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  • My boyfriend tells me I do everything wrong. ?

    My boyfriend thinks that I don't do alot of stuff right. Example: I'm going to get my hair professionally bleached (which it's best not to wash your hair before getting your hair dyed or bleached) so I start to head out, he ask me why haven't washed my hair yet then tells me that I'm wrong, that Im supposed to wash my hair right before getting my hair bleached or dyed. And there's a bunch of stuff that I do that I was showed by my mom that his mom did differently but I do it wrong cause I Don't do it the way he knows. He always gets on to me about it. And we're about to have a baby together so now I'm afraid that what If Im doing something for my daughter but then he steps in and is all like "your doing it wrong" it's stressfull....and when I Google things to proof to him, he thinks that I think he's stupid. 

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