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  • Would any man want to be with me after what I've done?

    I've realized I made a horrible mistake. I found a guy and emailed him for months and went on a date. Then he told me afterward he is older, married, and has kids. He told me his wife cheated on him several times and they were separated, but he missed his kids too much. He told me things like he sleeps on the couch every night and such and referred to his wife as my kids mom like he didn't want her. After, I met him twice, once to just hold him and hug him and just chat. The second time I went to do the same thing, but ended up giving oral sex and such and he left in the middle to go home to one if his children and I haven't heard from him since. I'm realizing he probably used me and of know what of did was very very wrongand I'm not trying to excuse myself from my actions, but those were the circumstances. Also few was my first date, first kiss and everything.

    My question is, even though I've done bad things, am I useless now? Would a guy every want me or am I just a slut and used up goods?

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  • Why do I desire to be intimate with a man?

    I'm confused as to why I want to be intimate. I'm not really concerned of the sex part as more as I want to take it slow and do all the romantic things and such and be gentle. It's bothering me as well because I'm waiting until marriage hopefully. Any ideas as to why this is?

    9 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • Very gassy and I smell bad?

    Ok, so for the past week, I've been very gassy and I used to pretty much only urinate, but I've been having to go number two lately, including multiple times a day. Also, I smell and I don't know where it's coming from. I shower multiple times a day and I've exfoliated and such. I've been on my period for a few weeks now (normal for me, I'm irregular and talked with the doctor about it) and before that I used the monistat 7 day. Also, I've been barely eating. Because my appetite has changed within the past month. I know it's scattered, but I'm wondering if anyone might know... Thanks

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • What kind of doctor do you see for athletes foot?

    I've had some athletes foot for over 5 months now, tried everything, nothing works. What kind of doctor should I see? Podiatrist? Dermatologist? Someone else?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • Can't get in internet after downloading Firefox 8?

    I have a Windows Vista computer, I tried to download Firefox 8. When I did, I had to reboot. When I rebooted, Firefox had an option to restart or quit. When I quit, it quits. When I click restart, it just pulls up another crash window. When I go on flock or ie, the browser pops up, but won't load any pages and all it says is connecting. What's going on?

    Ps: writing this from my phone, not my computer if you must know.... :-P

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  • Do I get fired or do I quit my job?

    Sorry if this happens to be long, but thanks for reading.

    OK, I work at an electronics store in the US (which I can't mention because I may be fired for what I'm about to write), but I'm afraid I'm going to be fired. I'm not trying to complain because I have a job and I know so many others don't, but I don't know what I should do.

    I'm pretty sure like, 75% sure that I will be fired within the next few months. I don't know whether it be tomorrow or a few months fro now, but I will be. There are 17 stores in our district, 4 of the managers we let go within this past week. My manager is constantly down my throat telling me that I'm not performing, even though I'm giving 110% and she's calling and texting me on my day off in the middle of the night. If I don't get done what she has me do with a laundry list of things, she gets mad. Often I'm running the store alone so I can't always get everything done with customers I have to take care of. She'll constantly tell me, "Do I need to fire you?" "Do I need to write you up?" And she'll make me sit with her for an hour telling me how I'm not performing and how she's looking to fire people.

    I went to a job yesterday at Sears down the street. I was hoping for permanent, but it's a seasonal job. I don't know if I got the job or not, but if I do, should I quit and take it? I'm like, I can file for unemployment next year if I take the Sears job and don't get permanently hired, but I need to buy a car and no one wants to deal with me if I haven't had a job for more than six months.

    If I get fired, I'm going to kicked out of my parents house (I am paying rent, I"m just trying to get back on my feet after I didn't do well in college), and if I quit I'll probably get kicked out too. I have no where to go.

    Does anyone have any other options?

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  • Is it legal or typical for a doctor to suddenly stop treating you?

    I asked my family doctor to do my antidepressant perceptions for several reasons after I came back home from a semester of college. I was on Cymbalta and it wasn't enough so he decided to ween me off and put me on Effexor. After about a month on the Effexor, I ran out of perception and went to go make an appointment with the doctor for a follow up and maybe a change. The office of my doctor called back and told me I ran out of meds twice too soon, which I did not and the fact that I mentioned I took Abilify once and he said that was for bi polar disorder which he doesn't treat or perscribe for. Anyway, I get the stupid brain zaps and I get ill and paranoid if of don't take them which I suffered for about a week before I decided to go back on the Cymbalta that I had left and hurry and find another doctor (obviously a psychiatrist now) because I literally can't function otherwise. I understand these are side effects, but can he really just drop me like that? I'm not suing, but I'm probably not going back. Just wondering though. The nurse adviced me to go to the Er if it continued, but I've been going to him for other things for 8 years now, just wondered if they can really do that.

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • My doctor dropped me, now I have brain zaps, what do I do?

    I have been taking anti-depressants for about 6 years now. I stopped seeing a psychiatrist, felt like he had not interest in how I felt. Anyway, I switched over to my family doctor and he saw me for a while. I ran out of my prescription so the people called me back saying that he's dropped me and doesn't want to see me anymore saying I ran out too soon too many times apparently. However, I get those damn brain zaps. I've had them for a week now and I'm so freaking sick and getting like almost vertigo and throwing up and stuff. They said to go to urgent care or the emergency room if it continues. Should I go there? I don't want to pay a couple of hundred dollars only for them not to treat me. I've been calling for a new psychiatrist but no one is open until December. What do I do for now?

    3 AnswersMental Health9 years ago
  • Is it ok to put my tennis shoes in the washer and dryer?

    I have a pair of canvas Vans that I wear to work. I have athlete's foot and we reset our store so I wore them a super long time and now they just feel disgusting. After I go to another store to reset, I plan on buying another pair, but I was wondering if they would be ok to put in the washer and dryer? I would like to do it tonight, so I don't have a lot of time, so do I need to put them into the gentle cycle?

    Like I said, I plan on getting another pair afterward, I dont' care how they look, I just don't want the rubber soles to melt or something

    4 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 years ago
  • What are some reasons a woman might be afraid of men?

    This is kind of weird, but I've come to the realization today that I think I'm afraid of men. I just can't trust them, they're scary, I feel like they lie all the time and hurt other people. Like I almost want to be a lesbian because of this and I'm not even attracted to women...

    15 AnswersGender Studies9 years ago
  • Are some people just not meant to date?

    I kind of feel like I'm my witts ends. I feel like I've done everything but be in a porno tp look attractive to guys. I've dieted, desperately tried to lose weight, wear nicer clothes, wear make up, changed my hobbies, changed my hair, acted like myself, acted NOT like myself, faked confidence, everything I can think of and all I get are older gross men starting at my chest, guys asking if they can feel my boobs or see naked pics in return. I've never had anyone ask me out or been on a date or kissed. Yes I'm only 19, I keep getting told I look much older or much younger than I am or older than I am, or too fat or too tall, or too nice or too weird or too stupid. I'm dead serious, do I just exist for a mans sexual wants? I mean are some people on here just to roam the earth just to roam the earth?

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  • What is going on with my armpit?

    This is kind of gross, but in my armpit, it's very red and looks like it has a lot of dead skin. It kind of is inflated. I noticed this happened after I tried to take a lot of what I thought was dead skin and move it away. It's not smooth anymore, there are lots of creases and folds and such, not like my other armpit. This might have happened also after I might have cut myself shaving. Does anyone know what's happening? I do sweat a lot, it's what happens on my job. It's only in this one, not the other. Should I go to the doctor?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • Advice for 19 year old buying their first car with no help?

    I need to buy a car. Not want, need. I literally cannot afford this, but I have no options left. I need something very reliable for what I can get. There is a car dealer kind of near me and they have a first time buyer's program and allow me a budget up to $7,500. There is a 2001 Toyota Camry they have their for sale for $7,990, what is a good haggling price for it?

    Also, I'm going to put the website on it, if there is anything else you'd advise, let me know. I need lowest payments possible, but something reliable.

    I'm most likely going at this completely alone with almost no help so I need as much as help as possible.

    I'm aware I'll need insurance as well and gas and maintenance so something that won't cost as much I'd need advice on as well.

    If anyone else can help me as well on what to do at the dealership would be great.

    Thanks so much!


    4 AnswersBuying & Selling9 years ago
  • Is it all men's goals to make a woman horny?

    I know this isn't probably the best place to judge, but I keep reading on here over and over "how do I make a girl horny" and all that. I just want to know, is that all a male's goal is to get a woman horny? Do any men exist that their goal is to woo a woman and treat her nicely and worry about that after you get hitched? Or is that just a fairy tale?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • What to say to men staring at my chest at work?

    Ok, so I know this might be some factor, my nametag is on a lanyard at work and since I'm tall and have a large chest, the nametag ends up between my breasts. But sometimes I will get men who not only stare at my chest but actually talk to it and never look up. Fine, I get when you're looking at my name if you think you are, but how do I confront those who just stare at them? I'm not asking for it, I wear a polo, so it's not like they're hanging out, I have a large chest and I don't even want it. What should I say?

    12 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • How do I deal with my boss?

    Ok, this might be long... so if you'd like to help me I'd appreciate it.

    Right now I'm working in sales at a retail store. The job's ok, nothing really to complain about since I have great co-workers. But right now, I can't take my boss anymore. I want so bad to stand up to her, but I fear of losing my job. I've many, many complaints about her. She's always picking me, not the other co-workers to do things such as plan-o-grams, putting away shipment, checking out people for her, cleaning, etc. Fine whatever, but with her, she does other things like doesn't clock out for lunch, leaves work to do her own shopping (once she went grocery shopping because she said she had groceries in the car and would be right back and bragged to a friend she took her boyfriend to go get a big screen when she said she was out to lunch), does nothing but sit in the back room surfing the net, paying her bills, or talking to her friends, talks about sex and drugs (I don't mind too much, but I don't feel it's workplace appropriate and told me once she can get her friend to bring some weed to me since I need to chill out) and now she keeps scheduling me when I've told her I'm not available because I don't have transportation. I feel she is severely unethical in the workplace. Yes, I might be a little more strict, but there are other times too where she tells me, you need to do this amount of sales, but never tells me how to get better and grills me when I don't do the "best job I could have done" even though I did. When she leaves, she'll tell me to do 10 things which I usually don't get done by the end of the night and then she yells at me for not getting them done. Sometimes I don't even take a lunch because I'm so busy and of course, get into trouble because it's the law that I have to take a lunch.

    I know I'm never going to have a perfect boss, but this is just one of the numerous things that's making me frustrated. I want to talk to my district manager, but I'm afraid that it'll make the situation worse because if she says that that happens and doesn't get fired, who knows what she'll do. I've talked to my co-workers and they don't want to do anything about it because a) they don't mind losing a second job that they don't need or b) doesn't care. How do I fix this situation?

    4 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • Can someone interpret my dream for me?

    This was a very vivid dream I had last night.

    I was in a nice place I think downtown in a big city. I was confronted by some middle aged women and they were telling me I needed to get ready for my wedding which I thought, oh it's going to happen as in I wasn't sure if it would. I was getting married to a prince. They showed me to several rooms and in each one there was a lavish dress. I kept asking where is my wedding dress but instead they kept showing more dresses I would wear that evening. They finally showed me my dress and I remember being disappointed but I didn't let them know. Then they took me to railroad tracks where I got my hair and make up done and I remember it was really dusty. Then afterward I went to go get dressed alone and I walked on to get my dees from one if the several rooms and a guy I know from bring my ra from college was malling love to a girl, but I grabbed my dress and slammed the door satisfied and happy because I was marrying the prince. The next thing I remember is it's almost time for the wedding to start and I'm makes in the garden I think outside with one cloth I'm trying to cover myself and hiding behind a rock and I see my aunt and uncle who my family in real life doesn't like, we're pretty much astranged from them.

    Thank you, sorry it's long, this is just puzzling me.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation9 years ago
  • Is my family a bully or am i just a brat?

    I know this is not new, but I just need to know. I'm 19 and I moved back home after fkunking out of college, which I paid for myself. I got good grades in high school, but I think I might have just got passed along. I'm at home now trying to get on my feet. I'm in a job, my fourth since I was 16, trying to just get back on my feet and out of debt. My younger sisters and I don't get along because my both dad its abusive. I stopped going to visit and my sisters are pissed, which I don't blame them, but I feel like they're always picking on me. Entente always telling on me for taking to them, our turning on the tv too loud, etc. I do part a small rent and try to help out like with gas. My mother wool say she loves me and never wants me to leave and goes on about how I'm her first, but then she gets angry at me and says I'm a breast for showing affections when I tell her I get so tired of being picked on. She always tells me I'm so miserable, which I am. I'm very depressed but o don't have the money to fix thar and they will not help. She taunts me that I have no friends even though she has none herself. I do have some, but her and my step dad don't allow my to hang out with them our go on dates. I know I'm not threw best daughter but I really don't want to love anymore and the only reason I don't kill my se elf is th that if I somehow survived I'd be kicked out and I have no place to go, I already tried to see if I could live with someone but I can't.

    2 AnswersFamily9 years ago
  • Why didn't my friends invite me to their reception?

    I mean I know when it's your wedding, you get to choose, but I feel kind of hurt. I had four friends recently who I felt pretty close to, especially one who told me not to tell any others when she got engaged because it wasn't "official" so I thought she put trust in me but all of the sudden I see these wedding photos on Facebook and people are all like, "OMG, best wedding ever!" I don't know, maybe I'm venting, but has anyone else had this happen to them before?

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