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  • SHAMELESS fans? I have a question?

    I'm on season 3 episode 10 of Shameless. For the last 2 seasons, Jimmy (Steve) has been being followed by that guy who drives the black Escalade. I don't understand why he's being followed? At first, I thought it was because Jimmy was married to that guys daughter and he was forcing him to be with her, but she's hardly spoke of or seen now. I don't understand this? It also seems like every time Jimmy goes to steal a car, this man stops him so now Jimmy has to go get a real job. Can someone explain?

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  • SHAMELESS fans? Question?

    I recently started watching the series "Shameless". I'm on episode 10 in season 1. I'm confused on what Steve aka Jimmy does for work? I heard him say he sells cars but I don't understand? Then at one point I thought he was a doctor (in his secret life)? Help?! Confused

    Drama4 years ago
  • How long did it take you to concieve after ending the depo shot? (After shot was out of your system).?

    How many months did it take you to become pregnant after ending the depo provera shot? I'm counting the months after the shot was out of your system & you were due for the next shot. Did you have a period when you became pregnant?

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  • Does your chance of conceiving go "back to normal" if you have a regular period after the depo shot?

    Most people end their period with the depo. I had a period with the depo. I missed one period after going off if, but have had regular periods since it was out of my system in August (last shot in June). It's been 5 months since it was out of my system, and 7 months since the last shot. What are my chances of getting pregnant? Everyone says they couldn't conceive until they started their periods BUT I've always had a period and have been having them... so are my chances good?

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  • Does this look like a miscarriage?

    I was having unprotected sex, then I decided days later to get on the depo shot. They did a pregnancy test but it probably wouldn't have even shown up since It was days later before I got the shot. After the shot, I started bleeding chunks and this was the biggest chunk. It literally was a hard cramp and I pretty much had to push it out (gross I know)! I never went to get bloodwork or anything.. to scared. I think I was beginning to be pregnant and the depo shot caused the miscarriage.

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    Calculate the area of triangle ABC with altitude CD, given A (6, −2), B (1, 3), C (5, 5), and D (2, 2). (5 points)

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    Line AB contains points A (8, −4) and B (1, −5). The slope of line AB is


    negative 1 over 7

    1 over 7


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  • Chemistry question?

    According to the collision theory and model created to explain the collision theory, what happens to a catalyst in a reaction? (2 points)

    It gets consumed.

    It does not get consumed.

    It bonds with the reactants.

    It bonds with the products.

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  • Attachment image

    Very faint pregnancy line?

    Does this look like a fainted pregnancy line? The top says pregnant with 2 lines and the second says not pregnant

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  • Attachment image

    VERY faint line on pregnancy test?

    There's a very faint line on this pregnancy test. What does it look like to you?

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  • Geometry.. please help?

    Some steps to construct an angle MNT congruent to angle PQR are listed below. Step 3 is not listed:

    Step 1: Use a compass to draw an arc from point Q which intersects the side PQ at point A and the side QR at point B.

    Step 2: Draw a segment NT and use the same width of the compass to draw an arc from point N which intersects the segment NT at a point X.

    Step 3:

    Step 4: Join points N and Y using a straightedge.

    Which statement describes step 3 correctly? (5 points)

    Adjust the width of the compass to AB, and draw an arc from point X such that it intersects the arc drawn from N in a point Y.

    Adjust the width of the compass to AQ, and draw an arc from point X such that it intersects the arc drawn from N in a point Y.

    Adjust the width of the compass to BQ, and draw an arc from point X such that it intersects the arc drawn from N in a point Y.

    Adjust the width of the compass to NX, and draw an arc from point X such that it intersects the arc drawn from N in a point Y.

    1 AnswerMathematics4 years ago
  • Geometry question?

    Triangle MNO is dilated to form new triangle PQR. If angle O is congruent to angle R, what other information will prove that the two triangles are similar? (5 points)

    Side ON is congruent to side RQ.

    Angle N is congruent to angle Q.

    Side MN is congruent to side PQ.

    Angle M is congruent to angle Q.

    Mathematics4 years ago
  • Geometry question? I'll fail if I miss it... PLEASE HELP?

    The vertices of a quadrilateral ABCD are A(1, -3), B(4, -3), C(4, -5), and D(-1, -5). The vertices of another quadrilateral EFCD are E(1, -7), F(4, -7), C(4, -5), and D(-1, -5). Which conclusion is true about the quadrilaterals?

    The shape of the quadrilaterals is same but their areas are different.

    The ratio of their corresponding sides is not equal.

    The measures of the corresponding angles are different.

    The angles and sides overlap when one quadrilateral is placed on the other.

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  • Will my virus go away if I hold my puke in?

    My family has all had a stomach virus, now I have it. I absolutely hate puking. I can keep myself from puking, but obviously I stay nauseated. I also have diahhrea and a fever. I know I'm supposed to let the virus work its way out (which I'm trying to do through diarrhea), and avoid puking. Will I stay feeling bad if I hold the puke in? Like, will I ever feel better? Puking makes me feel like I'm actually dying. It's awful. I'll do anything to avoid having to puke.

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  • Advice on calling Social Services on someone?

    First off... please don't be rude at all. I'm very upset over this situation and plan to do something about it. I babysit a baby of a teen mother. The mother already has social services involved, however she lies to them. She's out every night. The baby is 1 month old. She leaves the baby with myself and so many other people who live awful. These strangers live in ghetto, dangerous places. She doesn't properly take care of this baby. She comes to my house dirty, hungry, wet, without diapers, formula, clothes and we always have to go buiu the stuff for the sake of the baby. Every night she drags the baby out in the middle of the night to random friends houses. This baby needs stability. She's in distress. I know the symptoms. My family and I would LOVE to adopt her, but since we aren't even related we have no legal rights. An incident happened tonight that did me in. I won't go into detail, but I am planning on calling the social services tomorrow. As I mentioned before, she already has a social worker but she lies to her completely. If I call the social services office, would I ask to speak to her specific social worker? Also, I'm so afraid that this girl will find out that i called on her. I know, I know that the SW isn't allowed to tell her who called, but I know that she will ask her questions and maybe bring up the info I tell her to the girl and she will know right off the bat who called because I'm the only one who knows a lot of the bad things. Give any NICE advice

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  • Based on the figure, which pair of triangles is congruent by the Side Angle Side Postulate?

    Triangle ABE and triangle CBE

    Triangle AEB and triangle CED

    Triangle BEC and triangle DEC

    Triangle ABC and triangle DCE

    2 AnswersMathematics4 years ago
  • Which of the following should not be involved in the testing of a hypothesis?

    Which of the following should not be involved in the testing of a hypothesis? (2 points)

    identifying which observations will be recorded in order to ensure the support of the hypothesis

    using creativity to design several different experiments that test the hypothesis and results

    considering alternative scientific explanations to explain the data and observations

    identifying the variables that will be controlled and what variable is being tested

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  • Which is not true of a scientific theory?

    It attempts to explain why things happen the way they do.

    It must be supported by many scientific investigations over time.

    It must be verified by scientists around the world.

    It is tested over time until it becomes a scientific law.

    2 AnswersPhysics4 years ago
  • iCloud logged in on iMac?

    I logged in iCloud on my iMac which is the same iCloud on my iPhone. ALL of my photos uploaded on our family iMac, and now everyone can see my personal photos. How do I delete them off my iMac only? I logged out of iCloud, but there still there. If I delete them after its logged out, will they delete off of my phone? I tried deleting a couple before I logged out, and they did indeed delete from my phone. And that is my fear.

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