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  • Fear of Prolonged Constraint or Discomfort?

    Is there a named phobia for a fear of prolonged constraint or discomfort? I originally thought I had claustrophobia but I don't think that's it - I don't have any issues in elevators or other small places, as long as my arms and legs have a reasonable degree of freedom.

    Where I have problems is when my arms or legs are constrained - for example, in the back of a small car on a long drive, if I can't extend my legs beyond about 45 degrees, I start to panic. Similarly, I often panic when getting dental work - not from fear of the dental work itself, but if they need to use the clamp that holds my mouth open and prevents me from swallowing, I start to panic. I sometimes even panic when I'm wearing rigid ski boots that prevent me from flexing my ankle, though that's less of an issue since knowing that I can take them off whenever I want is calming. Knowing that the discomfort will be for a long duration, or not knowing the duration at all, makes it worse.

    I suspect these are all related and have a shared root cause - is there a name for it? Bonus points for recommendations for effective anxiety relief techniques or solutions.

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  • Less Noise - 12' 3.5mm or RCA w/ Splitters?

    I need to connect a stereo audio signal over 12 feet from female 3.5mm to female 3.5mm. Is it better to use a single 12 foot 3.5mm cable, or use two short (3") splitters and a 12 foot RCA cable pair? I'm wondering if the increased shielding of the RCA cables are enough to make up for the added noise from the splitters. I intend to run this line nearby several other cables, including an AC power cable.

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  • How do I best isolate game state from UI (C#)?

    I'm writing a game and have prototyped a simple version of it using a single class, but now I want to expand (create more unit types, more complex UI, etc.), but I'm having trouble isolating UI code from game state code. I don't want my UI classes to have to be aware or dependent on how the game state is structured, nor do I want my game state to be dependent on how I decide to structure my UI. However, I find myself writing stuff like (pseudocode):

    if( button3.Contains(mouseClickPosition) ) player0.attack(player1);

    So now if I change the way attack() works (e.g. to something like game.attack(player0,player1) ), I have to update my UI code. What's the best way to isolate the two? I'm pretty new to C# (my background is C++) and game design in general, so any references would be appreciated as well.

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  • Multiple Routers on Same Network?

    I've seen answers to this question elsewhere, but only to slightly different scenarios than the one I'm dealing with so here goes...

    So I have a Netgear N router with stock firmware and a Linksys G router with DD-WRT.

    I want to run the Netgear at 5GHz for N-only devices, and directly connect the Linksys to the Netgear to serve as a B/G access point. Additionally, I want devices connected to the Linksys AP to be able to see devices connected to the Netgear AP, so e.g. I can access files on my N-connected PC via my G-connected xbox. The last requirement seems like it should be a result of the previous one, but I'd also like to be able to access both configuration sites directly (e.g. is the Netgear config page, and is the Linksys config page).

    Thoughts? Links? Help? Solutions?


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  • Proper way to "say" Big-O notation?

    What is the proper way to convey an algorithm complexity in Big-O notation in speech? Saying "the total number of operations is big oh of N log N" sounds strange, but the more pleasant "the total number of operations is proportional to N log N" is technically incorrect. What's generally accepted?

    2 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Why does C++ pointer syntax tie the pointer to the variable and not the type?

    For example, why is the standard pointer declaration this:

    int *a;

    char *x,*y,*z;

    Instead of this:

    int* a;

    char* x,y,z;

    To me this makes little sense - when you declare a variable, e.g. "float p,q,r;" this says "I want to create float variable(s) - those variables are p, q, and r;" So why is it not valid to say "char* x,y,z:" means "I want to create some char pointer variable(s) - those variables are x, y, and z."

    How would you even translate "char *x,*y,*z" into english? "I want to create some char variable(s) - those variables are pointer x, pointer y, pointer z?" It's not like pointers are some special type of data - they're just like any other class, struct, or data type, so why have special syntax to declare them?

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  • Is there a C++ equivalent of Java's Process.getOutputStream()?

    Is there a way to get the stdin, stdout, and stderr streams of a process called by a C++ program, similar to Java's get*Stream() functions? I know about C++'s system(...) call but the only way I'm able to get the called process' output is by piping it to a file and then reading it back in, which is not an option in this case.

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  • Logitech Harmony One: Touch-Sensitive?

    Does the Logitech Harmony One remote's screen have touch-sensitive capabilities, or is it for display only? I see the screenshots on the site such as "Watch TV", "Watch a DVD" and "Listen to Music" but can you actually click on those on the screen or do you need to use other controls to select them?

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  • Can a Halo 3 xbox message contain a virus?

    I was recently spammed messages on xbox live, telling me to download someone's screenshot or map variant for Halo 3. I don't know these people, so normally I would just delete these messages if they were in my computer email or something, but I don't know if Halo 3 has any vulnerabilities that, say, a hacked console might be able to exploit. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can viruses be sent via xbox live message in Halo 3?

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  • What is the most epic RPG on PC or 360?

    What is the most epic RPG available on PC/360/PS3? By epic I mean at least 50-ish hours of non-trivial gameplay, not in repetitive or annoying N-item collection missions. Must also have appropriately epic background story.

    I'm looking for something I've never played, but for reference, I would consider these to be epic RPGs:

    Final Fantasy 7

    Chrono Cross


    If you say WoW you fail.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • How is the decay energy for Uranium derived?

    In fission energy calculations, Uranium fission is given as 200MeV/fission. How is this value derived? What is the corresponding value for Plutonium? Is it simply the mean Q-values of all the fission product reactions weighted by their probabilities?

    3 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago
  • What predictions does Creationism lead to?

    What are some examples of observations that creationism leads to? I am attempting to analyze creationism as a scientific theory, but I can't come up with any examples of predictions that creationism leads us to make.

    Some example predictions of other theories are:

    Newtonian Physics: If I release a ball in midair, it will fall to the ground.

    Chemistry: If I heat a sample of water to 100 degrees, it will boil.

    Electromagnetism: If I send an electron through a magnetic field it will curve.

    Would the following be considered a hypothesis stemming from creationism?:

    No species will emerge in the future that do not exist today.

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What are the claims made Creationism?

    I am writing a paper analyzing creationism and evolution in the context of their validity as scientific theories, but I'm not entirely sure how to summarize the theory of creationism. According to the theory, which of the following does it claim / grant:

    Different species exist today.

    All species that exist today were created by a supreme being at some point in the past.

    All species that the supreme being created were created at the same time.

    Creatures reproduce to propagate the species, but do not diverge to form other species.

    All species that were created initially still exist today.

    Please let me know which of these are actually claimed by creationism, and any others that I may have missed.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • How can I access the memory space of another process?

    If I am running, say, notepad, and I want to make a program to locate the memory space of the process and grab the text displayed on the screen directly from memory, how would I go about doing it? Can I do it in a higher-level language like C++? Can I do it without circumventing kernel-level address space protection?

    I have a good idea of how virtual and physical memory work, but I'm a little fuzzy on OS-level protection and allocation. Any links or tips would be appreciated.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • units of isotope abundances?

    Are nuclide abundances given in percent mass or percent of atoms?

    For example, if the abundance of Deuterium is 0.0115%, does this mean that 1kg of hydrogen has 0.000115kg of Deuterium? Or does it mean that 1mol of hydrogen has 0.000115mol of Deuterium?

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  • What movie/book did the "pleasure box" philosophical concept originate from?

    When I was in my high-school English class I remember my teacher briefly bringing up a story where a "pleasure box" was invented. The box was free to use, and users who entered enjoyed immense pleasure, with enough variation that its perceived intensity never lessened with time. After 12 hours in the box, the user was placed on life-support until they either chose to leave, or died. The question presented was whether, knowing that nobody who entered ever decided to leave, you would choose to enter the box.

    Where did this concept originate?

    1 AnswerPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • How many online accounts do you have?

    I am trying to get an estimate for how many accounts people have online vs their age. Please list your age and how many accounts you have (eg. yahoo, gmail,, would be 4)

    10 points for anyone who can provide a link to an actual statistic for this correlation.

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  • Is a scam site?

    If you're ever offered over 40% less than a competitor for a product, you're usually at a scam website or there's some catch. I was wondering if the offers on are legit or if it's a scam website? I've seen a bunch of forums that have people talking about their not-so-bad experience buying from them, but those posts could be fabricated for all I know.

    So does anyone know for sure whether is a scam site? Thx

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics1 decade ago
  • How can a young person best take advantage of the state of the economy?

    I don't expect to retire for at least 40 years. What can I do to best take advantage of the current state of the economy / stock market, and maximize my gains in the long term?

    3 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • How much current is required to kill a 0.5mA rated red LED?

    How much current would be required to kill a 0.5mA rated red LED within a matter of seconds? I know that running past maximum rating will reduce brightness and component lifespan, but how much current would be required to heat it up to the point of failure within a matter of seconds?

    3 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago