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  • Liberals, is this what you signed on for when you voted for Obama ?

    It has been reported that nearly a dozen of the largest Syrian rebel groups have formed an alliance, including one linked to al-Qaida that could serve as the basis for a future political bloc. The bloc explicitly called for Shariah Law or Islamic Law. In laymen terms, this mean putting women back in borqua's, taking girls out of school, stoning women for adultry, taking women out of the work place. Great job Obama !

    Is this where our so called humanitarian aid is going. Is this like Egypt when Obama forced out Hosni Mubarak only to have his hand picked successor thrown under the bus by the Egyptian people.

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  • With no consensus from Europe, is Congress Obama's only hope ?

    Or is he using a Rahm Emanuel techniques of "not letting a crises go to waste" by thinking a partisan Congress will oppose his retaliation of Assad for alleged chemical weapons attacks on his own people ? What if Congress approves his folly, what is Obama to do next ? Is he hoping a new crises comes along that will get Syria off the minds of those concerned, like he has done with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS retaliation on political opponents, and NSA spying on everyone ?

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  • Does it look like Obama's Arab spring in Egypt is falling apart?

    Considering that Obama had his hands in it right from the start, and helped encourage the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, isn't it time the American people, along with the Egyptian people, took him to task over his meddling in other country's affairs. Does Obama think he has the right to meddle simply because the US gives foreign aid to these country's ? He better think again, and while he's at it, realize that he's not nearly as popular now as he was in 2008. H'mmmmm, one has to wonder if what happen in Egypt couldn't happen right here in the goods ole USA ?

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  • Is the story of Assad using chemical weapons about the same as the Gulf of Tonkin incident ?

    Is another dishonest American regime trying to build a false opinion against Assad, so the American people can feel good when Obama sides with the rebels? It sure does bring back memories of Lyndon Johnson and his ugly tactics that got the US in a war in Vietnam, doesn't it ?

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  • With The gross incompetence of the Obama admin, at what point does Congress vote for impeachment ?

    Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NRA spying on us, attack on FOX news reporter, IRS- the loose cannon of federal workers, etc. Obama can't possible be unaware of these gross atrocities, and if he wasn't aware he should have been. This alone shows his incompetence. This alone should be grounds for impeachment.

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  • Susan Rice, a known liar, is this what we need as Nat'l Security Advisor ?

    Is Obama deliberately trying to piss off the American people with this appointment ? Is their no concern on his part for a quality team ?

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  • If it is determined that Assad did use chemical weapons on his people, will this prove that GWB was right ?

    all along about his assertion that Saddam did have WMD's and they were flown to Syria so the weapons inspectors couldn't find them. This story was collaborated by an Iraqi general who defected and wrote a book detailing the same information that GWB had told. The liberals in the US discounted the story to make GWB look bad. It worked then. but is the truth now coming out ?

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  • Now that Egypt's Muslim brotherhood government has a new fondness for Iran, how should the US react ?

    I'm thinking that foreign aid should immediately stop, and in its place, the very same sanctions put on Iran should also be put on Egypt. I think we have seen enough of Obama's good buddy to realize what a failure Obama is in foreign policy. Hosni Murbarak was an international hero compared to this creep !

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  • Suicides exceeding combat deaths, why is this ?

    A pentagon without a clear mission is my guess. Puttng troops in harms way, asking them to kill or be killed but with no clear objective to winning, this is certainly a dead end motivator. This is what happens when a CIC, without military experience, is allowed to govern.

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  • Is Hillary vying for a purple heart or just avoiding the Benghazi investigation ?

    Some people will do damn near anything to avoid being investigated. Since Hillary's alleged injury is non combat related, she doesn't qualify for the purple heart, and we all know that some doctors will play along when someone needs an excuse not to do something or be some where. So what's your best guess? A) She's faking it to avoid the Benghazi investigation. B) She's legitimately injured because dehydration caused her to faint, causing a concussion. C) She's garnering sympathy for when she runs for the office of president.

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  • Why all the emphasis on gun control ?

    Over the last two decades, cow manure, Koolaid, and box cutters, killed more people than any amount of guns used in domestic terror attacks. Granted guns require less planning, and something does need to be done to keep them out of the hands of psychopaths.

    The medical community has been seriously at fault for not coming forward and with government, developing a watch list of those who are a danger to themselves and others.

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  • If the airlines could do it, why not the schools?

    When air traffic was being hit with sky jackings and terrorists commandering airplanes, they managed to overcome these problems by securing cockpit doors, making it difficult for anyone to force their way into the cockpit. They also armed some pilots, plus the air marshalls who routinely accompany these flights. The problems seem to have stopped as a result.

    Schools can learn from this. Qualified gun handlers in every school, would be a big step in protecting students and teachers alike. A small number of individuals should be trained on firearm use, weapons should be issued, and schools seriously locked down. It work for the airlines, why not for schools ?

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  • Is online education at the elementary level a partial solution to the problems of today ?

    Parents are frantic over sending their children in harms way. Educators suffer the same concerns about the unknown. Is there enough money to pay teachers who take their lives in their hands potentially, every time they walk into a classroom.

    Gun control is almost impossible to help this problem. Frankly, many new problems would arise over government controlling guns. Very serious problems.

    Online education takes away the target these psychopaths seek. No kids in class could take the emphasis off schools as the number one target.

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  • Should the US unilaterally blow out of the sky any further N.Korean test missiles ?

    Given the veiled threat it revealed about having missiles that can reach the US? Isn't it time we showed these rogue governments that we have a set of stones and will no longer tolerate their continued development of weapons designed to destroy us ?

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  • Will the recount for Allen West's Congressional seat prove that the democrats cheated there and elsewhere ?

    West didn't let up. He knew that cheating went on in a big way, and he is out to prove it. Will the recount reveal a large amount of discrepencies, and will West prevail ?

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  • Should McCain retrack his criticism of Ambassador Rice for her blaming videos for the Benghazi attack ?

    Knowing that the CIA blamed a coordinated terrorist attack right from the start. If she didn't know, certainly Obama knew. That being the case, why would she even consider the job of secretary of State knowing that she works for someone who would deliberately mislead her and leave her out there to fall on the sword ?

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  • Why does the US government need a civilian army through DHS for natural disaster ?

    DHS arms itself

    As we detailed in the August 28 Whiteout Press article ‘History of DHS Ammunition Purchases’, federal emergency management agencies are looking more and more like a military army every day.

    The federal government’s procurement website actually lists DHS’ requests for bids to supply it with ammunition and military weaponry. All of the orders listed in the above article, including the orders for hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, are publicly available at

    One look at a chart of DHS ammunition purchases over the past decade reveals a drastic spike in orders of bullets recently, totaling in the billions of rounds. Other charts available online show a similar drastic spike in the purchases of accompanying weaponry by the Department of Homeland Security.

    What is the US federal government preparing for? And why does it feel it needs an army of brainwashed youth, millions of guns, thousands of armored fighting vehicles and literally billions of rounds of ammunition, just to provide relief to the American people during a natural disaster? Any historian will tell you it sounds more like the arming of the Hitler Youth than an army of first responders fighting forest fires and hurricanes.

    Is this the threat we have heard about since Obama took office, about a civilian army that can enforce Marshall law and disarm the American people ? Is the department of homeland security the force behind this, under the control of the white house ?

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  • Is Obama's foreign policy in Afghanistan self destructing as the Taliban wake from their long winters nap ?

    As expected by those who realize how the enemy thinks, the Taliban is definitely on the offensive in the mountain regions of Afghanistan, even as the US military continues to wind down. It's doubtful that Obama will respond in kind, instead he will continue with his political game plan, just as he did in Iraq. Iraq has become the biggest killing field outside of Syria since the US withdrawal of troops.

    The Obama people will say they pulled out because the Iraq government wanted the option of prosecuting American troops when atrocities occurred. I seriously doubt that the US government couldn't persuade them otherwise, except it was the perfect excuse for the US to withdraw its troops. In the meantime the failed sectarian government of Iraq is a total disaster and the killings continue in large numbers. Is this the latest US legacy for ending wears ?

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  • Should the Libyan security issue be discussed during the debate ?

    Ambassador Stevens father believes it should not be used as political fodder by Romney. All due respect to Mr. Stevens and the tragic loss of his son, I humbly disagree with his position. The state department failed his son and now he is dead, and the people have the right to know why this happened and who is to blame. It has become very clear that the ambassador asked the state department for help, and it was denied. The Obama people have tried to turn this around and blame it on the republicans, because Congress slashed their budget. It was a bipartisan Congress that slashed the budget, and it wasn't Congress that denied additional help for the ambassador, it was the Obama state department. Heads should roll over this, and perhaps a presidency will be lost, but it will be the people who decide, and not one person who's political sensitivities have been aroused.

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  • While watching the V-P debate, did you feel like you were watching Dr. Suess ?

    and the Cheshire cat ? How permissible is "obnoxious" when describing Joe Bidens performance during the debates? Is this guy really presidential material when 'facts check" indicated that he was wrong four out of five of the facts that he reported ? Doesn't this guy know that we live in electronics age when correct answers are immediately available ? No question in my mind: this guy hurt the democrats just as badly as Obama's poor showing !

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