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  • How to get over break up?

    I dated a boy for 2 yrs and I thought he was the 1. we had so much fun, the same personality but we werent happy overall. We were always jealous and insecure a lot. Everything I thought I was doing for myself , I wasn’t. For example I love to sing and I use to sing always. But when I was with him I was always Worrying about what he thinks about when I do it. If he thinks I’m good, if he’s impressed. I wasn’t afraid to be myself but.. I was not doing things for the pure happiness of doing it. I was doing it all just for his reaction. With that being said, I had to break up with him. I didn’t know if I should stay with him because i love him or break up with him because I didn’t love myself and I kept fighting it for days but then I was like if I stay in this relationship I will never know what it’s like to be happy for myself. And everything about relationships just didn’t interest me. I didn’t want to feel any jealousy, I didn’t want to feel any pressure to make another person happy. I hate myself for not being ready for a relationship. I look in the mirror right now and I don’t know who I am anymore, I don’t feel like I deserve to Be happy unless it’s for him. I loved him to the point were it was unhealthy and I wasn’t loving myself but I really hurt him. can’t stop thinking about if he’s okay. It hurts that he thinks I just didn’t love him when it wasn’t at all like that. (He also had issues of his own (very controlling which pressured me, very dependent on me as well)

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  • Normal for Erections to be so easily to get?

    One day I forgot to wear a bra and by accident he touched me (up top) this was as school, and he literally got a ***** and was telling me that I was killing him for doing that. And also I wore lulu lemons today at school and he won t stop touching and like I know it s normal for guys to certain extent.. But like scientifically why is he so horny and touchy and why is it so easy for him to get a *****?

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