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  • I don't understand this paragraph from this self help book.?

    "William Winter once remarked that "self-expression is

    the dominant necessity of human nature.” Why can’t we adapt this same psychology to business dealings? When

    we have a brilliant idea, instead of making others think

    it is ours, why not let them cook and stir the idea themselves. They will then regard it as their own; they will

    like it and maybe eat a couple of helpings of it." 

    I don't understand, if I have a brilliant idea, why would I help others come up with it if it could greatly benefit me in my career? Did I misunderstand ?

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  • Would any interior designer here be willing to look at my small room ?

    and give me ideas on how to remake it and use the space wisely? If yes please provide me with your email

  • Can someone explain this european civilization paragraph to me?

    "In its self-reflexivity, resulting in the eighteenth-century invention of the concept of civilization, Europe prepared the way for its relations with other civilizations. This could be, for example,

    in the form of coexistence, attempted conquest,

    simply keeping them at arm’s length, or combinations of the three.

    What was unavoidable was the recognition of these “other civilizations.” In the case of ancient civilizations, they were literally excavated from the past, and thus given new life. In this revived form, they were ingested into European civilization itself, cannibalized, so to speak. Only then were they returned to humanity at large"

    History3 months ago
  • I don't understand how the globalization of production may help companies minimize costs?

    "The globalization of production and distribution (essential components of the marketing mix) may help your company minimize costs and lower your bottom line." Can someone please elaborate ?

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  • What does this English sentence mean?

    "Yet European civilization, by virtue of its expansionism, and of its core values of science and trade" 

    What does "by virtue of its expansionism ..." mean ?

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 months ago
  • Where can I find reliable published research papers?

    And is there a difference between research articles and research papers?

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism3 months ago
  • Is cultural relativism or civilization’s universality more helpful for people?

    One of the differences between culture and civilization is that the former tends to be particular and local; whereas the latter is usually universalistic and leans towards expansion. Which do you think is more beneficial for people, cultural relativism, or civilization's universality?

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  • What are the impacts of globalization when focusing on Environmental Issues?

    If you answer this question could you also come back to your answer a day after you answer in case I have a follow-up question? 

    Sociology3 months ago
  • What are the impacts of globalization when focusing on Environmental Issues?

    If you answer this question could you also come back to your answer a day after you answer in case I have a follow up question ? 

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  • What is a monosaccharide ?

    The general formula of a monosaccharide is (CH2O)n where n is = to or larger than 3, why is that? Why can't n be smaller than 3 ?

    My guess is that if a monosaccharide were to have 2 Carbons or less it would be so unstable and would combine right away to form a disaccharide or sth ?

    2 AnswersChemistry3 months ago
  • Self-learning Sociology and a question on Globalisation?

    What are the impacts of globalization when focusing on Environmental Issues?

    **I'm trying to self learn the basic concepts in Sociology because I realized I knew none,  and I have 2 questions on culture vs civilization but whenever I ask anything on yahoo answers, the person who answers never goes back to his answer so any comments or follow up questions I have end up unanswered. If you answer this question and are willing to help, could you please add your email or email me on so I can ask a few questions? I promise it won't take much time and I won't ask more than 3 questions. 

    Sociology3 months ago
  • Explain this sentence to me please?

    "In every society, both individuals and the categories of individuals established by the various simultaneous systems of organization will be rated in a prestige series. Men will rank women socially, adults will rate kids." 

    What type of rating are we talking about, I'm confused. 

    1 AnswerHomework Help3 months ago
  • Why Humans are always in groups ?

    I'm reading The Tree of Culture, and I just wanted to make sure I understood what the author meant. 

    In this link are 2 images of the same paragraphs, Im sorry about the quality, the book is very old. What I understood Is that some people, particularly those who study animal behavior, believe that humans are gregarious because we have a certain instinct for being in groups. But the author disagrees and says that, humans happened to be surrounded by others since they were born, so an unconscious association between comfort and being in a group setting developed , is that true ? I mean is what I understood what the author meant ? Did I miss anything ? Are his comments regarding spacing between breeding just supporting his point about humans growing in a group setting , is that it ? 

    3 AnswersSociology3 months ago
  • I don't understand this statement ?

    "Unfortunately, for such an attractive theory, it is very questionable whether human beings have any instincts in the sense that this term is commonly used by students of animal behavior."

    What does he mean students of animal behavior ?

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay3 months ago
  • Explain how this sentence is correct please ?

    "Certain philosophic historians to the contrary, we have no evidence that societies and cultures ever die of old age."

    He started the sentence with certain philosophic historians , then he said 'we' , does that mean he is one of them ?

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 months ago
  • Why are natural societies comparatively free of law?

    and Why are primitive societies considered cruel? 

    1 AnswerSociology4 months ago
  • If humans are 99.9% identical, how are we so different ? -If you know, please help un-watch?

    This question has been confusing me for the longest time, but I never really made an effort to understand, so here I am.

    I don't understand how I can be 99.9% identical to a friend when every physical feature between us is different. I have curly hair she has straight hair, I am 5'9 she is 5'5, I have brown eyes , she has hazel, I have smaller bones and less muscle and she has wider bones and a lot of muscle... how is our genetic data so similar ?

    The DNA that we both have exact copies of, what does it code for ?

    And I recently learnt that a polymorphic gene is a gene which has more than one allele in the population.. doesn't this mean that the 0.1% of genes that make us unique are all polymorphic ?

    The gene that codes for eye colour is polymorphic , true ?

    Is an example of the gene that is not polymorphic the gene that codes for RNA polymerase ?

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance4 months ago
  • The North plate river _____ from Wyoming into Nebraska?

    The options are 

    (a) it flowed

    (b) flows 

    (c) flowing 

    (d) with flowing water 

    I would’ve answered b but the answer key says a so I’m confused 

    2 AnswersHomework Help4 months ago