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  • How can I retain image quality when converting an excel file to PDF?

    My job is sending offers to customers. An important part of is to add high quality product images on excell offer file. However when converting to PDF the image quality is compressed to a ridiculously blurry shape. I tried many ways to disable it (high fidelity option, not to compress the image option). I also tried to add very high quality images or print size images etc. Whatever I do, the result is the same ugly blurry images on the pdf file. Any help?

    1 AnswerSoftware9 months ago
  • How can I ease my cat when she is on heat?

    My cat is barely 8 months old now. She started her first heat last week and it was a nightmare. She meowes all night long in my room. I don't want to marry her as I will eventually have to throw them out to streets. On the other hand, I am not willing to sterilise her as I had some bad experiences with my previous pets. What is your thoughts?

    10 AnswersCats11 months ago
  • Why does a locality search in google images show only hotels and restaurants?

    Until a few years ago when you search images of a locality (city, neighborhood etc) you can get visuals of streets, parks, buildings, etc. However, now when I search a locality on google maps all I get is hotels or properties or restaurants. It's all full of commercial places. Why? What can I do to avoid stupid property or restaurant photos?

    Google11 months ago
  • Why German pop music lost its popularity over Europe after 80's?

    There were great German Pop groups in 80's. They were not that popular in the UK or US, but they a considerable affluence in Europe and some other part of the world. Myriad of groups and singers such as Boney-M, Sandra, Modern Talking (in later years) to name a few. What happened to Germany pop music theater?

    6 AnswersRock and Pop1 year ago
  • Why does my browser deny access to some legit websites?

    When I try to access some really legitimate websites abroad I got a message saying "Acceso bloqueado por seguridad. Rogamos contacte con su proveedor de hosting // Access denied by security. Please contact your hosting provider". It does not matter what browser I use, it is the same. What does my service provider have to do with it and what can I do to view these websites in a normal way?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet1 year ago
  • What is the main difficulties to encounter when building a nuclear reactor?

    Ok. I have almost zero knowledge in terms of nuclear energy. So, I am asking very simple answers. Nuclear reactors have been there over 50 years. The technology must not be such a secret now. Why is it diffucult to make a nuclear power plant? Why many country still does not have one? For example, Turkey ordered one nuclear plant to Russia. Why not do it on it's own?

    5 AnswersPhysics1 year ago
  • Can I feed my cat only with lungs?

    It is a common practice in Turkey to feed cats with lungs (sheep). I know many pets that belong to my parents have lived entirely on lungs for years with no problem. However if you ask any vet, he will advise not to feed the cat only with lungs as it may create some problems in the long run (like hyper a vitaminosis). On the other hand, my parent's stupid cat has eating nothing but lungs for years and it is still as healty as a kitten.

    1 AnswerCats1 year ago
  • Spam or no Spam?

    I keep receiving thousands of mail error messages a day. Most of the mails say "Mail delivery deferred: returned message to sender". In the details I see that I suppousedly sent messages to some guys in overseas countries. This does not happen all the time but some certain days of the month. They start flooding my mail box all of a sudden. After a few days of bombarding the mails stop. The next month at a certain date they started the rant again. My service provider says my account passwwords must have been hacked and I have to cough some more money in order to restore the security of my account. I do not trust these service guys at all. Now, the only option left is to do away with this mail account for good. However it is my old business mail and I don't want to terminate it. What is my options?

    Abuse and Spam2 years ago
  • What is the average credit period in the US Businesses?

    In Turkey when you sell a product to a firm or factory ( I am talking about wholsale business, not end user retailers) you expect a payment in one month or sometimes, 2 or 3 months. In some fields (textile etc) the debtors issue cheques for payment date one year later. And, when debts are due, you need to call them as almost nobody pays on time. You have to pursue them to pay by calling them once in every week and yet they may not pay you for months. Some companies hire "bill collectors" to go over there and collect the money personally. All because nobody wants to deal with courts and lawyers to finalise a court case after 5 years. I wonder how is the general payment and debt collection methods in the US Business.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • What the hell is going on with Skype?

    I have not been able to use skype since latest updates. I see in the net that there are tonnes of complaints from all over the world. It works fine with Windows 8 (darn!) but with my Windows 7 loaded PC has not been able to get along well with skype. The logging screen pops up but with no login name and password section. It is just a green flat surface.

    I remember when skype was working wonders back in the good old days. On top of that we do not have any alternatives since MS killed MSN and left us high and dry.

    Anyway, I am not asking how to fix it. What I wonder is when will microsoft solve this mess? I am searching the news but could not find much information.

    6 AnswersOther - Internet6 years ago
  • Why do many American companies still have old fashion websites?

    Due to my job I am surfing on the net for long hours. Part of my job is searching suppliers, manufacturers from Europe and the US. One thing I notice that many American companies even big ones still have old fashion HTML websites. They look like as if they have not been updated for a decade. This is only in the US. In Europe and even in smaller countries the companies are very keen on keeping their websites on the most advanced software or style. It looks strange as the US is the craddle of computer science and software development and yet many businesses do not bother to shift from HTML to more developed, fancy and modern looking websites. Any explenation?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • How do astronauts handle their basic needs in the space?

    Although it may look glamorous to be an astronaut, it must be a real hell to spend some time in a space base. Some of the fact I wonder:

    Since there is no gravity, how do they take a leak? Or poo? Do they go around all the time with diapers or is there some sort of equiptment that suck off the urine or poo out of them? How do they deal with stench since there is no air conditioning as we understand or a window that you just open and let the air inside refresh! What to do when you need to fart? You can't hold it back for months aren't you? Does sleeping with no gravitiy causes some side effects in the muscles of psycholocigal problems?

    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space6 years ago
  • What is it like to be a person who is blind, deaf and paraplegic?

    I wonder what kind of mental state is a person is in, who is deaf, blind and paraplegic. Is it possible to retain mental composure in that condidion? Or, do they go mad ? How do they know the truth from illusions? Also, do they hear inner voices, see colors? Can one endure boredom, inability to move, hear and see nothing for years and years?

    5 AnswersPeople with Disabilities6 years ago
  • Why do they pull the hammer of the gun in the movies?

    I see in the movies that they pull the hummer of the revolver back (to threat their opponents). Why? Also, in westerns when they need to shoot multiple times they pull the triger with their hands in a fast fashion? Is it because they will make it some milisecond faster? Does it work in real life?

    5 AnswersMovies7 years ago