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I'm not your typical guy. I've been married of 12 years and have two children. Been told that I a great father and husband. I enjoy cooking and am a regular Mr. Fix-it around the house: plumbing, flooring, tile work. Have a rather large library and a rather sick sense of humor. Any and all of my question are meant to make you think or illect a response. Take caer and enjoy.

  • What can American learn from British Policing?

    Beside crowd control with tear gas and pepper spray or having unarmed patrol officers that actually know the community.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
  • Why are police allowed to use tear gas and pepper spray on citizen, when the military is not allowed to use it?

    Tear gas and pepper spray are considered chemical weapons, so the military is not allowed to use them, but the police can use them against citizens.  Why is this allowed?

    8 AnswersMilitary2 months ago
  • Is my step son being bullied?

    My son and daughter are living with my step son in a house I own.  My step son is saying that living with my children has become unbearable, because they harp on him for leaving his dirty dishes out and have toss his laundry on the floor.  From what I understand is that he will dirty a dish and leave it for days claiming he is will wash it later and that he is too tired.  And as for the laundry he leaves his laundry in the machine/dryer and expects the others to finish drying it or re-wash it if its been left in the washer for a few days.  They have all lived together for about a year and my children are feed up with my step son wanting to be mothered by them.  My wife is saying my children are bullying her son and I think they are sick of his laziness.  So is my step son being bullied by my children or not?

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry3 months ago
  • What does it mean about women if all things being equal they respond more to the online profile that makes more money?

    I've been bored, so I made identical online profiles with the only difference being the listed income and guess what the higher income gets more responses. What does that say about women?

    Singles & Dating4 months ago
  • Mommy money matters?

    My father died 10 years ago. Sisters didn't want to help with fixing up the family home, so she ended up selling it for a nice chunk of change. Well its ten years later and my sisters have been gifted just about all the money my mother received from the selling of the house. Everyone wanted my mother to visit when she had money, but now no one wants her. I have my own medical issues to deal with, so I'm actually not able to take her in, but everyone else is healthy. Any advise on how to get my sisters to be decent human beings?

    5 AnswersFamily9 months ago
  • Do women cheat because they feel its not fair that they plan more of the social events?

    Read an article about the myth of female fidelity and the increase of acknowledged cheating by women. Its not that more women are cheating, but more are willing to admit to cheating. It seems that many women are very upset with how much work they put into their relationship, regardless of how much work their partner puts into the relationship. In short women cheat because their relationship aren't easy enough?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating10 months ago
  • If you are husband material does that mean you are now boring?

    "Husband material" is all about money isn't it? When women look for a husband its always about being a good provider (money), being financially stable (money), having a good job (money). However, a boyfriend is more about having fun and good sex. So becoming "husband material" means your girlfriend is comfortable (bored) with you and looking at your money making ability. So if a woman thinks you would make a good husband, she thinks you have enough money earning potential for her to live the life style she wants to live.

    1 AnswerMarriage & Divorce11 months ago
  • Isn't part of being a partner keeping your ego in check, so you can keep your job and be a stable provider?

    I was attracted to my girlfriend in part, because she was a single mother and knew the hardship of being the provider for her family, however after we got married she lost her job because of her own attitude toward her boss. Now she is angry with me, because I can't just absorb her bills, because I still have my own obligations from before we married. Why do responsible stable girlfriends turn into such irresponsible wives?

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce11 months ago
  • What is the difference between what a women wants from a boyfriend and a husband?

    Seems women are happy with a boyfriend with spending time with them, but once he becomes a husband they want ALL his income to better their life style. So are all women just gold diggers and men are seen to just hand over their income, which they earned through their own hard work and years of sacrifice? I just don't understand how a man and a woman can manage to live on their own and manage their own bills completely independently, but once they marry the woman feels entitled to everything the man has earned. Common property is ONLY the items they acquired together and not EVERYTHING. Seems that women never love a man for who he is and only for his income which she wants to claim as her's.

    12 AnswersGender Studies11 months ago
  • What are the prime ages for wives to cheat?

    I've found women very open to having affairs/cheating at the 8 year & 18 year anniversary of their wedding. This is regardless of the type of husband. It doesn't matter if they are attentive (too clingy) or hard working (neglectful). It seems to also coincide with ages of mid 30s to late 40s. Anyone else notice this?

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce11 months ago
  • Have every man been cheated on?

    I heard that every man will be cheated on at least once. Are there any men out there that have not been cheated on and how trusting (gullible) are you on a scale from 1 to 10? 10 being extremely trusting and 1 being "far as I can throw them".

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Reasons why women cheat?

    Are there any reasons why women cheat that don't sound stupid when you apply it to men. For example: trapped in a loveless marriage, or they love their spouse, but want variety. A fair argument should be able to be interchange the genders and still sound correct. If the argument fails when you switch the genders then its a sexist argument whether it benefits the woman or not. Its seems that more and more studies are coming out that aren't necessarily saying women are cheating more, but rather women are more willing to admit to cheating today. So what is an pro-cheating argument?

    9 AnswersGender Studies11 months ago
  • Wife says I have a dual life.?

    My wife does not get along with my son from my first marriage. If I bring him up it turns into a fight, so I stopped bringing him up. She got along well with my daughter from my first marriage until she didn't and again I stopped bringing her up, so not to cause a fight. Now she is upset that I have this whole part of my life that I am not sharing with her. I think I'm just keeping the peace. So how do I explain to her that its her own behavior that is creating the problem?

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce11 months ago
  • Is it shallow to reject a woman because she is too tall?

    I'm over six foot and prefer women under 5'3". I have found that many women like my height, I'm just not attracted to the taller ones. Should I give the taller ones a shot?

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Are men expected to suck up abuse from their wives and not point out that their wives actions can be defined as abusive?

    I believe every man can say they are being abused by their partner, whether its verbally, emotionally or physically but by being a man they are told to suck it up which only blurs the line for when enough should be enough. Men don't get support for the abuse they endure, but instead are challenged on how good of a man they are for not being able to take the treatment that a woman could freely call abuse if it happened to her. So are men just supposed to take the "abuse" from women?

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce12 months ago
  • What if you have different beliefs of right and wrong?

    I try to be fair and take other people's opinions and thoughts into account, but my wife seems to not do that. She judges things completely on what she thinks and pushes that view. Example my son rents a room in a house I own in another city with his sister and step brother. She and my son do not get along, so her latest thing is to raise the rent on my son to help him save money. Issue being the increase in rent would be set aside for him for later. However, I believe it would be fair to raise rent for all, since the all make about the same income. Now if she said yes to that and then added when should also make exceptions like my daughter, because she is going to school on her own dime and her son, because he is already trying to pay off debt. That would of felt like she was trying to be fair, instead she start with "no, we should not raise everyone's rent and these are the reasons why". That approach just made me feel she was just trying to push her way, because she doesn't like my son.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 year ago
  • Wife wants to increase my son's rent.?

    I own a home in another city that I am renting out to: my son, my daughter, and my wife's step-son. All are about the same age. My wife is upset with my son and feels he is not appreciating the deal he has at the house. (BTW they all pay the same amount in rent) Anyway, my wife feels that my son should pay more in rent, so he would learn to live within a more realistic budget. We even agreed to put the increase rent into an account, so it can grow, which will be given back to him at some later date. The wife and I discussed what the new rent should be and agreed on a number. Then I said that this was such a great deal we should do it to ALL the children renting the house and not just my son. Now my wife doesn't want to do it. It seems she had no problem playing around with my son's funds, but when it came to the other children she didn't want to do it. I believe she wanted to do it to punish my son, because they do not get along. Do you agree or not?

    18 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 year ago
  • Wife with insecurity issues?

    Wife has insecurity issues, so she comes off as a know it all and trivia buff. When we were dating I'm sure I reaffirmed her belief that she was VERY intelligent and made her feel smart, but after we got married I became a fixture in her life and therefore someone she had to be smarter than, so she could feel like the most intelligent person in the room. To that end she picks fights and makes things issues that don't need to be. I do care for her, but this insecurity is driving a wedge between us. I no longer can just say my thoughts, because I've seen her use everyone's words against them. Her children, my children and even myself. Without the freedom and comfort to share your thoughts what good is a relationship no less a marriage?

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 year ago