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  • Table service Las Vegas.?

    I booked a table for a Vegas nightclub, was wonder if anyone has ever tipped the host for a better table location for the same price when walking in?

    Las Vegas1 year ago
  • So my girlfriend said she needs space.?

    We have a 5 year old daughter. Recently my girlfriend said she needs space, she feel smothered cause we do everything together and she sees me when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep. She told me that we aren t broken up and a part of her still loves me. So I m leaving to New York for a couple days, and she is going to leave my daughter at her moms house for a couples days and go on a camping trip. She said hopefully after our 4 days apart we will come back missing each other. Just need advise as to what I can do to keep her off my mind those four days to give her space. I know the more I smother her the more I push her away. I think she will come back with a new perspective and it ll make our relationship better, but as the saying goes hope for the best but expect the worst.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Choosing a filter lens for gopro hero 4 silver...?

    i bought a go pro hero 4 silver, i plan on using it quite a bit, i do go to a lot of concerts and i plan on doing some filming with my go pro. my question is should i get a filter lens for the go pro, and which kind of filter lens? i don t want the led lights from the stage to cause a glare, and if i take a go pro stick and i take shots from high up will it cause a jello effect without the lens?

    1 AnswerPhotography5 years ago
  • found a nice 250cc bobber on craigslist...?

    beginner rider, the most I've had experience with is a yamaha raptor 660 quad that i own, but i want to make a transition to either a street bike or cruiser, is the 250cc okay or should i go with a 600cc, mind you I'm not a big guy, I'm 5'5 140lbs.

    1 AnswerMotorcycles6 years ago
  • Which subs should i get? I am contemplating weather i should go with fi audio or re audio.?

    My current set up are 2 jl 12w3v3 powered by a 1.1200 hifonics amp, i just bought two sets of Morel 5 1/4 component speakers, i am going to power those with either a zapco or arc audio amp. I am looking for new subs and amp combo. I am leaning more toward FI cause i heard there sq is pretty good.

    2 AnswersCar Audio9 years ago
  • What are some good happy hours in Downtown LA?

    Turned 21 not too long ago so i am looking for some good bars and happy hours around Downtown.

    3 AnswersLos Angeles9 years ago
  • what should i do in this relationship?

    So my girlfriend and i have know each other for about 4 years but recently we decided to make it official. we both have strong feelings for each other and we get along well, of course we fight like any couple but we get over it. the problem is that she has talked to me about her exs cause she wants me to know her past, but everytime i bring up an ex girl friend she gets really jealous or even when i go out to nightclubs with the guys she gets mad. she told me about one ex that she is still friends with but she rushed into a relationship with him and decided she wanted out, this guy moved to a different state but they still talk. i found out that in a couple months he is coming back and i know his intentions are to get her back. should i be worried about it? or am i over thinking it? recently i feel like just breaking up with her but when i see her in person it changes completely. should i just call it quits? or not worry to much?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • I used to ride bmx but now iam looking into getting a fixie. what would be a good set up to get?

    iam not looking to do tricks or anything just go cruising on the beach or the city.

    1 AnswerCycling1 decade ago