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  • My right hand is shaking when I write?

    I really just want to know why. Its been happening in my life for a while. Sometimes when I write something, it'll start shaking, especially when holding my pen to write, and the more i grip the pen, the more it'll shake. Its not violent, just kind of small sort of shakes, but enough to make my writing all messy and weird. Its only with my right hand (the hand I write with), my left hand is fine, and while I'm typing, its fine, just when I try to write and grip my pen. It happens in Biology class a lot, especially when I write the word 'Blood'. Idk its weird. I want to know why it happens and hopefully how to make it stop because I don't want to be in an exam and just suddenly not be able to write. It doesn't happen frequently, but I just noticed it starts to shake when I have to write blood. Is there something wrong with me?

    Its only when I need to grip my pen and write does it shake, it doesn't shake when I carry something, or pick up anything or even clenching my fist, I just want to know :( Its bothering me because I cannot write anymore for a while until it eventually doesn't shake, and it doesn't hurt me.

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  • Suspenders In Sydney?

    I've been looking online and I cannot find any white suspenders. My school has this thing where we dress up for a day and there is a theme. I plan to go as Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange. I have everything planned and where to buy everything so when I go out, I can get everything that I need. The only thing I cannot find are White Suspenders! Are there any shops around in the Eastern Part of Sydney, Australia where I can buy them? Target don't have the 'type' of suspenders I need or want .-. I also don't buy clothing online, so please don't suggest that. Thanks a bunch! :D

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  • Dress up party ideas?

    My friend is having a dress up birthday party. We can dress as anything we want, but I have no idea what to go as, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas. I have long brown/reddish hair, brown eyes and tan skin. I don't want to go as something thats going to be hard to dress up as, just something easy, but noticeable. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you

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