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  • What to name my babyboy?

    I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have two names I love but I cant decide between the two. 

    Noah and Malachi 

    When i mentioned these to my family, they said Malachi would he difficult because we would call him "Kai" or "Kai Kai" as a nickname. The problem with that that is, my step dad has a son named Kyle that he hasn't seen in over a decade, due to losing a custody battle over him a long time ago. I cant remember seeing him after I was a toddler (I'm 24) and they used to call him Kai Kai. Is this insensitive to my step father? My partner really loves the name.

    Second is Noah, my partners sister and brother made a comment on separate occasions saying if I named him Noah, he'd "be a douchebag" his sister also said "dont name him that, I knew someone named Noah and he was annoying" this pissed me off of course. Dont know why people are so rude especially when they ask me what I'm naming my child. 

    I'm just worried about them bullying him or giving me a hard time about his name in the future?

    A little sad because both of my names now have a downside to them but I cant find any other ones that stuck to me like these two.

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  • Just found out I’m pregnant, 24, living at home?

    I’m 24, living at home w/ my parents & taking classes for college. I have a car & Im okay with myself for now. My boyfriend (24) & I chose to end things after an on & off relationship that lasted about 7 years because he wasn’t changing. He has no car, we work at the same job making $16 hour, he’s always gotten by either getting rides or borrowing a family car. He isn’t pursuing school & when it came to us, hes lied to me so many times that I had enough & broke it off w/ him for good. Month later I found out I was pregnant & told him. Hes 50/50 on the situation &ultimately leaning on not having it but that he would support whatever decision I make. He knows we’re not ready, he can barely take care of himself. He said its not smart bringing a baby into this world when ur not ready financially at least. He said this changes everything & he wants to fix things w/ me & 

    step up even if we keep it or not. I told my mom that I could be pregnant & I made a doctors appt. because I wanted to see what she thought before I told her, she said its my responsibility to keep this baby, that she would help me no matter what & that she knows I could do it. I feel disappointed in myself. I know I should have left the relationship a long time ago but it was hard because I still will always love him. 

    We always used protection & wasn’t expecting this to happen. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to put my family through this.

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  • Define the variables and then write the linear function for the real-world situation described.?

    Experts recommend eating several servings of fresh fruit each day to receive tremendous health benefits. Suppose you want to increase your daily fiber intake by 12 grams by consuming fresh blueberries and blackberries. Blueberries contain about 2 grams of fiber per serving and blackberries contain about 5 grams of fiber per serving. Write an equation to model the combinations of blueberry servings, u , and blackberry servings, k , you could consume to meet your goal. 

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  • Do all linear functions have a vertical intercept? ?

    Please explain. thanks in advance 

    Mathematics8 months ago
  • You are planning a 375 mile trip along a highway that has a speed limit of 75mph - 5 part question?

    1. If you maintain an average speed of 75mph, how many hours will it take you to drive 375 miles?

    2. Write a function for t(r), the time in hours it will take to complete the 375 mile trip, in terms of r, your average speed in mph.

    3. If your average speed increases, the time it takes to complete the trip will:

    4. What is the vertical asymptote of the function? This will be an equation using the correct variable.

    5. The intensity of light varies inversely with the square of the distance between the light and the object being illuminated. A light meter reads .5 units at a distance of 2 meters away from a light source. What will the meter read at a distance of 5 meters away? 

    I mostly need help on the last one. I think I got the first four, i posted just to cross reference my answers. Thanks so much in advance (:

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  • I put one complex solution and one real solution but was wrong?

    What kind of solutions does the quadratic equation have. 


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  • please explain why ?

    Write following in the form bi, where i=square root of {-1}.

    Square root of 121.

    -answer 11 was wrong.

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  • I put one complex solution and one real solution but was wrong?

    What kind of solutions does the quadratic equation have. 


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  • If able to, please explain why you got the answer.?

    The number of meters, d, that a skydiver falls before her parachute opens varies directly as the square of the time, t, that she has in the air. The skydiver falls 20 meters in 2seconds how far will she fall in 2.5seconds. Round your answer to 2-decimal places and do not forget to label in lower case letters.

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  • I don’t know why I got this math problem wrong?

    Give the factored form of the equation. Include parentheses and equal sign. 

    2x^2 -22x + 36 =0

    The solutions are x=2 or x=9 (correct) 

    I put: 

    2(x-2)(x-9)=0   (Incorrect) 

    Where did I go wrong? 

    Thank you in advance. 

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  • Math equation pls help ): ?

    I have been studying quadratic functions and am actually fairly good with them. However, there is one question on my test that I don’t know why I got wrong and would like the correct answers. 

    “The height of a baseball after being hit can be modeled by the equation 

    h(t)= -16t^2 + 60t + 4 

    where t is the time in seconds after the ball is hit and h(t) is the height of the ball off the ground measured in feet. Graph equation to help find answer”

    -How many seconds does it take for the ball to reach its maximum height? 

    -What is the maximum height of the ball in feet?

    - How long does it take for the ball to hit the ground ? (Round to nearest hundredth of a second) 

    Please and thank you in advance. I understand it’s a harder question. (I’ve asked everyone around me and nobody knows) (ps. I won’t have access to my teacher till after Veterans Day and I have another assignment due online) 

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  • Which job is better?

    I got hired at khols getting paid $9 hour seasonal. I was hoping I'd work hard for them to keep me but I got an interview at carrabas. Do you guys think I should call khols and decline and work at carrabas ? I've never worked as a waitress before mostly retail. Should I try and do both? What do you guys think, have you worked for either of these companies before?

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