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  • What is your greatest strength?

    I have a phone interview tomorrow for a radiologic technologist position at a hospital and I'm preparing my answers. The question I'm on is about my greatest strength. My greatest strength would have to be organization skills. The part I'm stuck on is how to give an example. 

    Here is what I've got so far...

    My greatest strength would have to be my organization skills. When I come in to work in the afternoon, I look at all the work that needs to be done. For example, if there is multiple xrays orders on a specific floors but when there is xrays that needs to be done on my way to the floor if there's some xrays to be done on my way then I'll stop by and do them first.

    How is this answer?

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  • Is it better to apologize or to just walk away?

    I want to apologize to him but from what I can see...he wants nothing to do with me. He is keeping his distant. I understand. I screwed up. I freaked you didn't share your name to me so that sent me a specific message. I wish I could turn the clock back....I'd do things differently. I can't turn back but to only quit this job and move on. I was never happy at this job anyway and was already planning to quit in 2020. 

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  • I have a Macbook Air ?

    What is the cheapest way to download Microsoft Word onto my laptop? 

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  • One night stand?

    Should I ask a guy to have a one night stand with me or just do it then don't ever message him again?

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  • Is he really being friendly/nice or pretending?

    I'm going to try to make story short....ER tech attractive. When I first saw him at work, he had stopped me and asked for my name and I responded. Right after I asked for his. He turned badge and covered it with his hand. As days go by, he follows me around..shows interest...makes eye contact....soon starts to smile. We have our first chat. Days go by, I start to avoid him because he didn't share his name, iffy getting involved with a co-worker. He then avoids me like how I avoided him. He then tells me he's talking to someone else...he couldn't send me a text. The following time I saw him...he would say hi when he's not around his co-workers. And when he is around, he would avoid me. Is he pretending to be friendly and nice when he isn't around his friends saying hi to me?

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  • How do you let a attractive co-worker?

    How do you nicely let a co-worker know that you don't get involved with people I work with for future reference?

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  • Why do you think it ended?

    Ok so there is a ER tech at my work who I still think is attractive. When he first asked for my name, I responded and right after I asked the same question. He turned his badge around and covered it with his hand. Days go by, he would always be in my sight trying to get me to talk to him. EventualIy we started to smile and make eye contact. We finally had a conversation about general things. I avoided him quite a bit because he didn't shared his name when i asked him(that was a big turn off). I finally asked for his name at a later day and he was very hesitant. The next time I saw him...he said he's talking to someone and wasn't okay with him texting me. I'm wondering what the reason he didn't want to chat. Would his co-workers treat me the same way I treated him and maybe that's why he kind of ended it with me? Or is he really talking to someone and possibly getting serious with her?

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  • Why did I dream about hin?

    Ok so there was this guy at work whom I had/have a crush on. When he asked me for my name, I responded but when I asked for his...he did not respond back

     Days goes by we talk, flirted a bit with smiling and eye contact. Then i avoided him a few times because I was iffy getting involve with a co-worker and also I kind of didn't want to talk to someone who doesn't remember his name. The last time I saw him...he told me he is talking to someone else and wasnt ok with him sending me a text. Why did I have a dream about him last night? It was about us working out and him meeting my family.

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  • Ladies, what would you do?

    Ladies, what would you do if you thought a guy who was attractive asked for your name and you responded. Right after, you asked for his but didn't tell you what his name was. Days goes by and everytime you see him...he shows interest in you

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  • What is the reason a guy doesn't share his name with me?

    A guy asked me what my name is and I responded. Shortly after, I asked what is his name. He turned his badge around and covered it. From then on, he showed interest of wanting to talk to me.

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  • How do I get out of giving my number out?

    Okay so cute guy at work...I caught him in the hallway. I stopped and asked how he's doing. I was just going to make small talk with him. I have already given my number to him once and he never texted/called. I wasn't going to bring up again but he did. I didn't want to give it to him a second time because I knew he wasn't going to put it to good use. I didn't know how to get out of it. How could I have gotten out of it?

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  • Reasons he doesn't want to give his number but...?

    Ok so yesterday I caught the cute guy in the hallway and asked him how he's doing. He mentions he had to get a new number or a new cell...thats why he hasn't texted me. He suggested giving his number to me then a few moments later, he says oh crap i forgot my number and suggest I write my number down so i did. When i handed it to him, i suggested he should text me sometime. He said that he will. I'm thinking he didn't wana give me his number because maybe he's taken. Idk anymore. Ugh. Help

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  • How to initiate a conversation?

    There's this guy at work whom I see once a week at the most. I think he is very attractive and I think he thinks the same of me too. Last week, I magically had the guts to ask him to walk me out to my car and we chatted. Before i got into my car, he hugged me. I don't know what that hug means. Was it just a friendly hug or is it suppose to tell me he's interested? I've been too shy to initiate a conversation with him since then. How can I overcome the shyness? We have smiled at each other each time we pass by in the E.R dept. I'm afraid he won't end up liking me or I've read the signs wrong.

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  • Why doesn't a guy want to share his first name?

    I work at a hospital and this guy is a tech in the ER. When I first started the job and noticed him, he had asked me for my name and I told him then I asked what his name was. He turned his badge around and even covered it with his hand. As days go by, he shows interest of wanting to talk to me. Why didn't he want me to know his name? I have been confused for a while about this. 

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