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  • Do I ask him out?

    Ok, so I work at a big company, and i have a boss who I worked with for a few weeks. He's not my boss, but he works with the other people that are above me. He was really nice and we got along really well. I think he was just being nice because I was new. Every time I see him around the lobby or at the lunch area he gives me a hug and he always says hi. He has my number from the few weeks I was with him but he never messaged me. He's also five to seven years older than me...not too sure. I want to ask him to go to a friend's fancy event where people from my department and others will be, because everyone is bringing dates (BUT he is also their boss). I also don't want make it awkward because I see him all the time though and because he might just be a really nice guy. Also, he's kind of my boss so I don't wanna screw it up with my job.

    Other people at work have dated people higher up so it wouldn't be breaking any rules, just don't want it to be weird.

    Wanted to see what people think

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