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I am an American of German ancestry. I hold two doctorates and speak seven languages and have traveled extensively. I am a physician and a biologist, I currently live in China.

  • Why are the questions and answers getting ridiculous and superficial? Most are getting absurd.?

    People continually ask questions that can readily be found on the internet or a library. Is it a lack of diligence, boredom or just wanting their names to show on the net? There are many serious and very intelligent people with real knowledge to offer to others but I think the question askers should have the common courtesy to at least write their questions in intelligible language. I appreciate that this is a global forum but sheer lack of an attempt to communicate an idea or question is deplorable. The gibberish falls between the cracks. Should Yahoo create a special playroom? Many people are sincere with their quest for esoteric knowledge, and more power be to them, but show-offism is childish. Answers should reflect sound thinking not a glib reply.

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  • Where has our pride gone?

    I take great pride in the miracles that have been created in America but feel abashed when people of other nations ask a simple question about our government, 'Why?' We are surrounded by countries that disagree or strongly disagree with our policies. We have to think that perhaps we are not such a good neighbor. Canada and Mexico have issues with us, but so does Cuba, and many other small nations that have to go to bed with us to retain their economies...they dance to our music. Should they? If in the 1945 era, a nation said to us, 'you can't make atomic bombs!' Would we have stopped? Each country with hopefully prudent leaders must seek ways to defend themselves. Now it has created a major issue with Iran and North Korea but we let India slip by? Is it that the news media is creating problems for us and politicians reacting to public outcry? We need a careful look at both policy and polemics.

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  • Where are we headed?

    While America is a symbol of freedom, it should not be the trash-bin of the world. Australia had very strict immigation laws requiring education and even Canada still has a point system to insure that the people coming to live there are worthwhile citizens. We accept misfits from the various societies and then pay them with welfare checks....sorry it doesn't fit in my books. Every person has to carry their own weight. Some of my relatives, Chinese, living in Vietnam at the time of the downfall of the Saigon regime were taken to a refugee camp and beginning day one, they were told how to apply for welfare, and again in the Philippines, they were brainwashed with the big pocketbook of Uncle Sam. Such nonsense is the weakness of the system...but we require very little before we accept immigrants.I think that we should wake up to the fact that people want to come to America for $$$$$$$$$$$...not to improve our country. Look at the plethora of Indian physicians....where do they retire?

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