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  • My push skullcandy headphones won’t connect or turn on ?

    I have push wireless headphones, and they’ve been working fine till today. When I take them out of the case, only the left earbud turns on and the right one turns off. When I try and push and hold the power buttons to reset them, the left one turns off and the right one does nothing, no matter how long I hold it for. And they won’t connect to my phone either. 

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players2 months ago
  • Can I choose what videos show up on my official music channel on YouTube? ?

    I recently started releasing original music with Distrokid. I decided to try and make my YouTube Channel the official music channel. But when I did that, the YouTube algorithm took every song ever made by an artist with my name or a similar name - regardless of who uploaded it - and consolidated them all onto my channel. Obviously I DID NOT want that and I couldn’t reverse it. So I deleted the channel and made a new one. My question is, can I verify this new channel as a music channel and only allow my actual content that’s uploaded there to be on there? Not just anyone’s content with the same name? 

    YouTube3 months ago
  • I can’t remember the name of this old anime?

    There’s an anime I remember watching when I was a kid that I really liked and I want to revisit it but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called! I say it in an ad in a pamphlet I got with my FMA conqueror of shamballa dvd. It was advertised as the “stand by me of anime”. (And no it’s not called stand by me) 

    all I remember is that it’s an early 2000s show about a group of middle school kids who encounter some post-apocalyptic brooding hero in a cloak that zaps in and out of their universe/timeline. I feel like the implication was that the hero character was supposed to be the MC in another timeline or the future or at least that’s what I thought. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (But I could be wrong)

    I remember a scene of the group exploring a park or a graveyard at night with flashlights thinking what they saw was a ghost. 

    I’d love some help remembering what it’s called so I can find it again. 😭

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  • Can I buy a money order with cash then deposit it for the payee?

    Okay, this might be a weird question. Possibly a dumb question. But: my new landlord wants me to pay him deposit via depositing a money order directly into his account. I use key bank and he uses Bank of America. Both banks are a weird distance away and close at the same time. So I really only have time to stop at one. So my question is: could I purchase a money order with cash at BOA and then deposit it to his account while I’m there?

    4 AnswersPersonal Finance1 year ago
  • Can I rent/buy an additional modem from Comcast for a different location?

    I am currently using xfinitywifi in my apartment. My family has the modem in their home. I've just applied for a work from home position and they've asked me to have a modem in my home. I wanted to see if it was possible to buy or rent a new modem for my apartment with my existing internet connection or if I would have to set up my own account to do so? I can't really find the answers I'm looking for anywhere else, so I thought I'm come here.

    3 AnswersComputer Networking2 years ago
  • I'm developing an eating disorder and don't don't know how to be around my parents?

    For the past 2 weeks, I've been restricting and purging whatever I do eat. I feel like I may be developing an eating disorder. I've spoken to my therapist, but not really at length and don't feel like I can tell anyone. I feel like if I tell people or try to recover this early into it, I won't deserve it. Like, so many other people have so much worse and battle for months upon years and who's to say this two week stint I'm going through isn't just a phase? Or would people think that if I said something now? I'm seeing my parents tomorrow for my birthday and going out to eat and they have no idea. I already have a sister with ARFID and a sister recovering from bulimia. I don't want to be yet another kid with an ED my parents have to deal with. And I've already been through suicide and self harm and I'm so scared they'd just be exhausted. "Like oh, here she is on her bullshit again." I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has experience with this and would know how to navigate being around my family all day tomorrow. Especially going out to eat.

    4 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Need to drop/get rid of a beta reader?

    I m currently between drafts in a novel I m working on and have reached the beta stage. I have 3 betas, one who has flown through the book, given excellent, in-depth feedback, made every deadline she said she would, and has updated me when she s running behind. My other two? Not so much. One has given me some feedback on the first chapter, but not nearly enough in the time she said she would. I understand if she needs time, but she is constantly going past her own deadlines and has yet to give any complete feedback on the first chapter. My other beta told me they d send responses (which they already had prepared) almost a week ago. I ve emailed them twice now, asking if and when they ll get back to me and have heard nothing. I know both of them are busy people, so I m not offended that they aren t responding. But its been a month since I recruited them and I have had a person offer to beta this next revision, as well as someone offering to copyedit my novel for free once I m ready. I ve already got people waiting on me for the next steps and I m ready to revise with my first beta reader s advice. So, I know I need to drop my two beta s who aren t responding and have had time. I just don t know how to go about it.

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  • The more I delete the more my "other" storage grows?

    So, I have a project I'm working on in final cut pro that is currently at about 50 GB. There's virtually nothing else on my mac and the final cut pro file exists on an external drive. I don't have an iPhotos library, or iTunes library attached to an IOS device, I've tried deleted caches and logs and such and have gotten rid of all my big files to make room for editing this video. But no matter what I get rid of, my other storage grows. It's extremely frustrating since I can't edit and I've tried virtually every little trick I could google or YouTube and none of them have worked, so, what the hell?

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • How do I contact Shane Dawson?

    I have something important to ask him and I've DMed him on insta and youtube a couple times. I'm not sure what the best way to get in direct contact with him would be. Anyone know a reliable email I could reach him at?

    1 AnswerYouTube3 years ago
  • Quicktime won t let me save or export file?

    I made a Quicktime recording and it will not save. It keeps telling me the file may be damaged. It s a really important file that I can t record again. It won t export to any destination. I m having a hard time since my mac keeps telling me I m running out of disk space but it s mostly in the "other" category. I know if I restart the mac it ll fix it, I ve done that before. But I can t do that because my quicktime file isn t saved.And if I restart it, it ll close out of quicktime and I ll lose the video. I can t find any solution to this online. Please help me with this.

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  • I'm planning my suicide but don't want to die?

    It's really difficult to explain this one. I hate myself and feel I don't deserve any of the good things around me and that I am just a burden. I feel like good things are happening in my life, but I don't deserve them and won't be able to fulfill them. I want a way for this pain to come to a head. To explode and then end. I've planned my suicide and even gone through a suicide rehearsal. But I don't actually want to die. And I don't want attention. I just feel nothing. And I don't want to exist or have responsibilities anymore. But I don't know if I'm actually ready to die. I'm afraid of myself and feel like this is inevitable. Like no matter what I do, me killing myself is a thing that has to happen and I'm scared. What the hell does any of this mean and what should I do?

    3 AnswersMental Health3 years ago
  • I think I'm bisexual but I feel bad about it?

    I think I might be bisexual, but I'm not sure. I almost feel guilty or bad for asking myself, because I don't want to make a big deal of this of it turns out to be nothing. I've wondered this since I was a little girl, but I don't know how to feel about it. Its easier to be straight, and I don't think ill ever marry another woman, but it doesn't feel right to deny how I feel about women. I just feel so awful about myself and and while I'm not sure I even want to be bisexual, saying I'm not feels wrong. I want to use this label, because it feels right, but I wish it wasn't so hard to settle on. I wish I didn't hate myself so much for asking this question.

  • Completed works of Hayao Miyazaki for cheap?

    I would LOVE to have the collected works of hayao miyazaki box set. I want it for Christmas but the only high quality, blu-ray edition I can find is upwards 200 dollars. I imagine there HAS to be a cheaper blu-ray edition of the set SOMEWHERE. I ve found some on eBay, but they re all low-quality or second-hand dvds. Can someone direct me to where I can get it for cheaper if there is a place?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • Feeling nauseous all the time since I started cutting?

    I have had depression and anxiety for a few years now and will for the rest of my life. I've noticed in the past little while that nausea has been more of problem for me, but it wasn't this bad until I started cutting. Before, I might feel occasionally sick after eating, but since I started cutting, I feel nauseous all the time. Does this have something to do with my cutting, or is it just due to my anxiety getting worse? Or is it sonething else?

    3 AnswersMental Health4 years ago
  • Why can't I troubleshoot my 2008 mac?

    I have an old computer that I've been editing all my Disney vlogs on. I finished the second to last one, and then my mac crashed. I haven't been able to reboot it properly AT ALL and I've tried pretty much EVERYTHING! I'm so frustrated! I've started it in safe mode, tried resetting NVRAM, I've tried running first aid, connecting via firewire to my new laptop to transfer files over, (the hard drive won't mount and doesn't show anywhere in disk utility) starting it up with the command+opt keys, and in single user mode. Nothing. Has. Worked. I'm really in a rut here. I'm a YouTube partner and it's very important that I finish out these last two Disney vlogs that were supposed to be done two weeks ago. I don't have the footage anywhere else but on that damn mac. Can someone PLEASE tell me how the hell to fix this? DX

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago
  • Why won't my old mac boot via firewire?

    My old Mac from about 2008 recently crashed. I got a new Macbook Air, but then realized the old computer had files on it I still needed. So I bought a firewire and thunderbolt adapter, but it didn't mount on the macbook. Fortunately, I found a way to boot up my old computer by putting the laptop into target disk mode, hitting option while starting my old computer, and selecting the new computer's hard drive. This, thankfully, started my old computer's hard drive back up so I could work on it again. But, it didn't last. The computer crashed yet again, and now I'm trying to boot it the same way. But when I click on the macbook's hard drive, instead of powering up my old mac's drive, it just displays my laptop info onto the mac. How do I boot my mac's old hard drive via the new one? And if I can't do that, how can I hope to have the firewire visible while my old mac is in target disk mode connected to the new laptop? I need help with this so bad! I'm at my wit's end, and I'm literally about to cry! I would love for someone to please help get my old hard drive back at least for a few days. :(

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago