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  • Is the "Black Lives matter" movement racist?

    I just watched this video on YouTube about this former marine who bluntly states that it is. He says that blacks are using it as a way to promote racism against whites, and ever since this movement started there's been more crime against whites and police alike.. Black on white hate crime seems to be on the rise and few African Americans seem to care. He claims there trying to use slavery to justify there actions today. If that's the case I got something to say. Are there racist whites? Yes. Cops? Yes. So target them.. NOT ALL WHITES! I didn't choose to be white!!! I was born! That's it! Plus I'm Greek.Greeks didn't come to America until 1900s. But since I'm white it doesn't matter to some.. You understand that all the slave owners are dead right? How can you be so ****** up.. I remember watching one of Buckley s speeches (a democrat running for president) who believes America in unjust and wants equal opportunity for everyone! But the "Black lives matter" program Shut him down. Why? My only guess is because of his skin color.. if it was a black man it would of been a different story I'm sure of it. The present African American community seems to be only looking out for themselves and not America as a whole, and slowly but surely becoming more racist than whites. What about the white people who supported Mr.king? Who don't see color? Who fought in the civil war and died for a better future for everyone? Why's that never brought up? I actually like darker girls myself (; lol

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  • I ve been alone my whole life..?

    Ever since I was in elementary school I was socially awkward, part of the reason of this is because I was made fun of growing up. People liked to put me down and use me, I guess because I was to nice and small and skinny... Anyways because of my up bringing I slowly shyed away from the crowd and slowly became introverted, I had spent most of my time reading books and play videogames.. I used to smoke weed and drink when I was a pre teen and "party" with people around my neighborhood but I knew right from the beginning to end that it was simply not me. Ever since I soberd up (it s been a year now) I became a new person. I started furthering my education and found my self worth, I m now working 2 jobs and saving up for a car.. but.. my loneliness is at a all time high, I have no friends, never been kissed in 2 years, never had a girlfriend, never had sex, everyone talks behind my back, so I m not nice to anyone anymore because of what I learned which is a Damn shame, I have to fight my own character. Don t get me wrong, I m a grade A smartass and can out wit almost anyone.. over the last year I really came into my own as a person, but after all this I m still a lonesome **** and its getting to me. I ve always been depressed and alone my entire existence but I having crazy thoughts again. I just wanna cuddle with somebody at night and to give someone all the love I have inside me... I want to not just be loved, but also express it. I m 18 year old male, 125 lbs. Idk..

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