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  • Please paraphrase! ?

    Hi. Can someone paraphrase the following sentence from CNN website for me. I am a translator and I can't understand it. What does "on down" also mean? 

    From the Democratic presidential ticket on down, criticism of Barrett repeatedly circled back to what has been a political winner for the party. 


    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay3 weeks ago
  • What does "get out"  here mean?  He could win big if he gets the voters out.?

    What does "get out"  here mean? 

    He could win big if he gets the voters out.

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay4 weeks ago
  • What does "meet the moment" mean? ?

    Hi. I am a translator. What does "meet the moment" mean in the following sentence? 

    The president failed life outside his own political bubble during a town hall, where his buck passing and audacious falsehoods failed to meet the moment. 


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  • Does lack of serotonin affect eyes? ?

    Is serotonin related to eyesight, in other words, does lack of serotonin cause eye problems? 

    Medicine3 months ago
  • Does ritalin /Methylphenidate/ cause happiness? ?

    Is there someone who has taken ritalin before. I know it is prescribed for adhd. But does this drug cause happiness too? 

    1 AnswerMedicine3 months ago
  • Does tramadol create happiness? ?

    I have OCD for about 20 years old. No drugs prescribed by doctors helped me. I was informed that tramadol cause happiness and make ocd disappear. I took a tramadol 100 today but I felt nothing at all. Do you have information in this regard? 

    6 AnswersPain & Pain Management3 months ago
  • What does "brain on the town"  mean in this paragraph? ?

    You know, for all the political talk about the newcomers being a drain on the town, a bipartisan think tank found that the local refugee community there created 40 million dollars in tax revenue, and 130 million in income. And I talked to the town administrator, who was boasting about the fact that Lewiston was building a new school, when all the rest of towns like theirs in Maine was closing them. 

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  • Is tramadol good for ocd? ?

    Is tramadol good for ocd? Can i take it in a way that I don't become addicted? 

    4 AnswersMental Health3 months ago
  • please paraphrase?

    But the fact is, there's good people everywhere. That's what I try and show in my stand-up, good people everywhere. All it takes in one person to mess it up.

    what does " All it takes in one person to mess it up" mean?

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay4 months ago
  • Please paraphrase ?

    Part of me thinks I should have a nuclear program, the other part thinks I can't be trusted with one. These are dilemmas I have every day. My question: Can't be trusted with one means what? 

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  • Please paraphrase! ?

    Please paraphrase! ?

    Please paraphrase the following. I don't understand exactly. 

    1. That would explain why they're not being "as brave with" the story too. 

    3.  I guess. You don't have to like a character for them to be your favourite!

    1 AnswerHomework Help6 months ago
  • what these sentences mean? 1. is my heart too broken? 2. why do you see right through me?

    I am learning English language. These sentences are used in Top Notch Book (Summit 1) page 46, unit 4? I do not understand them? the article is about female body image. please explain these two sentences. thanks

    1 AnswerLanguages12 months ago
  • How to find my answer?

    I asked a question some minutes ago. How can i find my question again?

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers1 year ago
  • What does impeachment inquiry mean?

    I know what "impeachment" and "inquiry" mean. But i see that these two words sometimes come together: "impeachment inquiry". Why? What does impeachment inquiry mean? I am a translator. Please guide me. Thanks

    7 AnswersLanguages1 year ago