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  • Are you happy with the election outcome?

    Honestly, I don't give a rats behind what most here think, it's just fun drilling holes in partisans and rah-rah clowns.

    But humor me anyway ------- are you happy and why?

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  • If you could jam your head up your backside, which political persuasion would you see and why?

    I'm only asking because I am non partisan.


    Partisan: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance

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  • Is this the most partisan political web site on the net?

    Full of

    Sorry, I can't say it here without getting reported.

    When it comes to American politics, I am more cynical then credulous.

    Especially when it comes to libs, cons and baggers.

    partisan: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance



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  • What would you do if you were in Obama's shoes?

    I am talking about economy, medical care and immigration, the three hot issues today.

    I've asked that same question dozens of times and have yet to receive an articulate answer, which indicates to me that his opponents are fast in the finger pointing and blame and lacking in solutions.

    I'm non partisan for the reasons indicated the above. I don't care which faction of the political spectrum, they are all guilty.

    Prove me wrong.

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  • Did you know China just launched their second moon probe?

    As Obama is dismantling NASA, the Chinese have announced they are going to the moon.

    The USA has lost it's goals.

    China is full of goals.

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  • OK, Obama is a Muslim and he was not born in the USA, now what?

    Whats going to happen now that he is no longer president?

    I'm non partisan, I'm curious what will happen if those that believe that get what they want.

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  • Is America going politically nuts?

    I'm 59 years old, went through the anti war protests, saw how that divided the country, but the people, by and large still believed in our system our way of life.

    Today I see a lot of hate, pointing fingers and blame and very short on solutions. I see a lot of people so disenfranchised that they are willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater and start all over again.

    I see a country that went from optimism to pessimism.

    I see a country that has lost it's goals and is now rudderless.

    I see a country that is so divided ideologically that it is going to take a long time for America to get back to it's roots, it's belief in itself, it's leadership for all the good it does in this world.

    Are we going politically nuts, or is it just me?

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  • How do you feel when you get best answer in Politics?

    Is it a source of pride?





    Or something else.

    Explain your reasons.


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  • Can we complain in unison?

    I have an issue with the unnamed leader on politics leader board. That person just went up another 30 best answers in the last day. If I mention the leader by name my posts are violated. The leaders best answers are 50% which is impossible considering the nature of this section. Some of the leaders have as high as over 70%. It is obvious they are cheating.

    In a non partisan fashion, can we all agree to complain loudly and often that the board is a sham because of the abusers? And that others that really earned the right to be there are beaten away?

    I know it does not matter much to some of you, but to me it matters because it is like Mao and Stalin stuffing the ballot box and cheapens this place even more.

    Can we all do that in unison, instead of letting our partisan politics get in the way?


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  • About taxes - Can you correct me if I am wrong?

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    Currently we have about 213 various taxes in the USA, from local to federal. Every time I see a tax cut I see defunding in other areas. This trickles down to every tax level and every government entity so in order to make up for the shortfalls they increases taxes and fees. So the middle class and the poor get screwed even more.

    Is that assessment wrong?

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  • It this relationship really wrong?

    I know this guy, he's 59 years old

    He met a girl that was 22 years old, she is now 25

    They've been together for 3 years

    She is slim and beautiful, he could lose a little weight, but he's not fat. Most call him handsome and that he does not look nor act his age. In fact, everyone agrees his heart and mind are at least half his age.

    He told me about her and I told him he was nuts.

    I then saw them together and except for the age, I thought they were perfect.

    It is very easy to see the love between them and everyone who meets them agrees.

    She comes from a part of the world where devotion is tradition

    He is from the USA.

    He is retired and living there and has no intention of moving her to the states. Her says if he does that it will "Americanize her" and destroy their relationship.

    They plan on getting married as soon as she is out of medical school.


    She is sweet, nice, easy going, and a little crazy, just like him.

    So what do you think, is it wrong, or right?

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  • Can you give me a one liner and tell me your version of your golden dream for the USA?

    You know, like Republicans suck

    Obama is a communist

    Liberals eat dogs

    Pelosi is a witch

    Conservatives are gay

    But can you give me a real concise version of your golden dream of the USA?

    I am non partisan, so don't do it on my account.

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  • Is partisanship going down while seeking a common ground is going up?

    I am asking this question because it seems to me partisanship has caused this country so many problems that the people are getting sick of it. That they realize the problems are a lot more complex then what the partisans say it is, that the easy fixes do not exist and that instant gratification is only a wet dream of those blind enough to think that.

    Maybe I am wrong, that partisanship serves a vital purpose, to unite people on one side to beat the other side senseless so they can get their agenda rammed down the throat of the USA. I'm serious, that's the way it seems.

    Personally I hate partisan politics, because in our time of need, they have sought to divide this country for their own reasons with little regard to most anything else.

    That goes for the left as well as the right.

    What say you?

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  • An assesment of this mess, what do you think?

    I know what you mean, but what really sucks is all the partisan BS

    Everyone is pointing fingers, its frigging partisan gridlock and not a damned thing is getting done. I think that is frightening.

    We are losing significant ground to other countries, our leadership is under fire because of all the partisan BS and our electorate is not willing to give incumbents a chance.

    This economy is NOT A YEAR LONG FIX, it's going to take time, vision and goals. But the single biggest problem is our incessant squabbling that only results in more delay and watering down of what desperately needs to be done, all while adding pork to all it.

    Any-wonder why its all getting screwed up?

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  • The Rich Pay More Taxes, But The Middle Class Pays a Higher Tax Percentage, is that true?

    I have heard the rich pay more taxes, but the middle class pays a higher tax percentage. Is that true?

    That is ALL taxes, all 213 of them.

    INCOME TAXES are NOT the only tax.

    We pay up to 9 taxes on our telephone alone.

    Care to answer that with proof one way or another?

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  • How long will it be before Iraq tosses democracy and reverts back to authoritarian rule?

    Without the Obama and Bush bashing please.

    If you don't think it'll revert back, please explain why.

    Give examples of countries that did not revert back that had a very long history of authoritarian rule.

    Keep in mind the middle east is not like, lets say, South America. Different set of values, culture and tradition.

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