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  • Why does he *** so early, even when we're not having sex?

    So my bf LOVES touching me. He says he gets pleasure from making me feel good. 

    So last night, he was laying flat on his

    back on the bed while I was laying on top of him, my *** towards him, and playing Minecraft. He started rubbing my legs, and rubbing my thighs, then my ***, and then, anal play ensued.

    Well, I was very much enjoying myself, but then he said "Hey- Babe, you gotta get up." So I rolled off, thinking I'm crashing him or he has to readjust his *****, but when I look at him, he has the tell-tale face of a man who's trying not to come. He had boxers and a shirt on. I was fully clothed with baggy gym shorts on.

    "Are you about to come?" I asked.

    "Yes, duh, lol" He said.

    "Hahaha, why?"

    "Because I love making you feel so good. It makes me feel good."

    So my question is, what is this? Is this a type of kink or fetish? And if so, is there a particular name for this type of kink? Or is he maybe suffering from premature ejaculation?

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  • Took a Plan B. Period late. I'm just stupid and paranoid.?

    So I was stupid and took a plan b pill only two days before my period was suppose to start. **** me, right?

    Anyways, now I'm freaking out because I'm two days late on my period and now I'm thinking "Oh No WhAt If I'm PrEgNaNt?!?"

    I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I still am worried. I've had sex 4 times in the past month, two times protected, two times withdrawal. One Plan B pill. Ugh. 

    So how long could my period be delayed because of my Plan B pill, and how many days late until I should really start worrying?

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  • Is my career as a Teacher over because I didn't ID someone while serving alcohol?

    So, I had my first waitressing job last year and, long story short, I live in a pretty big city with a pretty big downtown scene, and a massive sting operation was going under way in prep for last year's St. Paddy's Day. In my first 3 weeks of working there, I was one of the lucky ones that got "caught selling alcohol to minors". 

    What happened: Guy walks in (looks at LEAST 30) asks for a Corona. I smile and say "Yes sir! Would you like bottle or draft?"

    Guy : Bottle, please.

    Me : Yes sir! Anything else for you today? Would you like to order an entree while you sit at the bar?

    Guy : No thank you. I can walk around with this, right?

    Me : Yes sir, you can have an open container, but only in the downtown limits. 

    He couldn't even have the bottle, I would of had to pour it in a plastic cup for him, which I didn't know. My city allows people to carry alcohol around as long as it's not glass. Also, I didn't think anything of him asking if he could carry it because my town is a VERY popular tourist area, especially around St. Paddy's.

    Cop comes in, asks for manager, I get the owner, she points at me and says I just sold alcohol to a minor. It was a sting operation to purposefully catch people.

    Is this going to effect me going to school to be a teacher? I literally just turned 21, and I didn't even have a Bar Card or anything. Am I going to be able to get a job anywhere as any kind of teacher??

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  • Valentine's Day PLUS Birthday Date idea?

    My boyfriends birthday is on Valentine's Day and I need some ideas on how to do this accordingly.

    I told him that I was going to take him out to a high class restaurant and that I'd pay since it was his birthday, but he argues that he should pay because it's Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day is going to be on a Friday, so I mean, we could celebrate Valentine's Day and then his birthday the next day or vise versa, but I need ideas on what to do other than good food. I'm getting him a new basketball goal, but I feel like I need to do so much more.

    Any ideas?

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  • Advice on this romantic situation please? *NOTHING JUDGMENTAL OR SARCASTIC PLEASE*?

    So I'm 24 and I've only been in serious relationship ever. I'm talking 3 relationships, two lasting over to years. Even moved in with one for over a year. I've never been a party person, I hate going out, don't like drinking or clubbing, and prefer staying at home watching movies, cooking meals, or playing DnD over literally everything.

    Here's my dilemma: I'm starting ANOTHER relationship. Only been dating this guy for a month. Worst part? He's my best friend of nearly 8 years. And it gets WORSE. He was one of my serious relationships before. But I don't want to date him anymore. He's jealous, and boring, and hates it when I go out and play DnD with friends (a group of nerdy guys I've known for YEARS). Worse than that, he makes me feel awfully sad about wanting to come over to his house and just watch a movie or play videogames.

    Not he's not a party guy, but he was back in the day. And I don't blame him for not letting me inside, because he lives with his Mom and she doesn't like people coming in. But he makes me feel so guilty when I hang out with my DnD group. We don't wants play DnD, sometimes we play For The King, or Mario Kart, but still. It's just fun and I hate feeling bad about it when he gets sad and jealous.

    What should I do? Should I ditch stupid relationships and just have fun? Should I not worry about it? Am I over reacting? HELP

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  • What is the National Guard, and is it a good fit for me?

    I'm a studying to become a teacher currently, but I want something more I suppose. Something that I can be proud that I'm apart of. 

    Given that I'm studying to become a teacher, I'm good with people and communications, and I want to help people, would you suggest the National Guard to me? Is there a specific job that would be good for my set of skills (writing, communications, organization skills, etc.)?

    I'm also not 100% sure how the National Guard works. I've been told it's a one weekend, once a month thing, is that true? Is there more to it than that? Is there basic training involved? How about deployment? Of course I would prefer not to be deployed because I do hope to become a teacher within the next 4 years, but a short deployment wouldn't bother me much.

    Thank you for your advice and comments!

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  • I'm ready to date again, but I'm still scared. What should do I?

    Hi, so, I'm a 25 year old woman who's been through a rough patch in life.

      • Abusive ex that I lived with for a year and a half

      • Living with my mother now that I finally got out of that situation

      • Working my way through college

    So, I've been living with Mom for about 7 months now. My savings is looking good. I'm looking at apartments again, and I'm moving up in the workplace. Life is good. I even reconnected with an old friend from high school/college (my first Technical College before I transferred) and we actually hit it off. We're not dating, but it's almost like we're in a relationship, but we don't have a title.

    He asked me about it, because this has been going on for a couple months, and I became terrified. I don't understand why. I mean, I have gone through bad experiences with my ex, but my friend is a wonderful man. Hardworking, family oriented, and he cares about me deeply, as do I.

    I would LOVE to be in a relationship with him and to make it official, but something is holding me back. It feels almost like there's a string hanging out my back, and every time I'm about to take a leap of faith and try to make things official with him, I feel a little tug and I stop myself.

    How can I get over there feelings and just do for it? How did I go about dating again when I'm still scared of getting hurt?

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  • Should I have children, or is my Mother right?

    So, I'm a 21 year old woman and I've loved children all my life. I've been a daycare teacher for some time now, I'm in college for Early Childhood Education, and I plan on becoming a middle school and high school teacher later on after I get my degree. Children bring me so much joy and happiness, even when they're screaming their heads off and I want to pull my hair out.

    My 20 year old brother had my niece a few months ago. Him and his wife got married when he was 18 and she was 19 for the benefits (he's military). They live in Texas (me and my family in GA) and my Mother often complains how she'll never have a relationship with her grandchildren.

    Well, today I mentioned to her that she shouldn't worry, because she'll have a relationship with my children since I don't plan on moving out of state. She came back with the response "You're not having kids." I was kind of taken aback by her comment and I asked her why. Her response was "Because you don't need them. You wouldn't be able to handle any kids. You're too spacy and you'd be the Momma that leaves her kids in the car." I didn't know what to say, I was shocked, and then she said, 

    "You're just not having kids. You don't need them."

    I've thought my whole life that I was meant to be a mother. I just can't believe she would say. Yes, I have a goofy personality, and I've known to be forgetful and clumsy and whatnot, but does that really mean I'm not meant to be a mother?

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  • Do I have a cold or diabetes?

    Okay, so, my Mom is freaking me out a little bit. I've been feeling stuffy for a few days now, I was thinking it's the changing of the weather and the seasons, but today I was SO THIRSTY. I almost never drink water (bad for you I know but bare with me) and today I went through three bottles, plus a tall glass at lunch, and drink down a Parker's tea super fast.

    My mom says that this is an early sign of diabetes. I'm 21, it doesn't run in my family at all, and I may be chubby but I'm not overweight, and I regularly stay on my feet and I don't have a bad diet. Do I just have a sinus cold or could I have diabetes?

    3 AnswersDiabetes10 months ago
  • Bleeding brown blood? Help?

    So, I didn't have a period for 4 years. I was on the Nexplanon implant. I got off in February, and I didn't have a period until June. Then I had two regular periods, not too heavy or light, lasting about 5 days each. Then it I didn't have one in August.

    Now it's September and I had the heaviest period of my life. I'm 21 and I've had a period since I was 9. I've always been heavy, but nothing like that. I was bleeding through super tampons every two hours. I had large clots and chunks of "tissue" the size of half dollars and small limes. Some were so close to the color black it scares me. It was horrible.

    Well, that lasted about 7 days (relatively normal for me from before I had Nexplanon) and now, ever since, I've been slowly bleeding brown blood and some light pink blood. It gets worse when I have sex, but stops maybe 10 minutes after sex is over. There's even a few pieces of I'm guessing dried tissue as well? I don't know, but it worries me because I'm also still have cramping and gas.

    I just need some answer or ideas as to what this is before I consult a doctor.

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  • My friend is has been stuck at Army boot camp for 26 weeks.. is this legal?

    So, I have a friend of mine who joined the Army, and went to boot camp March 13th, of 2019. He hasn't come back.

    He's 21, and suffered a spinal cord injury 6 weeks into boot camp. He's been stuck there ever since. The thing is, he says even though he's still in recovery, he's still going through the motions of regular boot camp i.e. training, hard labor, stuff like that.

    My only question is, if he's injured like that, shouldn't they have sent him home? Why keep him so long? It's going on the 27th week of him being there. I understand the Army takes care of his recovery, but it just seems so drastic to keep him there.

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  • Boyfriend has the chance to get a job that travels, but he doesn t want to take it because he thinks I won t go.. Should I travel with him?

    Okay, so, me and my boyfriend have been living together for 6 months, and he s an electrician. He has a job opportunity with another company making 25+ an hour, plus travel pay, that would take him to places like Tennessee, Arizona, and North Carolina so far (those are some of the locations if the job sites).

    I have a gypsy soul. I ve always wanted to travel the world, meet new people, and learn new things. The only thing that concerns me is I have a 4 year old brother that I don t want to miss growing up. My other brother (19) moved to Texas and doesn t communicate with the family at all anymore (except me every other week).

    Family means a lot to me. I don t want to let them down or miss out on being with them.

    So should I go travel with my boyfriend and buy an iPad to FaceTime them everyday, and visit every 6 months, or should I stay here and let him take a job that will offer him so much less than he deserves, while also not letting jyself get the experiences I want?

    Any advice helps. Thanks.

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  • Are these feelings possible..?

    I'm best friends with this guy, and I like him a lot. The thing is, I love this other guy. Im not dating anyone, but I still feel kinda wrong about the whole thing.

    I want to know if it's possible to love someone, and like someone else. They're both really great guys, so I just wanna know if this is my fault.

    (Btw, my guy friend is dating my best friend, and the guy I love loves me back)

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  • What are some songs that describe me and this guy..?

    So, me and this guy are in love, but not dating.

    The reasoning behind this is because he lives 1000 miles away.

    When he lived in the same town as me, and we went to school together, we dated, but we had to brake up because of the distance. It crushed me, but we still talk everyday and tell each other we love one another. What's great is he might be coming back to where I live to go to my Prom with me!! :D

    I just want some songs to describe us. I've heard First Flight Home by a singer (can remember his name) but i want some more. :) I'd prefer them to be up beat.

    Singles & Dating6 years ago