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    Dear R&S, What do you think of users who engage in such nefarious activities as these?

    Establishing an account purely for the purpose of trolling other users and then deleting it; only to start again, not even bothering to change their modus operandi, style of writing, target audience or anything; and then blocking users who refuse to play the obvious troll's obvious game.

    Do you guys think it's as pathetic as I do? I'm just here to answer questions about religion because it's interesting, and instead I find some bored dullard who pretends not to care, but goes to the effort of deleting accounts and starting new ones just to insult strangers on the Internet.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 years ago
  • HELP! My wine has stopped fermenting prematurely?

    I am making my first wine which is not from a kit. I have been following a recipe but seem to be having problems.

    I began putting my mushed up cooking apples along with yeast, yeast nutrient and Pectolase in a fermentation bucket with an airlock fitted to the lid. This started fermenting vigourously but then stopped after 3 days. In the hope of getting it to start up again I added the sugar, some citric acid and some more yeast and nutrient. This got it fermenting like crazy for another 4 days before stopping again, which just happens to be the day it's due for it's first racking. I proceeded to strain the wine through muslin, as instructed, and put it into a demijohn. I used an airlock on it and hoped it would show some signs of life... but nothing. So I hastily added more sugar, citric acid and yeast (like before), stirred it like crazy and still nothing.

    I now believe I have added too much sugar (the sugar sediment at the bottom of the jar is a bit of a giveaway) and I am completely at a loss as to why the fermentation process keeps stopping and what I can do to salvage this wine (if anything).

    Any advice from wine makers will be very much appreciated!


    7 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits10 years ago