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  • Do you think my mom lied to me?

    My mom just talked to me about the SAT test that the school didn't order me a test for me and I have wait weeks for it. Every seniors went there except me. I don't know if my mom lying to me or not. I really care about my scholarships and graduation for this future. It feels like I purposely missed it. I'm getting really suspicious and worried about this. Do you think my mom lied to me? After high school I really wanted to go to college so badly.

    4 AnswersFamily4 weeks ago
  • All of three asian countries which country it's safe to live in?

    Japan, China, or South Korea

    3 AnswersKorea3 months ago
  • Is it true?

    Is it true that schools going to be open after labor day?

    4 AnswersPolitics3 months ago
  • How can I fix my computer which is taking forever?

    Every time I reset my school computer it always be taking forever. I have a windows 10 computer. Like I don't want to wait hours and hours cause i gotta finish my work quickly. How can I fix this?

    9 AnswersSoftware3 months ago
  • Why doesn't my mom love me?

    Before you say that all mothers love their children, tell that to the ones that actually get hurt by them terribly.

    I'm 17 and I feel like my mom stopped loving me. Here some facts.

    1. She sometimes don't listen to a word I say cause she keeps repeating the question over and over again

    2. She mocks me every sentences I make

    3. She likes my cousins more than me

    4. When she and my aunt were together they make fun of me

    5. She promise me to get a permit license but she never did even thought I have been studying and she thinks I will crash into something

    6. She threatened to call the cops on me for stupid reasons

    7. She doesn't care when I cried

    8. When I get angry and serious she just smirk, and drinks her coffee like nothing happen

    9. She always tries to argue with me

    10. She used to make fun of me cause I'm in the small group class even thought I have some big classes it just hurts

    I know I shouldn't be whining about this but I need seriously help. Can you tell me ways how to stand up for myself?

    3 AnswersFamily4 months ago
  • Which one should I choose?

    Do online classes or go to the school building when the first day of school comes?

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education5 months ago
  • What's your thoughts on countryhumans?

    I have so many questions on this

    1. What is up with these ships like ussr x third reich, rusame, and gerpol

    2. Why is japan always have cat ears and chile have a tail

    3. And what is up with all the silly memes and not talking about history so serious

    I just don't know

    2 AnswersHistory6 months ago
  • Why did my boobs never grow?

    Okay. I'm 17. My boobs NEVER grew! It have been short all my life. Now I just look skinny because I never gained weight everywhere else. I know a lot of boys say a mouthful is all that matters..I don't even have that. I know that some girls have been teasing me about it. Try going to a store and looking at all the magazines. All the women on the cover have big boobs, or at least average size. It's just not fair. I really hate my body. I don't want to be bigger. I really just want to feel like I'm a woman. So, I guess what I want to ask is what I can do to make them a little bigger. Please don't tell me to just be happy with what I have. I can't be. I've never met anyone flatter than me, and I think I feel too pathetic to ever be happy with "what I've got", or the lack there of.

    4 AnswersWomen's Health6 months ago
  • Why did he arrest the wife?

    (P.S. all of this is fictional) Josh came home back from work. When he got home he saw a man lying in the pool of blood and his wife looking scared. He called the police and the police arrived now. The police question the wife. The wife said "I was watching TV in the living room until I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was my husband but it was a man with the mask trying to break in. I had the knife in my hand the whole time and stab him in the stomach without warning. The police immediately arrest the wife. Why?

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 months ago
  • Need help?

    Everytime I scroll down to someone instagram account it keep stopping to 30 pictures when they have more than that. Not only one account, every account. I reset my iPhone but it keep doing the same thing. Is there anyway I can fix this?

    1 AnswerPassword and Sign In7 months ago
  • Do you think I have the coronavirus?

    I don't know what to say. I wash my hands, didn't go outside, and didn't stuff dirty. And now my throat is sore and have a little headache this morning. I try 1 vitamin c, 1 cough drop for the throat, and 1 Advil for the headache. But now I still have it. I'm too scared that I think I have the virus. Do you think I have coronavirus?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 months ago
  • What would you do?

    P.S. this is all false. You are home alone and your parents are at work. Everything was quiet until you heard a loud bang on the door. You look through the peephole and saw a stranger man trying to break down the door and try to get inside. What would you do to survive? 1.Call your parents 2.Call the police or 3.Hide

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 months ago
  • My Instagram account has been temporarily locked?

    I haven't been on my phone the whole day until last night. Last night, I open my instagram app and it said "your account had been temporarily locked". I tap next and it said your phone number send you a code but that wasn't my phone number. So I had to log in my other account which is close to my original account. I tap on my original account and there was nothing. Like my original account couldn't work on my phone. On the computer I went to Instagram without logging in and my account was fine. I didn't do anything wrong, bullying no one, and didn't give my password to anyone. And my password is long. So how can I fix this?

    2 AnswersPassword and Sign In11 months ago
  • What happen if you fail first semester?

    I pass all of my classes expect u.s. history. I only fail one class so what happen to me if I fail one class in first semester?

    3 AnswersHigher Education (University +)11 months ago