? and make matters worse i got in a fight with my mom about this tonight and i figure starting tommorow im not gonna eat at all for the next few days so i can punish myself for the way i acted tonight i guess in a way i might as well sacrifice some of the show due to the fact that my dad gets Held up at horsetown for 5 God Forsaken hours so we are always late and that while im at it how do i become flexible and understanding that of the 7 days of the week that Tuesday is the only acceptable day

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  • whats wrong with burning a dvd of some images of a woman??

    so next week im gonna go on vacation to Florida next Wednesday or thursday and come home 6 to 7 days after that well im a 25 year old male and i just wanna know what is wrong with burning a dvd of a photos of a woman fot entertainment purposes to see in the car or in my portable dvd player.

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  • what does it mean to recite prayers aka God s words backwards? Does reciting the prayers backwards come as a warning?

    im watching this show called a haunting about paranormal evil spirits and ghosts well on one episode this woman was reciting God s prayers backwards and got me thinking what does it mean to recite God s prayers backwards?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago
  • what do i do??

    i'm a youtuber and i'm on a schedule where i upload Gta 5 meticulous mondday every Monday at 1 p, well net Monday me and mom gotta take my brother to Virginia for a college tour so i dont know what to do. i dont know if i should tell my fans not to expect Gta 5 meticulous Monday next Monday or not. i dont know what to do but same time i dont want to leave my subscribers and fans hanging with no content monday while im in Virginia so what can i do??? make Double uploads tomorrow and let my fans know there will be no content Next Monday???

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  • what do parents want from their kids??

    i just want to know what do parents want from their kids because For God knows what reason my mom hates my youtube channel and im trying to get on a schedule so i can upload twice a week to my channel instead of having to upload once a week and then top of that i understandably need to work out in the yard shape it up and vacuum the house so its hard for me to be able to maintain my channel to the point i could make money from my youtube channel and shape up the house so bottom line what the hell do my mom want from me???

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