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  • Is it possible to get a passport within 2 months?

    With Covid-19 going on I am not sure if I can get a passport in time for my trip. I was planning on flying in late October. I really was hoping to go on this trip.

    6 AnswersPacking & Preparation3 months ago
  • Do we have to go to practices during the pandemic?

    I am in a high school band that participates in various field shows. In August, we usually have a band camp the entire month and it is


    . However, there is a pandemic outbreak and I just don't want to go. He has not canceled it at all but the school year is either virtual or a hybrid of 2 days in and the other days online. So is there any way that we don't have to go to these "required" practices?

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education4 months ago