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  • Why is my unemployment claim on "Hold"?

    I worked a full-time job and a part-time job. Due to covid, I got laid off from my full-time job. But I work a part-time job serving tables. when I put in my benefits claim I notified that I made money on my part time job and recorded that. Since this past sunday morning my claim for last week is still saying it's on "hold". Is this common? Anybody know if this is normal.

    United States3 months ago
  • How do I tell my child I can't afford to send her to college?

    My daughter is high honors high School 16 year old. She wants to go to college so bad. I don't have a penny to give her the college. What can she do to go to college if we have no money to give her? it's already so expensive most people probably can't afford it anyway

    61 AnswersHigher Education (University +)3 months ago
  • How to answer question on unemployment benefits request?

    I just got offered a job and accepted it and I don't start for another three weeks. Should I answer "yes" to the question "were you offered employment?" Will I still get my benefits approved until I start working?

    6 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment3 months ago
  • Does anyone else have stress when vet bills are always high?

    Over the past 5 years, my dog ate a sock and needed surgery ($2,200), my cat need s dental surgery ($900), and the same cat now needs iodine thyroid treatment ($1,840). Is this common or am I just jinxd. I can't afford this bullshit! I'm regretting ever getting animals. I don't know other people that have this many problems with their animals. I don't even know how people can own multiple dogs and have average salaries. Help! I'm stressing about money and future expenses that are likely (because I"m jinxed) to show up. How far do I go with paying these? When do I say enough-is-enough before I put in tens of thousands of dollars into them. I have a child and other important expenes that need to come first but these animals are killing me slowly with the$$$$$$$$

    12 AnswersDogs8 months ago
  • Why do some women NOT knock on a bathroom door but instead just open it?!?

    Okay, I'm so disturbed by this and curious what you all think. When in a bathroom why is it that some women don't knock, but instead just try to open and go in when the light is clearly on and the door shut. Do they NOT expect someone to be on the potty and not expect to be embarassed? Does the person no knocking think they won't be embarrassed. Ugh! So frustrating. How hard is it to be courteous and KNOCK ON A BATHROOM DOOR. Besides this, I absolutely hate when people peek through bathroom stalls to see if someone is in there. Just look under the door! why peek and embarass someone. double ugh. Do you have any of these experiences and what have you done about it?

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  • Should I be concerned with a customer drinking too much wine at dinner?

    I'm a server of an uppidy restaurant. A man came in with his family and he ordered a bottle of wine. Turns out he ordered it for himself. He was there for 2 straight hours, and had a 3 course meal (his entree was a heavy filling large one). He never showed signs of lowered inhibitions or anything. Should I be worried if he got home okay? I worry alot so any help would be appreciated. The dram-shop rules freak me out and I never want to overserve someone. In this case how much he drank was out of my control since the bottle was on the table and he could serve himself as much as he wanted.

    12 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits12 months ago
  • What keeps your faith in God?

    What keeps you firmly believing when growth, logic, and science start making you rethink things about heaven, hell, God and jesus. I mean, if Jesus was here today, would we all flock to say he's the Messiah or would he be thought of as a cult leader. 

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality12 months ago
  • Am I a fool for spending $160 a month on supplemental insurance (cancer, accident and pet insurance)?

    I have no savings account because our bills must be paid (obviously). I also haven't been able to put money into my IRA for 3 years because of lack of add'l funds. However, because I don't have extra money for those unexpected bills, I took out an AFLAC policy for me, my husband and daughter (family plan) that is cancer insurance, and accident insurance. Since my dog had to get surgery amounting to $2,300 for eating a SOCK, we took out a pet insurance policy that covers major medical and his wellness visits. All together we pay $160 a month! My questions, and I'm serious, is am I being overly careful here? It's good to have piece-of-mind BUT there's no guarantee this stuff will happen and I'm throwing my money away when I could be putting it toward my retirement account or stay an extra night at our favorite beach in the summer.

    Help. Serious answers only please.

    PS - I am only looking for common-sense answers if I'm just being paranoid. I don't need to know to check my health insurance coverage or check if cancer runs in the family. I know that too.

    Thank you.

    24 AnswersInsurance1 year ago
  • What do i do if my husband doesnt take me on dates?

    Ive been married for 15 years. My husband who i love just doesnt take me out on romantic dates. It saddens me. People have said if i want to date my husband that i just need to take him out. But, i want to be the one getting treated. Help. This is upsetting me so much

    17 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 years ago
  • has anyone been Terrified working as a server in restaurant?

    I have many years under by belt waiting tables but I'm working in a much more sophisticated fine dining bistro and its rather intimidating. I love how its run. I love the job so far. I suppose with so much more to learn like menu and side work and computer and where everything is is a little nerve racking. I hope to catch on soon so I. Am more comfortable. I hate being the new guy feeling lost in the crowd. The staff are patient and helpful though. Has anyone ever felt this way?

    3 AnswersOther - Dining Out7 years ago
  • how do I stop worrying about debt I'm getting into?

    I am a very very good at my finances at home and so is my husband. We work hard and pay our bills every month. Between me and my husband we work 1 full time job each and I work part time at a restaurant. We don't spend anything we don't need.

    Every month we are making ends meet and I'm so frustrated. We don't even buy friggin clothes. Why? Can't afford them. Goodwill it is once in a while.

    We have one daughter (9 yrs). Daycare takes chunk of our money $90 a week (for after school care). This is the norm for where we live. We don't have anyone that can watch her after school and in the summertime so we need to opt in for the day care thing (3 more years and we are hoping for some freedom with $$$).

    I've never been on a plane, never been to a casino and hell, never been to Boston and only live 3 hours from there.

    I feel like all the work we do is to pay bill and no have no fun. Not fair.

    My biggest frustration is between our two credit cards our debt is up to $1,200! It's scary b/c I've never had debt like this. I get these things paid off, but we need to buy what we need to buy.

    My husband keeps assuring me we are going to be okay and it's only a bump in the road. But I'm so frustrated.

    Any advice?

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance7 years ago
  • should I still charge a customer if they don't like their food served?

    In a restaurant, if a guest orders food and then just doesn't like it. Not that there is anything wrong with the dish, they just personally don't like it. Should I leave the charge on their bill?

    7 AnswersOther - Dining Out7 years ago
  • Why did I get yelled at by the owner of the restaurant?

    I work at an Asian restaurant. All the employees are American. The cooks are Korean, Asian, etc. The owner is Korean or Asian. Anyway, I waited on a table that wanted a noodle dish. It has spicy curry in it. While ordering the customer told me she didn't want it spicy. Considering we have different types of curry, I suggested to her to try to Masaman curry which is a much more mild one. She then said yes and I put the order in. When I brought it out, she tasted it and said it was too spicy for her. She didn't want to eat it. She ordered another dish instead and enjoyed that one. Here is where the ridiculousness came in. The owner was cooking and called me in the kitchen when he noticed that the dish was removed from the bill. I told him what happened and he started yelling at me with a full kitchen of people. What?!? I was calm with him but he was just frantic about it. I said "why can't we use a mild curry instead of a spicy one in the dish if they prefer it that way?" His answer...."that's how we make it and we use only one kind of curry---I don't like "voids" (meaning he doesn't like when an item is removed from the bill).

    Was he right? Was I wrong? I did explain it to the manager before having them remove the charge off the bill. I don't deserve being treated like that. It frustrated me. I've heard him yell at people before so it seems to be the norm.

    What do you think?

    6 AnswersOther - US Dining Out7 years ago
  • Daughter is Mentally Lazy - What do I do?

    So my daughter is 9 years old. She is on ADD medicine because she has focusing issues. We had to correct her dosage about 6 months ago.

    She is the kind of girl, although wonderful and smart and I love her to death, that takes a bath and doesn't unplug the tub, or eats and leaves everything on the table, or doesn't think about getting her lunch box, which she takes every morning, to the car when we leave. I ALWAYS have to ask her, everyday, "did you brush your teeth, did you comb your hair". I catch her lying at times that she did. I'm exhausted. Any suggestions? I'm ready to send her off to school with her hair a mess and clothes on backwards just so she'll learn her own lesson.

    1 AnswerGrade-Schooler7 years ago
  • Is it legal for my employer to determine my suggested tip out?

    I recently began working in a restaurant where we tip out the bartender and busser a certain percentage. When I go to clock out it asks to enter my declared tips. I was told not to declare money and that the management of the restaurant does this themselves. I don't know if they base it on gross sales, or just credit card tips. I don't even know if they guess what I made in cash tips. I will go to management and ask what the procedure is.

    Does this sound legal and normal?

    4 AnswersLaw & Legal7 years ago
  • Is it easy to take down a wooden shed myself?

    My shed is 9' x 9' approximately. It is made of wood. it is very sturdy but rotting in a couple of areas. I need to take it down and get it off my property. A local home improvement place is trying to give me a quote of $1,400 (rip off!!!). My neighbor said he would help me tear it down. I would rent a dumpster. I made one mistake 10 years ago by having my brother-in-law build this. I don't want to make the same mistake by trying to tackle this myself with my neighbor and be unsuccessful after renting a dumpster for $300. Is this job something we can do or am I getting into more than I can handle?

    7 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)7 years ago
  • Worried I served someone too much?

    Served a husky man 3 crown royals and he had split a bottle of champagne w wife over 2 hour period. He ate alot. Shows no sign of lower inhibitions. Should I be worried

    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits8 years ago