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  • Can I Sue?

    Company made a sales pitch for $30 which I bought into, service was rendered. 

    The next month I see a charge for $101. I called them and explained they didn’t have authorization to make that charge to my checking account. They apologized and said it would be refunded. It was refunded the next day or so

    About a week later another charge for $101.

    I’ve called them livid once again... again they’ve apologized and said they would refund it or mail a check for the amount. I haven’t received anything still. Since then I’ve changed my card with my bank to prevent further charges. 

    I had made a payment that bounce and caused me to have late fees which tricked down to other headaches. I would like to sue them immediately but unsure if I can! They’ve cause a lot of inconvenience for me all because of unauthorized charges I did not consent to. Not once but twice! 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics10 months ago
  • Right to refuse service?

    Earlier today had a reservation for a storage unit. I walked in and told the woman at the front desk I had a reservation. She asked my name, looked on her computer and said she didn’t see anything. I told her I have the confirmation in my email, she didn’t care to look and said to come back tomorrow. I started expressing how I drove all the way there in the uhaul already and it’s packed to the max. With growing frustration I asked for a supervisor, she then said “I won’t be renting a storage unit to you and get out” I asked why she said because I was being “rude.” I then said I’m not leaving until I speak to someone higher up than you. She responds with “I’m calling the police”.....

    The police come and diffuse the situation, told me all businesses have a right to refuse service. Is this a legal refusal or discrimination?? Please help!

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  • At fault driver badly tboned my vehicle and I was knocked unconscious!!!?

    I had on a 37K Rolex watch. During the impact, all the commotion, ambulance transfer... my watch is gone!!! Am I able to sue the drivers insurance company for my lost watch under personal property damage??? That watch was very sentimental to me

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • I hosted a party and a guest lost their family heirloom at my party which was held at my apartment. Now I’m receiving letters of her trying?

    to sue me! I have renters insurance and personal liability insurance and she’s threatening to make a claim against my insurance company. Is this at all my fault?! Am I responsible for this? Is she able to actually sue me for something she lost just because it was at my apartment?! Please help

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  • Please help!!!?

    Car was hit (tboned) by a driver. Driver admitted they were in the wrong. My car is severely damaged... looks almost totaled. I have NO insurance... what will happen at this point? Who represents me against the driver’s insurance company to get my car fixed being that I have no insurance to do so?

    17 AnswersInsurance & Registration2 years ago
  • Help! I m looking to purchase a home at 185,000.?

    I m looking to purchase a home at 185,000. I have a credit score of about 690, no debt at all. I m self employed with an agi of 33-36 thousand. Is this even possible for me

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Should I be offended?

    I ve been married 5 years, together for 6. We have 3 children My youngest baby is 9 months old. Recently my husband told me he would like me to take more pride in my appearance to be more of a woman such as making hair & nail appointments for myself. He has had a few affairs in the past & we re at a point where I truly see his efforts to be a great husband and dad. My feelings were a little hurt about what he said & from more so a males perspective, should I be Or just take heed to what a husband is trying to tell his wife

    27 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 years ago