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  • Symptoms after stopping birth control? Please help I'm freaking out?

    I'm 16 years old. I stopped about 4 months ago and i had my period normal and then i missed the next one and now i've been having my period straight for 2 months. My acne has gotten really bad. My upper lip hair is getting darker, I FOUND A HAIR ON MY CHIN. That one really freaked me out and i'm really scared. I also have hair growing from my belly button down. I'm really really scared and I feel disgusting. Is this normal? Should i go to my doctor? Nobody told me anything weird was gonna happen.

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • Will i be able to put music on?

    Okay so i had a computer and i would plug my ipod into it to itunes and then my computer broke. So I started using my dads computer and i would plug my ipod into that computer. Now i just got my old computer to start working again, so will i be able to put music on my ipod, or will i have to erase it all to be able to?

    Also i got an iphone and ive only ever plugged it into my dads computer, so what will happen if i try to plug that into my computer and put music on?

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players9 years ago
  • My friend just died yesterday?

    She was one of my good friends. She killed herself. I can't seem to cry though. I feel like a bad person because everyone else was crying an I was just standing there. I'm really sad but I just can't seem to cry, I've completely lost my appetite though. I need to cry, but it won't come out

    6 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • Does anyone know this song?

    It starts off with these fog horn-ish sounds and then you just hear moans and groans of a monster and then a really loud cat screech and more fog horns and moans and groans and then a girl screams. The cover of the album was orange ish and I think it was from a soundtrack

    1 AnswerOther - Music9 years ago
  • Is this normal? Halos around lights?

    When I'm in the car at night, I notice that all the street lights and head lights and things have huge halos around them that are really distracting. And it makes it so I think a red light it closer then it really is

    Ps. This is when I'm not driving. I just got y license so I haven't driven at night yet

    3 AnswersOptical9 years ago
  • What's the big problem with immigration?

    As long as they aren't causing problems or doing crimes, what's the big deal?

    12 AnswersImmigration9 years ago
  • Bridesmaids or The Hangover?

    Which did you think was funnier?

    5 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • Sudden nausea followed by bowel movement?

    So this last month Ive had this thing happen a couple of times where a little while after I eat lunch, I'll just be sitting there and I all of a sudden feel like I'm gonna barf all over. I can feel it in my throat and I start drooling all over. I get all clammy and hot. So I run upstairs and just hang over the toilet for a minute and nothing will happen and the feeling will just go away and then I suddenly feel like I'm gonna poop my pants. So I poop and then everything is fine.

    So any ideas what this is?

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care9 years ago
  • My doctor told me to stop taking my birth control?

    Do you think I should just stop right now or keep taking them until the end of the pack and then stop

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • I'm really really scared?

    So I'm a 16 years old girl and I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism a month ago (not that this has anything to do with this) and I started having really bad hot flashes lately (I've had them for a while but they weren't as bad and didn't happen very much so I never told her) and so my mom called my endocrinologist and was telling him and she was outside and talking and then she came in a while later and just said you need to get a blood test and so I was just like okay I expected that but something just didn't seem right about her. And later that night she was on her iPad and was reading something for a while and my dad looked over and read it and whispered something like does he have that or something and so then today I was on her iPad and was about to google something when the history popped up and it said medullary thyroid cancer. So I clicked on it and some of the symptoms were hot flashes and diarrhea which I have occasionally. So now I am really freaking out an I don't want to ask my mom. I'm really scared. What are the chances I have this? Am I gonna die? I'm really scare cause I've had hot flashes for like 2 years

    3 AnswersCancer9 years ago
  • What should i say to these kids?

    So in my history class there is this girl that is a little looking. She has piercing and big black hair and these mean kids that sit next to me always laugh at her. I want to stand up for her but i don't know what to say.

    I dont know if this is the right category but oh well

    11 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • My yahoo mail password wont work?

    I'm on my other account FYI

    Okay so I was on my iPod and it said that there wasn't a password on my email so I went to type it in and it said I had to go on and verify if and so I went on but my password wasn't work. And I know I didn't change it. And so I was going through the password change and I didn't remember my security questions answers. So now I'm locked out of my account for 12 hours.

    And through all this the email was working on my iPhone but now it just said that I had to put my password in. So I'm screwed

    Is there anything I can do at all?

    4 AnswersSending and Receiving Messages9 years ago
  • Weird thing on butt hole?

    Okay so I've always had this little ball-ish shaped thing on the top of my butt hole. I thought it was just normal. It's never hurt or anything. I was just wondering what it could be

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • I have a sweating problem?

    Okay so I only sweat when I leave my house and I'm around people. I'm not social awkward or anything, I'm really outgoing but just whenever I go out in public my armpits just sweat really bad. I try to tell my mom but she doesn't believe me. I tell her to feel my armpits and she just says 'that's nothing. Everybody sweats that much' but I've never seen anybody at my school with sweat armpits. The only the time I'd be anxious in public is if I'm scared someone will see my armpits. It's really making me self conscious and it makes me really angry that my mom doesn't believe me

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • itunes wont put movie on my iphone 4?

    i had an iPod touch and i had the movie on the iTunes and the i just got the iPhone 4 and it wouldn't put the movie on there. if i drag it over the iPod it will put it on but if i drag it over the iPhone it wont put it on. And so i changed it to only put checked music and videos on and i only have the movie checked and i synced it and it still wouldn't go on.

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players9 years ago
  • How much parking is on the California driving test?

    Cause if there's a lot then I'm screwed. I suck at parking :/

    1 AnswerCommuting9 years ago
  • Will synthroid help me lose the weight I've gained?

    So in the last couple months I gained probably 15 pounds for no reason so I started dieting and working out a lot. I lost about 1 pound after a month of that so my mom took me to the doctor. He diagnosed me with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and started me on synthroid. Will this help me lose the weight if that was what caused me to gain the weight.

    Also I kinda have a sweating problem, is there any chance this might fix that too

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases9 years ago
  • if our body temperature is 98.6 then how come when its 90 outside it feels so hot?

    wouldnt it make sense that it would feel like room temperature

    1 AnswerBiology9 years ago