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  • Is a lot of discharge normal right before your period?

    My Girlfriend and I are going through a pregnancy scare right now, and yesterday she had some really bad cramps and she keptt thinking she started her period because she was really wet down there... is it normal for this to happen?

    This morning though, she has no cramps and no discharge at all.. period still hasn’t come. She did take Plan B last month so could that be why it’s taking a while ?

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  • What are the chances of my Girlfriend getting pregnant from this?

    On New Years Eve my Girlfriend and I were having sex and we wanted to change positions, so we also changed condoms. I took the condom off and asked her to get closer to my face and I did oral on her.. (Sorry for all the information) so my penis was exposed to the air for at least 30 seconds. I can’t remember if she gave me oral too, but I don’t think she did.

    Anyways, I changed the condom, but as I was putting it on (hadn’t started rolling it yet) I realized it was on backwards, so I flipped it around and rolled it on normally. We had sex, I pulled out before I ejaculated and then didn’t have a worry in the world, until I started thinking back to it.

    I didn’t ejaculate fully until we were done having sex.. but I’m worried about pre-***. If I had pre-*** while using the old condom, then there would probably still be some on the tip of my penis which I then touched to the outside of the new condom which then went inside my Girlfriend. Thats why I’m scared.

    her Period tracker app says that she didn’t have a high chance of pregnancy that day, the thing is though, she took Plan B last month which can make your next period up to a week later than usual, which I assume can also make you ovulate later.

    I just want to know if we’re gonna be alright. I know nobody can tell me that for sure, but what are the chances? Thank you.. sorry for the stupid question

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  • Question about condoms......?

    I get very paranoid with sex, especially about getting my Girlfriend pregnant. We use a condom every time, and I always always always am as safe as I can be. I make sure to put it on right, I hold the base while I withdraw, I literally stop during sex to check the condition of the condom. Though one thing that always scares me no matter what is that when we’re done having sex and I withdraw, I look at the condom for anything bad, and I always see some faint white spots of stuff around the inside. It always scares me because I don’t know if this is semen, lady juices, or just lube from the condom.... and because it’s so close to the base, it makes me wonder if whatever it is got outside of the condom by leaking out the bottom. What is this stuff ? Does anybody else have problems like this? Is it a risk of pregnancy? Thank you!! Sorry for the dumb question :/

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  • can A tiny “smudge” of semen/ sperm on a finger get a girl pregnant if she is fingered with it?

    Posted this already but accidentally put isn’t instead of is...

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  • Beeen looking for an answer for a long while ????

    Is there any way that semen and sperm can run down the penis and out of the base/ ring of a condom???? I know it’s possible if the condom is too big, or not put on right but if you put it on right and it fits snuggly, is there any chance of fluids running down the shaft and out the opening of the condom and getting someone pregnant?

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  • Help! I don’t know what to think !!!!!!!!!!?

    Last night I had sex and I ejaculated into the condom. My partner got off of me and then I pulled my pants up over the condom I don’t think any semen leaked out onto my hand, and the condom wasn’t broken. I also saw the ejaculate in the tip of the condom. I started to finger her though, with the condom still on, under my pants. I can’t remember if I wiped my hand on my pants or not, but if I didn’t, what are the chances that somehow some semen leaked out of the base of the condom, my hand rubbed it before I pulled my pants up, and then I fingered her and got some in her, and her ending up getting pregnant? I don’t remember my hand being wet or moist at all before I fingered her, but I’m just scared because I can’t recall if any sperm got on my hand.

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  • Sex on day 26 with regular 28-30 day cycles... what are the chances of pregnancy?

    Also pulled out very quickly, way before I ejaculated. Stuck it in for about 5 seconds then got out. I know it was stupid, I won’t do it again. Gonna use a condom from now on.

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  • Is pregnancy possible here?

    My Girlfriend and I had sex and 3 days later she got her period. We used a condom and the pullout method. I know she got her period so that should answer my question, but can’t sperm survive for up to 5 days? Is there any way she ovulated in the first 2 days of her period?

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  • Am I being lied to??

    A couple days ago my friend texted me in the morning telling me that she tried to overdose the night before, and that she'd been throwing up. The whole rest of that day she told me she just had a stomach ache and she didn’t throw up anymore. She told me she took 20 pain reliever pills, but she wouldn't tell me what kind. She just told me I was overthinking and that it was just some OTC medicine. I started Googling pain relief pills and pretty much all of them contained acetaminophen which is very deadly, so I started freaking out. I asked her several times to check if whatever she toook contained it, and after many times of her saying I was overreacting, she "looked" and told me she was fine and that it didn’t contain it. I asked for a picture of the bottle and she refused and told me she was fine. Since then she’s been acting fine and living life like nothing is wrong. My other friend and my parents tell me that she's lying and that she’s just trying to manipulate me. I'm starting to side with them, but I don't want to get a call that my friends liver is failing and that she's dying. If she took 20, she would surely die.. I don’t know what to do here

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  • how Should I handle this?

    My friend tried to overdose by taking painkillers. I don’t know what pills they were exactly but they weren’t advil, aleve, or Ibuprofen. She said it was just some over the counter stuff. She told me she took 20, and the next morning she woke up throwing up, and then after that the rest of the day she just had a stomach ache but didn’t throw up anymore. There was no blood in her vomit. I know she should go to a doctor and stop being stupid, but if she tells her mom, she will get yelled at and her Mom will not try to help her at all which will just make her more suicidal.

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  • Chances of pregnancy? Just to ease my mind.?

    My girlfriend and I didn't have sex for almost a month. We had sex on cycle day 27. She has a typical cycle length of 27-30 days. She got her period 3 days after we had sex. I'm only worried because I know sperm can survive for up to a week in the female body. The sex was protected though, and I pulled out before I even started to feel the orgasm. The condom was snug at the base but a little bit oversized, so the only thing that could have happened is pre c*m leaking out of the condom. I also masturbated the night before the sex, and I'm not sure if I peed or not anytime before the sex. With all these factors, what are the chances that pregnancy could result? I know it is possible anytime you have sex, but what are the odds in this scenario. Thank you!!

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  • Scared my Girlfriend is going to commit suicide?

    When my girlfriend was 14 she attempted suicide. Obviously failed since I used the word attempted, but she went into a coma for 7 days and around 2 years later she met me. She still deals with depression and mental issues and I am always very scared for her. Whenever ANYTHING happens at all, if she doesn’t respond to my texts fast, if she gets moody, anything, I get scared that she is going to try it again. She has problems with her Mom.. who is very strict and mean sometimes, and whenever her Mom gets mad at her or grounds her I know it takes a huge toll on her.. (she works her butt off all day for her Mom and she gets treated horribly in return. She goes out of her way to comfort her Mom and brighten her day but she gets nothing in return except for yelling and punishments.) I tell her to be strong and I know that she probably won’t ever do it again because she has a lot to live for and she knows a lot of people care for her, but I can’t help but be anxious about it. I don’t know what I’m really asking for but I guess I just need people to comfort me. I would rather rant to strangers online than people I know because most people around her don’t know about her past.

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  • Is it possible to get pregnant this way?

    has Anybody ever gotten pregnant from pre *** leaking out of the base of the condom? If the condom doesn’t fit right or something? Just wondering how possible that is. Also, just to clarify, doesn’t pre *** come out right before you ejaculate? So would it even be possible to pre *** in a condom without actually ejaculating fully ?

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  • What are some bands similar to Pink Floyd?

    I absolutely love Pink Floyd music and I try to get into other bands but none of them give me the same kind of spark. I know Led Zeppelin could be seen as similar, but I find it hard to get into them. What album or songs would you recommend by them?

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