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  • 1999 4runner cat monitor and evap monitor wont ready for inspection?

    I have a 1999 4runner with 149k miles, replaced both 02 sensors, the charcoal canister, made sure there were no exhaust leaks and checked the battery. Cat monitor and evap monitor wont ready for inspection. Last tune up with plugs and wires was at 120k miles. I've driven it over 400 miles and followed the drive cycle as directed by Toyota. I'm open to any ideas.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 months ago
  • My ankle was run over by a forklift at a business. What do I do?

    My ankle was run over by a forklift at a business. I was standing in line when the drive reversed without warning while cutting the wheel at a quick acceleration. At first the manager wouldn't write me a out a statement, after another customer said they would the manager changed their turn and wrote one out. I went to the hospital where x ray showed no fracture but my ankle is swollen 3x the normal size, purple and in and constant 6/10 pain level, with minor lacerations. Would you consult a lawyer?

    6 AnswersInjuries10 months ago
  • Family corporate fraud?

    My wife's father has had to file bankruptcy and lost several of the buildings his business operates out of. He recently offered my wife an 'opportunity' to start a new company for him. She would need to sign over the stock he gives her to him and he would keep it in his personal safe until he dies. She would get the profit of the stock when he dies and he claims she would be risk free during the whole endeavor. Is this illegal?

    1 AnswerCorporations8 years ago
  • Should I trade trucks?

    I have a 2000 f150 super cab 4x4, 4.6 v8, auto trans, 135k miles, my friend wants to trade for his 2001 chevy 2500hd crew cab 2wd, 8.1 v8, auto trans 116k miles. I would only trade to sell his truck, it blue books for more money but will any body buy a truck with a 8.1 liter v8 for blue book (private party sale) prices right now? Is this a good trade?

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation10 years ago
  • Wood finishing question?

    I have a 2000 f150 with a wood center console. The finish is dried out and flaking off, it looks like its turned yellow. The flakes are flat and thick. What kind of varnish is this? Id like to sand it off and replace it but not sure if its a polyurethane or something else.

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)10 years ago
  • laparoscopic surgery scars feel herniated?

    I had a UPJ obstruction removed with laparoscopic surgery about 2 years ago. Every 6-9 months I feel like I tear the tissue in the scars or something and when I bend or stretch certain ways I can feel it pulling from the inside of my abdomen. The tears usually go away in about 10-14 days.I have an appointment to see my doctor but its not for 3 months. Are these areas herniated?

    2 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • Any one familiar with civilian military jobs?

    Looking to get hired on as an OP4 (opposition force) actor for training. I know they use civilians cause thats how they did it when I was in the military. Any one know where to get more info?

    1 AnswerGovernment & Non-Profit1 decade ago
  • California honda motor swap question?

    I have a 2000 civic ex, d16 with a 5 spd manual. I want to swap in a gsr or a k20a2. What has to happen after I swap the motor to make it smog legal? Please explain the bar ref. Do I have to have a motor newer than my car?

    4 AnswersHonda1 decade ago
  • who made" I che Wa Wa" famous?

    was it cheech and chong or the ewaks or someone else? links would be great.

    8 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • which state do the simpsons live?

    which springfield do the simpsons live in?

    18 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • anybody ever breed a pitbull by a great dane?

    Pretty much it...just wondering how it turned out?

    1 AnswerDogs1 decade ago
  • which M1a to buy?

    Im going to be picking up an M1A soon, I like the socom 16 with the 16 inch barrel, I also like the scout with the 18 inch barrel, but I have an oppertunity to get an collector GI M14 style M1A, anybody have a preference and why?

    4 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Bear hunting, what caliber rifle to use?

    Some friends and I are going to hunt bears in Russia. I know, "its wrong", "dont hunt", "dont be cruel" what not. We are going, I just want some opinions on the rifle to use. Bleeding hearts need not respond.

    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • sealing a cement pond. what can I use?

    you have to seal a cement pond so the lime doesnt leach out and kill the fish, I know about pond shield (epoxy) and the rubber paint but those are both expensive ($70-$125). Is there anything else I can use that wont leach chemicals out and harm the fish?

    7 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago