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In the Covington Who's Who society's Magazine under this one Title in December will be all but 2 disaster Solutions for all on Earth to see and use if need be, like Hurricanes, Tornado, Typhoons, Cyclones, Earthquake/Quake related tsunami's, Flood, fire containment, Fire, etc. also my new Solution 12 to 15 crops per farm per year, if I'm able to win $5000 a week for life at the end of August, i will implement this Triple, Triple Output farming solution in the middle of large cities and invite other farmers to see how I do it, so they can do it too, but I will sell each crop openly to people at 1979 food prices. I'm also Global Command and my global Teams of all walks of life are awaiting confirmation that we deleted Global Warming. All I need to know is what the Russian farms look like today, Buildings or farms and it must be confirmed. Mike