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    How to get computer display output at Sony Camcorder PJ380’s projector?

    Hardware setup is as below

    1- Graphic card Radeon HD5450 1G DD3 HDMI PCI-E

    (This graphic card is having 03 interfaces. Analog, HDMI and DVI)

    2- Windows 7, 64-bit

    3- Diaplay LED is plugged with DVI interface

    4- Sony Camcorder PJ380 is plugged with HDMI interface

    My question is, how can I get computer display at Camcorder’s projector

    I plugged one end of HDMI cable into the graphics card and the other end into the Camcorder’s “HDMI Out”

    Pressed projector button of the Camcorder 

    Select “Images from External Device”

    Select “Project”

    Above is all the my hardware details and the procedures, I am following. I get mo display over the Camcorder’s projector

    Please help

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