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  • I wasnt looking for love...?

    There is a song with lyrics that are along the line of "I wasnt looking for love, and somehow it found me." Or something like may be from late 80's or early 90's...its driving me nuts?!! Someone please help...

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  • I wasnt looking for love?

    There is a song with lyrics that are along the line of "I wasnt looking for love, and somehow it found me." Or something like may be from late 80's or early 90's...its driving me nuts?!! Someone please help...

  • What book is this? woman over 3 stages of her life with a tattoo on inner thigh.?

    I once read a book that depicted a woman in 3 stages of life. She was young and poor and had to have a back-alley abortion and then got a tattoo on inner thigh. I dont know if the tattoo was a butterfly, but I think it was. The book tels of her being young and naive while she is with a loser boyfriend, then she is older with another man, maybe kind of a hippy in 70's or 80's? then later in life as she is older.

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  • Andy Samberg-Ringtone?

    Saturday Night Live was on and the host was Paul Rudd. He did a sketch with Andy Samberg where they painted themselves. Andy Samberg played a song, in his recorded voice, to ease Paul Rudds nerves. WHERE CAN I FIND A CLIP OF THE SONG TO USE AS A RINGTONE?????

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  • Michelle Obama's Fashion Sense...?

    What is your take? I think that there has been no one with such a classy, flattering, and sensuous dressing 1st lady since Jackie Kennedy. UNTIL NOW!!! Michelle Obama has broken the barrier! I think her fashion sense is imcomparable to that of any 1st lady ever. Not only is it tastefull and classy, but she wears obscure designers that are sure to become household names. THAKOON PANICHGUL and MARIA PINTO are class acts!!

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  • Black and white movie? Turner Channel?

    I saw a movie the first week of Jan. 2005, while in the hospital. It was on TMC, Turner Movie Channel, really late at night. I cannot remember the name, or actors. It was one woman and two men. One man was well-off and the other wasn't, and the woman wasn't either. She took care of her father who worked in the railyards, I think. Anyways, rich guy takes off, poor guy gets legs cut off in railroad accident, he lives with girl and her dad, and then rich guy comes back to town and their friendship is tested. Love triangle. HELP ME!!!

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  • What is this movie's name???? Yoga guy??

    There is a movie that came out in the late 90's early 2000's, and I have no idea what the name is, or who the stars/costars are. I only remember that there is a woman who has sublet an apt, only to find out that it was also subletted to another person. The woman has a young daughter, and the other person is a man who is quite odd what with him being a struggling actor who likes to meditate in the nude. It is a romantic comedy. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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  • PLEASE HELP!!! What is this classic movie??

    This is a classic movie that has aired on Turner Classic movies. I saw it while in the hospital during the first week of Jan. 2005. It was about two men and a woman. The woman and one man were from the "wrong" side of the tracks and the one man was from the "rich" side of town. The poor guy works for the railroad and gets his legs cut off and the girl nurses him, and stays with him, but she and the rich guy secretly love each other, the poor guy knows this and resents himself. They had all been childhood friends, and now all feel just awkward. I loved it, and would love to see it again, but cannot remember it. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Who wrote this book...butterfly tattoo?

    I once read a book about a woman who had a tattoo of a butterfly on her inner thigh, I think. Either way, what I do know is that the story was about her life as a young woman, then as an adult, and finally as an older woman. It goes through her life experiences and the 3 men in her life. It was written by someone like Danielle Steele? Please help!!!

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  • Is tranny porn watching cheating?

    First of all, my husband lied to me from the beginning about his tastes for tranny/shemale porn, and yes that might not be pc, but I really don't give a damn. So he lied from the beginning, and throughout the relationship. When I found out all this I just about had a nervous breakdown. I felt that all we had was a lie. I had never kept anything from him, I was always honest. So I remained with him bcuz somehow my naivetay believed it was just "curiosity," as he told me. Well, it wasn't, I found tons, like several hundres ts porn pics and videos on his pc. Also he had been exchanging IM's and pics with these people. I say that because they weren't wanting to become post op, they enjoyed being pre-op, and being "escorts." Just NASTY! He was also using this media for masturbation. So, in his mind he says that all this stuff he was doing was not cheating. I saw that it was cheating bcuz he was went to another source for his sexual outlet. As his wife, it should have been me. Who is right?

  • How do I stop a down feather blanket from shedding?

    I think that maybe the quality of the blankets is the reason that they "shed." But is there any way to treat or seal a blanket so that the down doesnt release?

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