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  • Why is my profit adjusted each day on Robinhood? ?

    It seems most days, if not all days, my daily profit/loss will adjust after hours on my Robinhood app. For example today it said I was up almost $800 then out of nowhere everything adjusted and it went down to $560. Even the point in the day when it said I was up $900 went down to $700. So the entire graph adjusted by somewhere around $200. Has anyone else had this issue or know why this is? 

    Yahoo Finance2 months ago
  • I just installed a Rockford Fosgate 500x1d amp in my truck and I’m not getting a blue or red light. Any ideas?

    I have checked with a volt meter and I’m getting 13 volts of power, ground seems to be fine, remote turn on showed a low voltage but still showed voltage, and the rca inputs didn’t show much signal. If the rcas aren’t getting signal the amp should still show a blue light correct? I’ve opened up the amp and didn’t see any black soot or residue. I have pictures of the inside of the amp if anyone thinks posting those would help. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    3 AnswersDental2 years ago