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  • Reciprocation or balasan ?

    Do you believe this would really happen ? What you have done would come back to haunt you !

    I seldom talk to my father even until today, we are just not close to each other. Now the communication between me and my son [ as he grew older ] is very poor. Its some thing like YAM here ? Question then only answer, worst still, sometime no answer at all !

    Age-gap ? up-bringing ? life style ? no / less initiative from either party ? we just don't / can't 'click' due to various reason ?

    I am very sad but don't know what to do ! How to improve this dead situation ?

    I have tried but the end result still the same !

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  • How do you address you elder brother/sister?

    I call him Abang Long because he is my eldest brother. Some of my younger brother/sister call me abang ngah because I am the second between the sibling, some call me by name !

    It felt special when I heard that my younger sibling call me abang ngah but a bit weird if they call me by my name !

    For me its kind of a respect to call this guy abang long as he is older than me !

    But I saw on movie that some mat saleh [white men/westerner] even call their father by name ! My father would definitely slap me if I do so !

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  • How ? What would you do if you can't sleep at night ?

    I was practically rolling on the bed just now for almost 40 minutes but failed to catch the best/sweetest dream, then slept for slightly more than an hour. Its 3am at the moment ! Only hantu will answer my q at this time of the day in yam !

    Its like I am in the night shift but I have not done night duty for years ! Please help me to find my lost dream !

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  • Jobless ! What are you going to do ?

    If suddenly you find yourself [ especially for men who are the sole bread winner ] out of job, what are you going to do ?

    Looking at the current economy situation, any of the working class could be jobless without we even noticing it !

    My workplace is forcing us to take extra long leave, once during last year X'mas n now next week CNY ! Many of my friends/neighbors too face the same problem ! No shift work, no over time claim, no this no that !

    OMG ! Whats going to happen to Malaysia ?

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  • Why ? Why ? Why like that ?

    Very very seldom heard of any body praised their superior/manager ! Most if not all the times we just talk bad about our superior in the office !

    I have my own sub-ordinates and knew they bad mouthed about my decision [ no, its the company's instruction that i have to follow, so were them ] but i couldn't care much ! I am not here to please them but all of us working for the company !

    But me too really 'hate' my work place's top management ! and sometimes do said somethings bad about them too !

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  • Why one week not only 4 days ? How nice if one month got only two weeks ?

    Always heard that the day is too long ! When can go off from office/work place much earlier ?

    When is salary day ? Not enough money to spend within one week of getting salary !

    Can you imagine how wonderful/marvellous if there are only Monday n Tuesday then Saturday n Sunday ? Two weeks later got gaji [ pay ] again ! Woow ! Soo many things can buy n shop o !

    Why our great-great ancestor set the day / week / month / year in such a completely not very human being friendly type ? Arrrghhhh !

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  • How do you ... yamming ?

    On a weekly basic,

    [1] how many days you visit yam ?

    [2] how long [times] each session ?

    [3] how many q do you ask ?

    [4] how many q that you answer ?

    me, depend on my workload n off-day, but average atleast 5 times a week, spend about an hour+ each session, extremly seldom ask question but read all the q every times ! Answer only when very sure i can provide the 'best' info !

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  • Relationship ?

    Are you close to your father n mother ?

    Even after become a father myself, i still find it hard to communicate with my father. I just don't know why, it has been like that since i am young. We seldom talk, may be not more than 5 minutes per year ! Worst still we are not staying together since my teenage year [ study then working outstation ]

    Its the opposite with my mom, we can just chat for hours each time we see each other.

    Really wanted to have a nice conversation with my dad before its too late, who know, life is too short ! But how ???

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  • Priority on holiday?

    When holidaying, which or what is/are your priority ?

    [1] Accommodation

    [2] Food

    [3] Sight seeing

    [4] Modern facilities [ tv, internet, phone, karaoke ...]

    [5] Environment/surrounding/atmosphere

    [6] others [ any suggestion ? ]

    For me, 5 n 3 are the most important follow by 2 then 1, 4 not necessary at all !

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  • Holiday destination?

    To all yammers especially those Malaysian, which or where is your dream holiday's destination in Malaysia and why ?

    Most of the tourist spots in Peninsula Malaysia have had my foot prints except Sabah n Sarawak ! But i don't know when it [ visit to the two SS ] could become a reality !

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  • Why Batu Caves ? How about Batu Gua or...?

    Rock Caves ?

    Why mixture of two languages for Batu Caves? Funny or unique ?

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  • Boring ? Need some jokes ?

    This joke is best in Bahasa Malaysia, for those who can't understand, i'm very sorry ! I can translate but it wouldn't be as nice !

    Ada 3 jejaka dari kampung, nama mereka : Otak, Gila n gaduh. Mereka gi shopping kat KLCC, tengah syiok2 shopping, tiba2 gaduh hilang. Otak n Gila cuba cari tapi tak jumpa, jadi panic so mereka berdua pun gi palai buat report.

    Gila masuk dalam palai sementara Otak tunggu kat luar.

    Gila : " Tuan, saya datang nak cari Gaduh "

    Polis : " Hei, kamu ni gila ke ?"

    Gila : " Ya, saya memang Gila, Tuan"

    Polis : " Hei , otak mana? "

    Gila : " Otak kat luar sana"

    English version -

    3 guys from village go shopping at KLCC, they are Crazy, Brain, Fight, somehow while enjoying shopping, Fight was missing. Crazy n Brain paniced so go to police station to make a report.

    Crazy went in while Brain wait outside

    Crazy : Sir, i am here looking for Fight

    Police : Are you crazy ?

    Crazy : Yes sir, i am !

    Police : Wheres your brain?

    Crazy : Brain? outside.

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  • Men, how to avoid hurting the ladies when you ...?

    Come across many ladies who like to wear revealling type of clothing, showing 1/2 sometime 3/4 of their juicy fruits [ buah dada/breast ] and the longkang at the back !

    Man who don't want free show ? We didn't peep, they shown us ma ! If we 'locked' our sight on that seductive spot slightly longer, they [ the ladies ] would not be happy at all !

    Some show their unpleasant face, some try to adjust their clothing to cover-up, some shield it with their hand...

    If, in the first place they wanted/intended to 'expose' thier asset, why not be cool and acted like nothing happen ? After all, most of the men are not sex maniac ! Syiok for a few seconds only ma !

    Actually they should be happy and proud that men willing to look at them !

    Ladies, what say you ? No offence to all the ladies out there at all, ok !

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  • Best way of not hurting a lady if man ...?

    This time is their feeling !

    How should we, men, talk/act/response... in order not hurting those girls/women/ladies feeling ?

    Because sometimes what we said, our remark, reply may be mis-interpreted by her and she become angry or ambil hati ! If we know we have commited that mistake [ even though deep down we didn't mean what she mean, what more intended to hurt any one ], quickly say 'SORRY' then hopefully she wouldn't mind and forgive us !

    Otherwise, 'BANG' and gone our friendship/relationship what ever ship, without our notice !

    Ladies, please help ! Tolong !

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  • Whats the proper way doing it without the lady getting hurt ?

    Talking about proper hand-shake. Between man and man, normally its a firm handshake, but how about man doing with the lady ?

    If we apply the same pressure [ as with other man ] on her soft hand, sure they [ most of them ] get hurt ! But if we just mildly touches her hand, wouldn't they might question our sincerity ? If we hold too long, we become 'ham sap' ?

    Ladies, please forward your opinion !

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  • Not satisfy, what should you do ?

    If you asked a question but instead getting some not so good answers which you don't satisfied at all, so, what should you do ?

    Ask again using different way but on the same subject ?

    or just simply ask the same q twice, or send it to some others section ?

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  • Most number of answers?

    Any body know what is/was the record of highest number of answers [ included all category ] one received for a single question ?

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  • YAM population ?

    What would be the actual head counts at YAM ? Include those active and non-active member, regular or not, but clone tak mau kira ! !

    Hi, everyone, please show your yammer's spirit !

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  • Travel - holiday - priority ?

    When you go for holiday, which/what is/are your priority ?

    [1] local or oversea destination

    [2] places of interest : sea,beaches/jungle/modern city/highland/historical site/adventures/shopping ...

    [3] accommodation/food/fun activities...

    [4] night-life

    [1]Because of budget constrain, I can only afford local holiday [ me, my wife and three kids so the expenses 5 x ]

    [2] I like sea and beaches, nature environment such as Taman Negara, jungle with waterfall...

    [3] Don't mind spend more on fun activities and food. Accommodation wise, as long as the room/chalet/hotel has got basic facilities such as fan [ air-cond better ], attached bathroom, 24 hours need star-rated hotel/resort because 75% of the times we are outside enjoying the surrounding, scenery, having fun activities...

    [4] Never interested in night-life !

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  • Old best answers?

    Why some of my old answers were picked as best after one year ! Yes, 365 days later !

    i only know when yahoo send me an e-mail !

    Something wrong with the system or they just can't decide which is/are best within a short period ?

    i am not bother about the 10 points but its kind of weird, don't you think so ?

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