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  • Does transferring colleges look bad?

    Right now I'm a sophomore at a prestigious university, but it's really a lot of pressure. I'm not really doing that well and I don't like it here at all-- and it's not just the academics. The people are not very friendly, and I feel like the professors care more about themselves than their students. Basically, I'm miserable here.

    Would it look bad for me to transfer to an easier college (but one that has a better living environment)? Is it better to have an average (maybe even below-average) GPA at a really good school, or have a high GPA at an average school? Does it really matter where you go to college? If the school has a reputation for being high-stress, will grad schools and future employers understand, or will they take it as a sign of weakness if I transfer?

    Thanks for your advice.

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  • Is an astronaut an acceptable career aspiration?

    Whenever people ask me what I want to do after college, I always say I want to be an astronaut. This response always evokes laughter from whoever I'm talking to (even my academic advisor, which cannot be a good sign).

    Anyway, I know all of the criteria, and I seem to be on my way... (I'm 5'6", 20/20 vision, biology/neurobiology major at an ivy, planning to get my phd, getting my pilot's license this summer, etc.). BUT there are some (hopefully fixable) problems:

    1. I'm a little overweight (by about 15 lbs), but I figure I've got about 10 years to get that under control.

    2. My interpersonal skills are a little rusty. I'm basically a loner, and they don't like that type of thing.

    So, i guess what I'm asking is if my dream of becoming an astronaut is reachable, or if I should just give up now.

    Also, any advice you could give me about some self-improvement would be great!


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  • How to dress for a gala dinner?

    I was invited to a gala dinner at my college. I don't think it's anything fancy, just a department dinner (I'm a student guest, but it's by invitation only). They didn't specify the dress code, so I don't know what I should wear.

    I don't own a dress, fancy shoes, or jewelry. All I have is a knee length black skirt and a slightly dressy blouse.

    I don't want to go underdressed, but on the other hand, it would be awkward if I showed up overdressed as well (and I would have to drive about 30 miles to get to a mall).

    Please help! Thanks.

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  • Reducing a speeding ticket fine?

    I got a speeding ticket for speeding in a work zone in New York State. The officer got me going 71 in a 45. I'm not going to deny I was speeding, because I was. I was late for my first class of the semester. Excuses aside, how would I go about getting the fine reduced? It's going to be a doozy. Probably $600 and 6 points on my license. What steps should I take to try to get the minimum fine? This is the first time I've ever been pulled over and I have an otherwise spotless record.

    Also, does it ever backfire to plead "not guilty"? Will the judge be like, "you're wasting my time, and therefore I will give you the maximum fine". And do they automatically fine you the maximum amount if you plead guilty?

    And also (sorry, but I'm really scared and paranoid) it says that the penalty for work zone violation at my speed is $360-$600 fine or 30 days in jail. There's no way I'll get sent to jail, right?


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  • Which writing style do you prefer...?

    First person narrative


    third person limited narrative?


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  • help!!!!!!! it's an urgent math emergency!?

    how do you solve for x in this equation: xsin4x=2. it's urgent! thank you!

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  • What are my chances of getting into Cornell?

    I'm a senior at a private school in Connecticut. My guidance counselor thinks I can get in, but I think I'll get rejected.

    GPA (on a scale of 100): 93.6(unweighted), 99.7(weighted)

    Class Rank: 4 of 211

    SAT scores (they suck): Math: 720, Verbal: 630, Writing: 640

    I have taken pretty much all honors classes throughout high school.

    I am taking 3 AP courses: Literature, Calculus, Biology

    Academic Awards: Spanish 1, Spanish 3 Honors, Christian Morality, a volunteerism award/ scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society. I am also a National Merit Scholar Commended student for 2007.

    Activities: Swim team (varsity), Ski team (varsity), Jr. Ski Patrol, Model U.N. (secretary), Concert Band (1st chair bassoon)

    I have also participated in the CT Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium and the Boehringer Ingelheim Partners in Science Program.

    Service: Bible school, special olympics, habitat for humanity, and I created a summer math camp for 4th graders.

    So, will I get in?

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  • Selling concert tickets?

    I have 2 extra concert tickets that I want to sell online. Does anyone know of a reliable site where I can sell them? They were $75 each so I really don't want to lose that money. Thanks.

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