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    What is the name of this plant?

    I got this plant recently and would like to know what it is so I can take care of it correctly. It has Fall blooming flowers that have a little spike poking out of their centers. It also has thick variegated leaves as you can see in the photo. I apologize for the low quality shot!

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape4 years ago
  • Does salting and draining veggies before roasting take out important nutrients?

    I've always heard that salting and draining vegetables like zucchini and eggplant gives them a nice texture after roasting. I had always assumed that this would result in the loss of nutrients and hadn't tried it until the other day. I was making pizza and didn't want the crust to get soggy, so I salted the Zucchini, let it sit, then drained out the liquid. It did come out nicely but looked a little sad and limp before I put it into the oven. Which brings me back to my original concern, does salting and draining vegetables prior to roasting result in lost nutrients?

    8 AnswersCooking & Recipes4 years ago
  • Why is my Google Chrome toolbar and bookmarks showing on someone else's computer?

    My boyfriend just got a new Mac, downloaded Chrome, signed in with his Gmail and instead of his toolbar and history showing up, mine did. I have a Dell running Windows. His toolbar now has all of my saved bookmarks on it and is showing up with a search history of mine from about a year ago. Why is this happening? I'm guessing it has to do with being on the same network, but why would it show such old search history? I've cleared my cache and cookies many times in the last year. Is there any way to disable the sync and get his Mac cleared of my bookmarks?

    2 AnswersGoogle5 years ago
  • Using same name as another business?

    I am starting a photography business and wanted to name it using my first and last name, followed by "photography". The problem is, there is another photographer out there with the same name (and business name). We are located on opposites coasts and I have checked with US patents & trademarks and the Secretary of State and found that the name is available for use. So this is not really a question of legality, but of practicality.

    Since this other photographer already has social media attached to the name, I am worried that my sites would be harder to find, and might confuse people. But I also know that many photographers operate under the same name successfully. I do not want to go by anything other than my name (nothing kitschy or cutesy) so my other option would be doing something like "photography by...", but I think it sounds less like a business and more like a portfolio of work. I also should mention that the other photographer has let her websites lapse. She still has an instagram presence, but her two main websites have not been running for months, so she might not even be continuing her practice. I cannot contact her, because her sites are down and her instagram does not list her info. I guess I am just looking for some opinions: just go ahead with the same name, or modify it slightly to avoid internet confusion.

    3 AnswersPhotography5 years ago
  • Will I have to file and pay form 941 if no employees?

    I am in the process of opening a small business and am trying to figure out the federal taxes. From my research, it seems like you have to file a 941 if you pay wages to an employee, or are collecting a paycheck yourself. I am a little confused about this. As a Sole proprietor, would my income from the business be considered a wage?

    Or would that only apply if I were on the payroll as an employee and receiving actual paychecks?

    3 AnswersUnited States5 years ago
  • Have an issue with dental retainer, can it be fixed in office?

    I am just curious about this, my orthodontist will not be open until Monday and I wanted to see if anyone knew whether retainers are made in office, or are sent out to be made somewhere else? I had a "permanent" retainer that had to be removed and the orthodontist made me a new removable one. It is one of the retainers that have wires that go along the front of the teeth and have a plastic mold that fits in the bottom of the mouth. There is a lip on one side of the plastic that juts out farther than the other, and it digs very badly into the gums below one molar. It is so bad, I cannot actually press the retainer into place. It would have to be worn loose and upward on that side. I am wondering if the orthodontist will be able to easily remove that little defect in the office, or if he will have to send it out to have the plastic remolded elsewhere. It is a very tiny line of plastic that needs to be shaved or molded down. I am just hoping it will not have to be sent out, because it will likely take more time, more money, and an extra appt. to get it back, if it is sent out somewhere else. Thanks for any answers!

    2 AnswersDental6 years ago
  • Renovating RV, how can I get replacement over-cab mattress?

    Renovating an '88 Winnebago and want to replace the slide-out, over-cab mattress/bed. I cannot find anywhere that seems to sell replacement cab over mattresses with the slide-out section. The forums I have read mostly suggest making your own wooden panel to cover up the open overhead cab space and then purchasing an RV mattress or foam topper, but that would mean that the space above the cab would have to remain covered. Does anyone know of a company that sells slide-out over-cab mattresses pre-made? Would an RV refurbishing company be able to make one?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Spilled water on electric stove top?

    I tipped over a tall glass of water and it fell directly onto the stove and spilled all over. It is an electric stove/oven that is less than 2 years old. I turned off the breaker switch and unplugged it before opening the top and sopping up the water with dry towels, I also removed the elements to let them dry off on a rack. I am a little concerned because some drops of water got on the wiring that connects the elements. It was a very little though, the wiring was not submerged or anything, just had a few splashes. My main concern is the oven vent that comes up to release hot air from beneath the back burner. When I look down into the tube it I can see a little pool of water. I can't reach down there and I'm not planning on using it again until it has dried out. Is it possible that any of the electrical parts have been damaged? I am a little worried about getting shocked, and am really hoping that nothing will have to be replaced. I may be over thinking this, but if anyone knows anything about electrical stove tops I would love to hear what you think.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Need help with disabling Windows autorun files to get rid of "file not found" message for .dll file?

    I have spent quite some time now looking at how to get rid of this error message that keeps popping up: "There was a problem starting C:\PROGRA~1\Common~1\System\sysmenu.dll The specified module cannot be found."

    What I have read is that it has to do with a virus or malware that left a registry entry after my antispyware uninstalled it. I have been following this thread as a "how to" to try to get rid of the messages:

    My problem is that I do not want to be disabling anything I would need. Is it very bad to uncheck an item from autorun if it is needed? Can I recheck it later? Is it normal that I have many unfound files that show up in autorun?

    My issue specifically is with whether or not I should uncheck these three: YTDownloader (which I think is the file that installed the very annoying Spigot program) and two other files whose "image path" are the exact sysmenu.dll files I am getting the message for and which both have "SMUpdate2(/3)" in their file names. When I click to uncheck these two, it makes me "run as administrator" to change them, which worries me a little because it then takes me to the "allow this program to make changes to your computer" screen and I do not want to royally mess up my computer over a simple thing. Any advice you could give would be great!!

    1 AnswerOther - Computers6 years ago
  • Anyone familiar with online photo copyright laws? Use other people photos of myself?

    I am a performer and am putting together a website. I have found many photos, videos, and articles about myself online. Can I use other people's photos of myself for my own site? Some of them are from major news publications, would I have to get permission, even though they are of me? I would of course give credit and provide a link to the original article, but should I still contact them? Is there a chance that I am only allowed to use a link and not the actual photo/video itself?

    2 AnswersPhotography6 years ago
  • For those familiar with sports medicine and orthopedics!! Need Suggestions on Meniscal Tear diagnosis!?

    I injured my knee running about 3 weeks ago, I went to my primary care physician right away and she said she thinks it may be a meniscal tear, although she did not do any MRI's to confirm it. She referred me to a few specialists, but finding an appointment has turned into a complete nightmare. Both myself and her office have called most of the specialists in Seattle and have not been able to find an appointment anywhere sooner than two weeks from now, which will be almost a full 5 weeks from the initial injury. At this point I can not straighten my leg, but can put weight on it. I am able to hobble around with a cane, but am very worried that the long amount of time waiting to get into a specialist may be detrimental to gaining back full range of motion. I really, really, do not want to have to get surgery. I do not know much about this type of injury, but I'm assuming that I should have started physical therapy by now. For those of you who may be familiar to sports medicine and orthopedics, would it be worth it to go into the emergency room for sooner diagnosis/treatment? Would ER doctors even be able to help, or would I just get referred out again, given it is not life threatening? I just do not want to be losing my chance at gaining back full motion without surgery while I wait to be seen. (I understand that any advice I get on this forum is not to be taken as official medical advice, I just want to hear what people with more experience in this sort of injury might think)

    1 AnswerInjuries6 years ago
  • Help! Fannie Mae 'Cash for Keys' and Federal Income Taxes?

    About a year ago a roommate and I moved into an apartment and the whole thing turned out to be a foreclosure scam. The apartment was in foreclosure and had already been purchased by Fannie Mae. Within two weeks of moving in Fannie Mae came in and found us living in the unit. They payed us $3000 to move out in a cash for keys agreement. I was told by the agent (a Realtor) that I would receive tax forms to be able to report the "income" of the agreement. I filled out a W-9 at the time, but have never received any information.

    The agent has told me repeatedly that he NEVER deals with tax implications of the agreements. Fannie Mae is ridiculously hard to get ahold of, and after 3 months of calling multiple times a week, I have never spoken with anyone who can tell me anything. They just keep telling me that a higher-level representative will contact me, but they either never do, or don't know how to track down the paperwork. I have tried to contact the IRS a few times also, with very little luck and alot of confusion.

    Now, with only two weeks to file, I have no idea how to. I am assuming it goes on the "other income" line, but that is just a guess and I don't know what type of income to list it as. I know that it was an even $3000, with nothing taken out at the time.

    Has anyone else dealt with the cash for keys agreement? Could you tell me how I should file the income or what type it is? Can I file without the forms? Any info helps, Thanks!

    4 AnswersUnited States6 years ago
  • "Example ATT Movie" on netflix? Anyone familiar with it?

    I was on Netflix earlier and stumbled across an odd title "Example ATT Movie en-US" on instant streaming. I watched it and am wondering if anyone is familiar with it? The film is 11 min long and has no description I can find online other than ones with," An example of 23.976 frames per second" repeating over and over. I am wondering what the film is...does it have some kind of point or meaning behind it? Or is it some type of advertisement? I found it in the holiday section, which is also curious. It starts out with long takes of nature/fountains, then we see a man run around in a courtyard with netflix movies in his hand, he runs around some more and eventually recites a piece of literature, and then some more fountain/nature shots.I just thought it was very and was curious what others knew about it.

    1 AnswerMovies7 years ago
  • DVD region code for laptop?

    I just got a new laptop and it runs on windows 8. Right now it has a free region code for DVDs, but it will not play any. Since I am only allowed to change it a few times I want to make sure that changing it to the USA/Canada code is what I should do. Any advice?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • After downloading Windows 8, I have almost no free disk space, what to do?

    I had Windows 7 but upgraded to windows 8, and for some reason it has eaten up almost all of my local disk (C:) space. I only have 320 MB of 19.1 GB free. I can't download anything, including small documents, or the apps needed to make this computer fully functional (like media center or Microsoft office). Even certain internet functions are not working or loading properly. Is this normal? Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to fix this, or is it just how much space Windows 8 takes up? I use my laptop for school and have classes tomorrow that I need to download papers and apps for. So if anyone has any advice, it will be greatly appreciated!

    2 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • Looking to buy laptop, need help..?

    I've found an HP laptop on a student discount that seems to be exactly what I need, although the ad says "Optional external DVD drive (no internal optical drive)". Does this mean that you can't watch DVD's through the disk drive? Also what would be the major differences between the windows 7 starter and windows 7 home premium/ student editions? I only use computers for school and very little other than that, so I just want to know what is worth paying extra for. Thanks, any answers would be helpful!

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Replace Dell Inspiron 700m hard drive?

    I need to replace the hard-drive in a dell inspiron 700m, i really don't know much about computers, I got a bad virus on it and think it'd be easier to replace the hard drive than fix it. I've been looking into hard drives and from what I understand I need a 5400rpm, ATA hard drive and I have a bios limit of 120G. My question is whether or not I should steer entirely clear of SATA interfaces or if I can use certain seagate or western digital hard drives that are SATA interfaced but also have available EIDE interfaces. Thay are advertised as ATA/SATA but say they are SATA interfaces on the information page. Also, I don't really understand BIOS, but is it a big problem if I go over 120G? I am having a hard time finding lower than 160G and was hoping to go higher anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Trying to connect PC screen to t.v screen?

    A guy at the electronics store told me I could watch my PC screen on my TV by connecting an s-video cable into the input on one of those 3-way video switchers, then connecting the yellow video cable into the output on the switcher and the input on the t.v. I did that and it's not working. I don't know which type of video card I have and if that would matter, also it is and older t.v Any advice would help greatly! Thanks!

    7 AnswersMonitors1 decade ago