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  • How to tell my parents about the guy I'm talking to ?

    Okay so... This guy that I've known since high school... he used to like me but I paid no mind to him. But we reconnected this past month and I really like him. The thing is... He's white and I'm black and I don't care about race at all. Not even a thing that I look for when talking to dating someone. But my mom she... kinda does. Whenever I'm talking to someone of a different race she always says "Why don't you talk to any black guys" she's big on black love... the thing is I'm 21 and she can't do anything about it, but I do want them to meet but I'm just nervous for them to meet for this reason. I don't want to have to hide the fact that he's white because I really don't care. 

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  • Period heavier than usual?

    My period is not heavy. My period started yesterday around 1am. I had to wake up in the middle of the night to change my pad because it was heavy and I was thinking maybe it's because it's the first day? But it's day two now and it's still heavy. I've had to change my pad 3 times before 1pm. I had to in the morning, during my lab in school, then before I left campus, then I changed it about an hour after I got home. I'm 21 (first one I've had since turning 21) Should I go to the doctor since this is the first heavy one I've had? I mean it may not be heavy but it is for me.

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  • Do all the iPhone 11's have wide angle?

    I want to get the iPhone 11 pro for the wide angle camera, but do all the iPhone 11's have the wide angle camera option, I just want to know so I can save some money for when I get a new phone for my birthday in September. 

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  • Should I get a new ID the day I turn 21?

    My friends and I are going out for my birthday September 14th. I'll be 21 and I want to try a drink just to see if I like it. Should I get a new ID the day of my birthday? But they give you temporary paper before they mail the ID (I live in Ohio, not sure if that's everywhere) Should I just use my current ID and say I'm 21... does the ID have to show that I am 21? 

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  • How to tell if you're allergic to shrimp?

    I just had some shrimp scampi. I only ate two shrimp and right after my mouth and throat started to tingle. I'm also starting to itch a bit. My throat is also itching and it kind of hurt to swallow like something it stuck in my throat. Is this an allergic reaction? 

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  • Which iPhone 11 should I get?

    I was going to get the 12 but now I just want the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Which iPhone 11 do you have? I'm trying to see if the pro max is just like the pro or should I just go for the regular 11. What is your take on the iPhone 11 that you have? I'm getting it for my birthday in September. I really do like the midnight green color for the pro max

  • Heart Palpitations?

    I should probably know this with me starting nursing classes lol. But the other day I was roller skating this trail and the trail is about 5-10 minutes walking (depending on how fast you walk or run) but with me on skates it's about 3 minutes 2 1/2 with no breaks. I skated that trail back and forth with no break and I was tired as hell and my heart was beating fast but that's normal. I then took about a 10-12 minute break after because I was sweating like crazy and felt like I was going to pass out.

    After the 10 minutes I went skating again but it was only about a minute or two and my heart started beating like crazy. I was scared because I skated for 6 minutes and it didn't beat like that.

    I was confused because after about 10 minutes just sitting down and drinking water I should have been fine.

    I really just want to know, should I see my doctor about this. Back in September when I was getting my physical for nursing school she did say that she heard a hear murmur but she didn't think it was anything serious. I'm 20 and I work out doing crunches and sit ups and burpees and other exercises along with skating and I don't know if I should be concerned.

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  • Tokyo Ghoul Anime *spoilers*?

    If you haven't watched past season 2 episode 4 this may be a spoiler 

    Okay, I'm confused about the armor and stuff that the investigators wear. Do they make their armor and swords out of the ghouls that they kill? I'm confused because Touka's brother, Ayato, knew that the suit or whatever that investigator was in was their dad. The little girls mother who was killed in the alley. She smelled her dad but the scent was just on that white haired investigators sword or whatever... may be called kuinke

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  • Roller skate questions?

    1. How often should you change wheels

    2. How often should you change bearings.

    I looked up everywhere but they don't tell me when. I'm getting my first pair and I just want to be ready for all of what's to come. I got me knee pads and tool to take the wheels out.

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  • What size roller skates?

    I wear a women's size 7 in converse and vans. I'm not trying to do roller derby or anything. Just casual skating every now and then. Should I go up or down a size?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories6 months ago
  • How to get back leg to go down in splits?

    I posted a month ago I believe about doing splits and I'm almost there. I have a few more inches to go to the ground. Like 2 or 3. I've come so far. The only thing that's holding me back is that my back leg won't go down further. It's for my left and right leg split. The split where my left leg is in front. That splits is almost to the ground that's like 2 inches but the right leg in front. I have about 4 or 5 inches to go. Any tips on how to fix this?

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  • Women or girls with natural 4C hair or kids with 4C hair?

    What protective styles do you do to your hair? What low manipulation styles do you do? How do you retain your length. My hair didn't really grow last year. But this year it's already grown 2 inches because I'm finally learning what I need to do to keep my hair moisturized. I've also been using wild growth hair oil and my hair is finally growing. So what do you do for your hair. If you have a child with 4c hair what do you do with their hair to grow it and keep it from breaking off? I've also never had a relaxer or anything so I've been natural my whole life.

    Hair9 months ago
  • Good anime to watch?

    I'm on episode 111 of Naruto Shippuden and I know I'm going to finish the rest othe season by the end of the month. I like Anime ... Naruto is the second Anime I've gotten into (Dragon Ball Z was the first but I just thought it was another cartoon like Dora the Explorer... I was really young don't judge lol) but yeah... I need more. Any suggestions. I'm thinking about watching Death Note and Bleach

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  • What is your favorite book?

    I'm running out of books to read on my TBR shelf and I can't find anything good on the internet so I'm asking random people what their favorite books are. 

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  • Can someone tell me the order that Naruto?

    I'm on the last season of the series (dying on the inside) and then I see that there's like 6 movies on Netflix... do they have an order so I'm not spoiling anything? Or are all these movies different story lines and none of them really connect but the characters?

    Movies10 months ago
  • Do you believe in ghost or spirits?

    The Law of Conservation of Energy sys that it can't be created or destroyed. So the energy of a person wouldn't be eliminated after they pass so they would become a ghost OR if you believe in reincarnation do you think their energy can transfer or convert into another person.

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  • Spanish help?

    I'm studying Spanish and I need help with some of these words. Like when you use the word Trabajar, Trabajas, Trabajo, Trabaja. When to use beber, bebes, bebe and the same with Comer and the different ones with that. When to use estudiar, estudio, estudias. When to use hablas, habla, hablo. It's confusing because sometime when I think I need to use hablas when talking to someone it's not right

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  • Was I wrong in this situation?

    This guy I had been talking to for about 3 months (NOT BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND) We started to like each other and everything. We had been hanging out a lot. One time we spent three days in a row together for like 6 hours each day. We were supposed to hang out on the Sunday that just passed but he came down with a cold so I told him that we could reschedule. I cleared my whole day to hang out with him. I finished all my work the day before so we could practically spend the whole day together. But he canceled and I was at home bored so I posted on snap if anyone wanted to hang out because I didn't want to sit in the house starting at my phone for 24 hours. He saw it and got mad at me and was like "If you hung out with another guy blah blah blah" that wasn't my intention because I only talk to one guy and he's been my real good friend since the 9th grade and I never looked at him in a romantic way. Anyway So pretty much I apologized for it... when I really didn't have to... because I can hang out with other people other than the guy I've been talking to. He basically told me he was done. I then apologized like 2 more times and said that I didn't want us to be over because I really like him. But every time he left me on read. Then lat night I guess he posted a picture on snapchat with another girl with heart eyes under it. Anyways, was I wrong in anyway in this situation? I even apologized to just.... let us go back to talking because he was ignoring me (I'm 20 and he's 22)

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