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  • Giuliani points to the company that gave so many good electoral fraud to communism (socialism XXI century) in South America?

    Giuliani is right, in Bolivia 2019 they stopped the election because Evo Morales' vote was in danger, there was a second round and he lost it. In short, he was winning, but not with enough votes to avoid the ballot, and in a ballot against a single candidate it was guessed that he was losing. At night the count stopped and when it started again a comeback from Evo Morales appeared. Then Evo ordered the troops to repress the protesters against him, the army and the police ignored him and he fled the country. 

    Also that Soros gets along very well with the Marxists, Mujica from Uruguay for example (ex-president and ex-Marxist guerrilla).

    Of course, the Democrats will not listen to Giuliani, he was the one with zero tolerance, the one who persecuted criminals (whom the liberals defend, especially if they are addicts and blacks like Floyd who they made a hero of) they must hate him a lot for putting in jail so many delinquents, on top of some blacks.

    I bring the Sudaka knowledge of these issues that Americans may miss (not to mention the millennials brainwashed by Marxism who believe in their fairy tales).


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    if all this happened it is worse than when that communist killed JFK in 1963

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  • A group of 'Jews by Trump' were confronted with violence by liberal anti-Semites?

    Is there any doubt that the BLM Marxists and antifa + liberal democrats prefer Islam over Judaism?

    They faced the Jews over Trump, Jews who recognize that orange is one of the few leaders in the world who defends Israel while other rulers prefer Islamic terrorism (there are many in Eurabia, the same EU for example).

    Usually the Marxist discourse collapses when it reaches Israel, they say that each people deserves its territory, its freedom, less Israel. One that has a 32 century history in place, a language and a religion, the only country left after so many millennia.

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  • Facebook and Twitter with more Marxism than Putin's RT chain in Spanish, surprising?

    The Marxist channel RT in Spanish (that is, the word of Putin, 2 decades in charge of Russia, for Spanish speaking) spoke of the recent information about Biden and his corrupt son. What Facebook and Twitter censored.

    Facebook and Twitter were more Marxist than RT in Spanish !!!!! An incredible feat.

    It has stunned me. I thought you couldn't be more Marxist than RT but F and T succeeded.

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  • Trump also said "I can't breathe" because of the Chinese coronavirus like Floyd before he was on the floor?

    It's what Trump and Floyd had (as he said during his arrest). The covid19 or Chinese coronavirus affected both and many more with breathing difficulties. In the video of the cameras of the agents who arrested Floyd, it was possible to see what he said at all times to postpone his detention indefinitely.

    This is what the detainee in Tulsa did that allowed him to kill one agent and injure the other.


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  • In addition to being president, they vote for a supreme court of 9 members or 9 members plus a few more blacks, a lesbian and a Muslim?

    Kamala Harris was quite clear, they will increase the number of members of the court (in the purest South American style) adding members not for any merit but for the group or characteristics, that they are women even if they do not deserve it, that they are black or black although they do not they deserve, that they be gay even if they do not deserve it and Muslim (if there is any in justice) even if they do not deserve it.

    Thus they will sororize the court. And they will destroy forever the independence of powers (political correctness does not accept that they doubt or do not adhere to their dogmas).

    Nowadays, your professional career does not matter, but if you are gay, female, black, Muslim, or any characteristic spoiled by political correctness.

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  • Differences between white and black communities: whites do not defend their criminals?

    When a white thief or murderer is arrested, no group of whites will defend him just because he is white. They will defend you if they think you are innocent.

    The black community seems to stand up for all black detainees whether they are guilty or not. Whether it's a stranger or O. J. Simpson.

    Forum opinions.

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  • ¿Opinión fuerte de Escohotado sobre los filósofos de la posmodernidad?

    En este video Escohotado curioso como pocos les da para que tengan a Derridá, Foucault y Deleuze y otro más.

    También he escuchado el caso del filósofo Mario Bunge, argentino en USA, que dice que los 95 libros de Heidegger (el nazi) son basura a nivel industrial. 

    Es muy raro ver a pensadores criticar a filósofos por lo general los que hablan de filosofía son muy oficialistas del filósofo que mencionan y no los critican nunca.  

    ¿A qué nunca escucharon críticas así como las del maestro Escohotado?

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  • ¿A qué hora Armstrong puso el pie en la luna, hora Buenos Aires/San Pablo?

    Bueno también lo podemos deducir en los registros según los husos horarios.

    Wikipedia me dice que pusieron pie a tierra, a luna mejor dicho, a la medianoche a 4 minutos de ser el 21 de julio. Jiuston a las 22:56hs. Habían aterrizado a las 15:17 hs

    No lo encuentro fácil, en Texas 6 horas de la GMT y en Argentina 3hs Algo anda mal. 6 horas abajo de 2:56 GMT es 21:56hs y Argentina 23:56hs. 

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