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    How would you describe this dress?

    Trying to sell it and can't think of the word to describe the bottom of this dress

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories2 weeks ago
  • How to fix my fiance and our relationship?

    My fiance and i have been together for five years, we have a three year old together. We argue a lot. I dont remember him ever being like this when we first got together maybe I was blind (love). My fiance is very rude and even mean not only towards me but everyone he has no empathy and very racist. He always has to be right in an argument and It's always his way or the highway. He always talks aggressively towards people that do him wrong. For example one time when we went to the store an older cashier made an honest mistake on are bill we got it all figured out and went on are way when we got out to the truck he said "That B**** needs punched in the face" I explained to him that it wasnt right to say that she's older and everyone makes mistakes but he doesnt care and never sees my point. He always has road rage like if someone cuts him off (which he does all the time) he'd say "that n***** needs shot" he'd NEVER act on it though hes all talk. Hes never been physically abusive towards us. He does call our son names and is very strict with him though. But he says these nasty comments in front of our son. I don't want our son repeating these things or think it's ok to talk like this. Ive talked to him a few times even argued with him it changes for a couple days but never ends. I love him and I dont want to break up our family but how do I fix him and our relationship? Is it possible?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating11 months ago