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  • does authentic Pandora jewelry hold its value for resale?

    I have a gently worn, sterling Pandora bracelet that is almost completely full. Some of the charms have gems stones, some are silver and gold and a couple of them have been retired. I have $1200 in it and would like to sell it. It is beautiful and in excellent condition. Any ideas on resale value of pandora bracelets? The bracelet and all charms are authentic pandora. Thanks

  • Does anyone know of a good website that you can still order real Phentermine with no RX at a decent price?

    Please don't respond with the negatives about Phentermine or that it is illegal. I know all about it, have been taking it off and on for a long time. I just don't have time to take off of work once a month to go to the doctor and get another 30 days worth of pills. I have ordered it on line several times before with no problems. I just need a site with decent prices because so many of the sites have been shut down and prices have gone up.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Has anyone had inaccurate accounts deleted from credit report? How long before scores changed?

    I disputed some negative accounts on my credit report. The investigations have just been completed in the last few days. Most of the accounts were deleted, but my scores haven't changed.

    Has anyone had accounts deleted from their credit? Did your scores go up and how long did it take? I thought once some of these came off, my score would go up.

    I work with credit everyday for a mortgage lender, but I don't deal with credit repair, so I'm new to this part of it. I'm trying to get my scores up so I can get 100% financing on a mortgage. I just need my scores to go up a little bit and was told getting these accounts off of my credit would help raise my scores.

    Any advice from someone who knows about this would be greatly appreciated.

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