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Delicious Falafel Hot-Dogs With Cinnamon And Bacon

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that one fool in your neighborhood. Honestly, what do you actually need to know about me?

  • What changes have you made to your diet and shopping since Quarantine?

    I’ve been cooking vegetarian meals about 5 days a week for my parents, and 2 days meat and fish. It’s honestly cut my already cheap grocery bill down that it’d take 3 months to spend what some people used to spend before this. I’ve also been cooking every night unless I’m incapable of doing so due to time, which might be once a week

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  • Have you put on noticeable weight since Quarantine? Where are you reporting from?

    NJ, my abs are completely gone and I’m in the very early stages of a potbelly. Still can’t go the gym yet, although we might be one of the first states to do so not prematurely

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  • Can you mix different oils in a bottle?

    I have a whole bunch of EV but only a little Veg. If I put some together would it homogenize or would I end up with two layers that smoke at different temps? My job gets blended oil, but do you have to emulsify the two to do so?

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  • What are some dinners you’ve made during Quarantine?

    I’ve done mostly vegetarian dinners now to cut down on my budget. Bean tacos, bean burgers, bean stew, omelets, pastas, fried rice, huevos rancheros, grilled veg sandwiches, you get the gist. Although yesterday I had to put out a bit for Mother’s Day, chicken cordon bleu

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  • White stuff on canker sore in the morning?

    When I have a developed canker sore, I always wake up with some kind of layer over the wound. It looks and feels like dense phlegm, but I think it numbs the sore until the layer fades away due to movement.

    Is this the body’s way of healing the canker sore, or is it some kind of infection

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  • Can brushing improve the color of teeth, or just maintain?

    I neglected my teeth in high school, so they're pretty yellow. I don't plan on getting dental treatment. Next step is to try whitening strips

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  • How to food?

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  • Seared fish tacos; what types of fish? (cheap-ish)?

    I'm going to my farmers market for some fresh fish, but they don't have a wide selection as a whole fish market. Maybe about 1-1.5 dozen different fish.

    I'm making a spice mix for my tacos and searing so I'll near a fish that's common enough I should find, but also somewhat cheap (No swordfish). I can also filet my own fish, so size isn't that big a deal.

    Should I go for mackerel, snappers, basses (moderate activity fish), or go for flat fish? What about Halibut?

    Bonus: Is it likely that flat fish are served seared, or should they preferably broiled due to low fat content.

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  • Healthy-ish grain/legume side dishes?

    Please find a way to incorporate various fruits and/or vegetables. Refrain from chunks of butter, slabs of bacon, or chicken stock, but will still be accepted.

    i.e. Rice pilaf with apples, pomegranate

    Citrus orzo

    3 bean salad

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  • Cheap-ish, healthy-ish, plated dinner ideas?

    Please refrain from using: frozen food, premade spice mixes (chili mix, taco seasoning, etc.), hot dogs/ pizzas/ sloppy joes/ egg sandwiches/ enchiladas/soups/ casseroles, any slow cooker/crock pot meals (I'll just use an oven), anything deep fried (Pan fry and sauteeing is fine), anything with a lot of butter/fat/oil.

    I would like to make actual plated meals, consisting of: 1 protein (Preferably chicken, then beef, seafood, pork), 1 or 2 vegetable sides, 1 starch (preferably whole grain, potato, or legume, use of bread only if necessary), and an accompanying sauce is optional. The vegetable sides can range from ratatouille to steamed broccoli. Don't limit creativity or difficulty of dishes; I like to think I have a greater range and am a better cook than a stereotypical amateur at home :p

    (Down below are some things I already make)

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  • Is link sausage served with the casing on?

    Comparing sausage found at a:

    Ballpark/ stadium stand, diner, and a elite restaurant.

    How about charcuterie meats and cured sausages?

    I know the casings used are edible, but I assume some people find the casings unpleasant

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  • How to ripen fruit in a day?

    I have slightly firm mangos to be as ripe as possible in a few hours. I have them in a bag with a few banans. Can I bruise the bananas excessively and heat the skin to catalyze ethylene release?

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  • Subbing dairy ingredients in Panna Cotta?

    My chef instructor had our class use a mix of Heavy Cream and Buttermilk. Some dairy product must be the base of the panna cotta traditionally, but what's the significance of these two, compared to milk or light cream or skim?

    Btw, any interesting flavors I could make? Already done an orange, lemon, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, kiwi, honeydew, ginger, strawberry.

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  • Thinking of dropping out of culinary school? Help?

    I'm a sophomore at the CIA. I've gone through most, if not all of the rudimentary courses regarding knife and cooking basics, fabrication, and some nutrition. Some of my future classes relate to specific cuisines, and later hospitality, business management, and wines studies.

    I always knew as a teen I wanted to just cook, and specifically NOT be a chef or manager. I've realized that I am a really lacking leader. I have a above average anxiety level, and I'm still really shy. Not exactly traits of a chef. I was never passionate or excited about different cuisines or traveling as most other students at the school are. Fine dining also seems extra and outside my interest.

    Honestly I just enjoy cooking, but I can't take the studious side of school anymore. I've felt significantly burnt out and unmotivated for the past month. I've started skipping classes, which each counts as one 0 out of 15 classes. I want to be able to learn in a more stable and relaxed environment, whether that means going to community college or working my way up. I spent the summer as a prep cook for a country club and was much happier there than I was moping and stressed here at the CIA. I've gotten what I wanted out of school.

    I already have one year at culinary school plus an internship. I know its not much, but would I still be able to make my way up in a decent restaurant? Or possibly use cooking as a hobby and switch careers entirely to study something else or work somewhat menial jobs?

    6 AnswersFood Service3 years ago
  • What music degrees might be right for me?

    I was a pretty good mallet percussionist, but lacking in all other fields of percussion. If I were to perform solely as a mallet player I wouldn't worry, but I know that is very unlikely for a percussionist. I'm also a terrible sight reader and develop really bad anxiety when performing stuff I'm not proficient in, hence the sight reading issue.

    I studied Music theory as a senior in hs and did really well, a 5 on my AP test.

    I'm always listening to music and playing along to the rhythms, identifying the different accompanying parts. I love rock music the most, so I find myself jamming along to various bands.

    I've been arranging music on a sheet music site for 4 years, and I still love doing so. Each arrangement takes me a few days to complete, and I've completed over 100 since I started.

    If I were to drop out of culinary school, and get a degree in music, what classes and requirements would I expect? Proficiency in a main instrument? Lots of music theory? Understanding of ALL musical instruments? History?

  • Risotto question?

    Why can't you dump in all your liquid, let simmer until almost tender, then mix it like crazy at the end to release the starch until the consistency is reached and the rice is al dente?

    Is it just not traditional and thus looked down upon by chefs?

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  • Can a site utilize my debit account with 10 digits?

    In order to cancel my unwilling subscription to multiple sites, I must supply the first 6 and last 4 digits of my debit card. Knowing that, is it likely that a suspicious site could take further hold of my account, or use my info to subscribe me to other sites?

    2 AnswersCredit3 years ago
  • Does Flo Rida singing in his verses?

    If not, is there another term that describes him rapping with pitch, excluding during the chorus

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop3 years ago
  • Bland and healthy foods to use as filler?

    Human food. I want to get more out of burgers, meatloafs, omelets, burritos, sandwiches, but want healthier and cheaper fillers to stretch the quantity of food I yield.

    i.e. At Chipotle, I add even more brown rice and beans at home than originally given. I also add a few eggs, whole wheat tortilla, whole wheat bread slices, grilled chicken, and tofu. I let Chipotle create the main flavor profiles, then I add easy fillers at home to create a bigger burrito bowl

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