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  • Could someone give me college and high school advice?

    Could someone please give me advice about what to do about extracurriculars and how to pick a college?

    I am currently a junior in high school for the 2020-21 school year and I have good grades (4.0 unweighted I believe) but I have no extracurriculars or anything that really makes me stand out. I know colleges like to see more than grades but I really don’t know what to do. I have no hobbies and my school doesn’t offer any type of extracurriculars. If it makes a difference I go to a hs on a college campus and will graduate with my hs diploma and associates degree. I know that may not be good enough since I want to become a pediatrician and want to go to a good college (probably because my whole family seeS me as the smart child and I want to maintain that image).

    I also have no idea what college I want to go to but I don’t want to stay in Maryland (where I live). I’d prefer to stay on the east side of the U.S and I like the thought of school in NY but it’s quite expensive. For school in New York I just like the thought of Manhattan and other big cities. 

    Could someone give me any info or advice about how to pick a school and stand out for applications? Thank you in advance (sorry for how long this is).

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    Why does my AirPods keep showing the wrong battery percentage ?

    I recently got the AirPods 2nd generation (wireless charging case). Every time I open my AirPods case and the battery percentage pops up it always changes when I remove one AirPod (either the right or left, or both). When I check the percentage in other ways, such as under “Battery”, it also does the same thing. I’ve already tried restarting my phone and resyncing the AirPods. Can someone help me fix this problem ????!

    I’ve added some pictures of the problem I’m speaking of at the bottom. All of these battery percentage pictures were taken in seconds of each other 

  • Could someone give me a nutrition or nutritional science related STEM question ?

    This question is for my nutrition class and I have to test it and identify the independent, controlled, and dependent variables. Could you guys please give me some ideas for testable questions related to nutrition ? Thank you so much for your help. 

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  • Could someone please help me with this question or give an example ?

    We have discussed the method of scientific investigation. Please design an experiment, come up from an observation of nature, followed by a question, and a hypothesis, and propose a brief experiment (about a paragraph in length) to test your hypothesis. Please identify the independent, dependent and controlled variables.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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  • How was Roscoe Conkling considered a city boss ?

    This is for History class and I appreciate all answers.

    2 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • How do I fix the black spot and lines on my iPhone screen ?

    I saw that the screen on my iPhone 6s was coming up so I pushed it down. However, it created a huge black spot that looks like ink and there are now many colorful lines on the screen. The screen has also stopped working; if I try to tap anything it doesn't respond. Every time I turn on my phone its disabled for 15 minutes and I also can't unlock it because of the broken screen. I don't think there are any cracks in my phone except my screen protector. Is there any way I can fix the phone myself and if its possible what part of the phone is broken and where can I buy the new parts. Or do I have no hope and should just get s new one ? Thanks ;(

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  • Can I bring these foods through the Canadian border from the U.S with any inspection or anything ?

    It’s 3 days before I go to Canada via car, and I’m wondering if I can bring these snacks without them taking it or anything. Also Can I still bring them if they are already opened ??


    Peanut M&M’s



    Hershey’s Cookie & Cream



    Thank you so much for your answers

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  • Should I pay for my “lunch fees” even though I have free lunch ?

    All my life in school I’ve had free lunch ; since elementary school. This year like usual, I have free lunch. But out of nowhere, today the lunch lady asked “Where’s your lunch money”. Of course, I replied with “I get free lunch”. She turned the monitor towards me, and asked if it was my name. I confirmed that it was, and I saw a fee of $2.46. I old her again that I get free lunch but all she said was “You have to bring money tomorrow or you get no lunch”. So I eat breakfast and lunch at school, and I’m not sure if they’ll make me have to pay for both tomorrow, but do you think I should bring money in case or argue that I have free lunch and will not pay ?

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  • Can you get suspended for not follow the dress code at school ?

    One of the administrators in my school came into my class and made a bunch of people take off their sweaters and put in in their locker because it wasn t blue or black. To me (only me) she said "Take that sweater off and if I have to tell you again I m calling your mom and your getting ISS (In School Suspension). (I was wearing a dark brown sweater). But there were many other people walking in the hallway and most of the bad people, that weren t wearing a blue or black sweater but she said nothing to them. If I end up not taking it off can she suspend me (I don t care if she calls my parents) ? Also, I m not wearing the sweater for a religious or medical purpose (it s just because I want to).

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  • Can someone help me with my math homework please? Thanks?

    Jason's Fine Bakery fills an order of seven tarts and three cupcakes for a total of $48.00. Another order is for two tarts and six cupcakes and totals $24.00. How much does each cupcake cost?

    A. $2.00

    B. $4.00

    C. $6.00

    D. $8.00

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  • Can someone help me answer my math homework question? Thanks?

    Brenda is trying to guess how many of each coin is in Lola s purse. Lola says there are only nickels and dimes and there are a total of 15 coins. If Brenda knows that Lola has $1.20 total, how many nickels does Lola have?

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  • Who can solve this riddle/puzzle?

    There is a strange looking bird that looks VERY hungry roosting in the tree outside your house. The huge, ominous bird seems to have his sights set on your new pet rabbit, which is getting very nervous. Create some highly imaginative ways to get this predator to fly away WITHOUT bringing him harm.


    * In the same tree there is a rope with a heavy metal swing seat. The rope may be cut.

    * Below the heavy swing is a plastic container that is full of air and plugged with a cork.

    * Add to the picture three chain events. The picture already contains two potential events. Remember, event one must activate event two. Event two must activate event three, and so on until event five. Event five should cause the large, scary bird to fly away.

    * Explain how your highly imaginative system will work.

    1 AnswerJokes & Riddles5 years ago
  • Can somebody please give me a free Amazon gift card?!?

    I wanted to get my bestfriends a necklace on Amazon, and I was about to purchase it but I needed only 60 cents left ;(. So can somebody PLEASE give me a working Amazon gift card promo code!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!

    3 AnswersCredit5 years ago
  • Can somebody please help me make a 4 stanza poem (ABAB)?!?

    It has to be about pi day using vocabulary that are related to pi. Thank you so much! It s a challenge!!

    2 AnswersPoetry5 years ago
  • Help with math homework;decimals!?

    Here's the question;

    Sandra and her friend went to the candy store. Each of them purchased a bag of jelly beans. Sandra's bag weighed 1.25 pounds. Her friend's bag weighed 1.05 pounds. Who bought more candy?

    Thank you so much for all your answers!

    1 AnswerHomework Help5 years ago
  • How much does one person pay to go to North Bay MD?

    My field trip to North Bay is $150 for admission and bus fees, but how much would one person pay to go ( maybe if it's cheap I could go with my family instead )?

    1 AnswerOther - United States5 years ago