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Actor, Novelist, Musician, Comedian, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Amateur Director, Artist, Art Critic, and Extra. I make dark, deep, experimental, thought provoking, goofy entertainment. I tell stories so well that I can improvise for hours straight or come up with a movie/tv show idea within 2 minutes. I’m very expressive Acting-wise. Some of my entertainment might not be the best (explicit, controversial, subject matter, shocking etc), but I’m aware, and currently upping the quality with 2 jazzy/soulful Hip Hop albums, a 4th smooth singing mixtape, drawings, short films, and a short story collection all releasing in Dec! I’m easygoing, patient, comedic, open-minded, energetic, easily inspired, passionate, ambitious, a planner, respectful, trustworthy, and organized. I’m an INFJ. I'm 20

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