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  • When was the retractable attic ladder invented?

    My wife is working on a doll house circa 1930 and wants it to be as real as possible. She is thinking of putting in an attic ladder. Trouble is we don't know when it was made available. Couldn't find the answer on-line. Does anyone know?

    4 AnswersHistory7 years ago
  • What are the best type of horror movies? Also which one?

    I love horror films. I'd like to know what others think of them. Do you like slasher films, ghost stories, possessions..etc. What film would you chose as the best horror movie ever?

    7 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Why can't the Arab League take care of their own problems?

    This issue with Syria, why doesn't the Arab League deal with it? It's not because they don't have the money. They're loaded with the cash we give them for oil! Is it a religious thing? Do they not want to attack fellow Muslims? Why do they ask for our "help" then bash us in the UN every chance they get? Please somebody give me an acceptable answer for this!

    4 AnswersGovernment7 years ago
  • Should we attack Syria?

    Why attack? our enemies are killing one another! Yes, chemical weapons are bad, however either side we aid we will face again with guns pointed at us! For once I would love to see the Arab Leage take care of their own problems. GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST! Also this could be the fuse that finally sparks the powder keg.

    8 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago