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  • Can I get this dismissed based on a typo?

    My old employer is suing me over some bs and I am going to file my answer this week. But what I am wondering is if I can force him to re-file because on the summons and complaint he served me with it states that the incident occurred 3/31/2012. I didn't start working for him until 12/2012 and I intend on bringing this to someone's attention. What do ya'll think?

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  • What will happen to my registration loan?

    I took out a registration loan a few months ago on my truck. At the time I took out the loan on the truck it had a title loan on it through another company. The truck was recently repossessed by the title loan company and I have no intention on getting it back (it had been in an accident and had other mechanical problems). What happens if I do not continue to pay the registration loan? There is no longer anything for them to repossess. Also, they knew I had a title loan on the vehicle at the time of offering me the registration loan.

    Credit7 years ago
  • Can I get charges dropped?

    I was contacted by the police today saying that I filed a false police report surrounding the events of an accident a few weeks ago. I spoke with the officer and explained to him that yes I did make a false report but that I made it out of fear and anxiety and I had no criminal intent behind it. I was very shook up after the incident. They now gave me until the end of the week to come down to the police station and give my statement or the officer said he will have a warrant issued for my arrest. Does anyone know if I will be able to get this dropped? I have never been in any kind of trouble with the law before in my life, I just started a really good job last week and I am the only one supporting my family of 5 right now. Also I am concerned because I have to drive for my job as well as obtain a fingerprint clearance card.

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  • Was this Garnishment Calculated Correctly?

    I think my employer took too much from my pay check and he refuses to show me how he came to the garnishment amount. My gross check was $401.50 and he garnished me $116 for alleged damage to the company vehicle (which I was not responsible for and am still disputing this matter). The only required deductions that came out were for social security and medicare in the total amount of $30.27. I am in Arizona by the way. When I calculated it I am saying at the most he should have only been able to take $93 if he should have took any....but I am not sure if I am calculating this correctly.

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  • Can my Previous Employer withhold my final paycheck?

    Here is the scenario. I accepted a new job and gave my employer my two week notice on 3/19/2013 stating that my last day would be 3/31/2013 (I worked 12hr shifts Friday through Sunday). While at work on 3/30/2013 I took the clients out with the company van (as allowed) and while the van was parked in the bank parking lot and we were walking out we witnessed another vehicle sideswipe the passenger side knocking off the side mirror and scraping the paint and kept going. Nobody got a real clear look at the vehicle. I immediately returned back to the facility with the clients and the van and contacted my boss to notify him of the incident. He told me don't worry file a report with the police as a hit & run so that he will have documentation for his insurance. I complied and provided him with the police report number. This morning (4/2/2013) I sent him an email asking if it would be ok to send my husband to pick on my check on Thursday (4/4/2013 the regularly scheduled payday). He responded back that would be fine. Later in the afternoon I sent another email asking him what time would be the latest that he would be in the office so that my husband can get my check on payday. He immediately responds "Interestingly, I am concluding my investigation to your alleged incident. There is an approximate $3500 to max $5000 worth of damage with a minimum of two weeks repair time. If you are found at fault, then your pay will be affected. Your final wages will be mailed to you." Is this legal?? Don't he still have to pay me on my regular schedule?? I am in Arizona. I am freaking out because I have a LOT of bills due on Friday and also some upfront costs for my new job that if I don't comply within 15 days I will lose my new job. I won't see a check from my new job for at least 2 weeks. PLEASE HELP

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  • How do I get started in the mental health field?

    I am currently finishing up my first year of my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This is a complete career change for me and I would like to start working in the mental health field before completing my program. Currently I am a student worker at my school, however it seems as though that job may be ending soon due to no longer qualifying based on my financial aid. I know people have mentioned volunteer work, however that is not an option as I am the only one currently supporting a family of 4....any suggestions or ideas? I have already applied for many case manager positions (even though I don't necessarily meet those requirements either right now).

    My previous jobs have been in the legal field as legal secretary and admin. positions.

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  • Who do I Pay my Deductible To?

    I have State Farm Full Coverage insurance with a $500 comprehensive deductible. Last night some punk kids decided to vandalize the lift gate on my truck and I now have a large dent across the back of it. I took it to the dealer and got an estimate for $1500 so when I file my claim I am wondering how this will work....will I have to pay the insurance company the $500 upfront before they pay the rest or will they just cut a check for the $1000 ($1500 less my $500)? Also, will they cut the check directly to me or will it go to the body shop?

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  • Unemployment Overpayment?

    I have a situation and want to know what my chances of coming out in the clear are. I went on UI in 9/2011 after losing my job of 7 years with the State. While I was working I was taking fulltime classes online through UOP to get my BS, however 5 month prior to losing my job I had withdrew because I did not have the funds to pay for my last two classes. After losing my job I had cashed out my retirement and had been living off of UI and retirement at that time I also decided to use some of that money to pay for and complete my last two online classes. I did not report this to UI because they were online and I knew they did not affect working since I had been taking them while working before. Now I have decided to go on for my MA because I am looking for a career change...the classes I signed up for are only one weekend a month and the rest is online. As part of my financial aid package I was awarded federal workstudy 20 hours/week. When I initially registered for classes and accepted my FA package I had specifically asked my FA advisor if I needed to report school and my workstudy earnings to UI. I had been told I don't because it is considered financial aid...therefore I was not reporting and recieved 3 weeks of full UI benefits after I started my work study position. Then by the 4th week I don't get a payment and recieved a letter stating they had been notified I had returned to work at "AEG Dallas". At that time I did not know what AEG was and when searching online I found nothing but an entertainment company in CA which I do not work at. I contacted UI and had been told by a representative that I should return the paper stating that I don't know anything about this company so I did just that (this was on a Friday). On Monday I decided to call my FA again and told him about the documents I was at that time he placed me on hold to talk to his boss and came back to inform me that AEG is part of the college and that I AM required to report school and workstudy to UI and that he made a mistake initially. Once I found this out I tried contacting UI via phone on Tues. & Wed. and could not get through so I sent an email requesting they contact me ASAP. I received a call on Thursday morning and I explained everything to the UI representative, she amended my claims, and explained that I will end up with an overpayment but that I would be contacted by a different department to address this. On Friday I recieve a letter stating I have a $510 overpayment and that they are considering it fraud!! I am appealing the fraud classification because I have to origincal documentation showing that I had been told I didn't have to report and the fact that once I was told otherwise I made every effort to contact them to straighten things out. Should I still be concerened that they will penalize me for fraud?

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  • What time of Day Does Chase Bank Post Deposits?

    I am currently expecting an ACH Direct Deposit. It is for a financial aid refund and my school uses Sallie Mae bank to process the refunds. It was released from my school to Sallie Mae bank early Friday morning and I had been told that I should see the funds in my account by Monday. Does anyone know what time it would show on my account if it was going to be there? It is currently 12:30AM on Monday and I am not seeing anything in my account.

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  • Is there a waiting week for the federal unemployment extension?

    Does anyone know how the federal unemployment extensions work? I will be receiving my last regular UI payment on 3/20 and just want to know how long in between before I would get my unemployment payment through the federal extension. Also does anyone know when I should apply? Do I have to wait until my last payment is received?

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  • Pell Grant Question...two classes left?

    Does anyone know how the Pell Grant works? I had reached my financial aid loan limits a few months ago (mainly because I have a AA degree from a different college and was now working on my BA). I am down to my last two classes before completion of my degree and they are running about $1805 each. Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay this amount in cash upfront, cannot qualify for a personal loan, and don't have any other family that is financially stable enough to help me out. Do you know would I be able to get a Pell grant to cover these last 2 classes?

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid9 years ago
  • How do I prevent this?

    I need to lose weight...however, I currently like the curves that I have in my thighs and butt and I don't want to lose that. Also, I like the fact that my breast look nice and full...everytime I start losing weight they begin to look deflated. I was always under weight prior to having my first child (and even during most of my first pregnancy) so therefore I never had much of a body. My biggest problem is my sticks out like I am 6 months pregnant and just looks sloppy...please help

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  • How do I lose weight on a budget?

    Here is my situation: I am 27 and have been told by my doctor that I need to lose at least 30-35 lbs. for health reasons. Unfortunately I lost my job a few months ago and am now feeding a family of 4 on $500/month in food stamps. I have no problem eating healthy foods for the most part but my dilema is the fact that I am about the only person in the house that will eat a fruit or vegetable (except our oldest daughter) or anything cooked in a healthy way. So I am stuck between buying and cooking relativley unhealthy stuff and trying to lose weight while staying in budget...I am finding it to be very expensive buying healthy food/meals for me and things that everyone else will eat. Please help with ideas....

    Also, before anyone says anything this is the first time in my life I have ever received any type of government assistance. Thanks to the wonderful red-tape involved in getting approved for SSDI for my husband I have been the sole supporter for my family for the last few years.

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  • How do I get through to a real person at Republic Bank?

    We filed with Jackson Hewitt on 1/17 and have a scheduled direct deposit date of 2/1. We have called Jackson Hewitt yesterday and today and continue to get a generic answer about when our refund will be in....I continue to see people with this date either getting their refunds already or at least knowing that a deposit is pending for tomorrow from either their own banks or the preparer' bank. I would like to get a hold of someone at republic bank to get some peace of mind that it will go through tomorrow but I can't get a live person. I have tried calling the "tax payer" number but it is all automated please help!!!

    1 AnswerUnited States9 years ago
  • Does anyone know how long Republic Bank takes to process refunds once received?

    I was under the impression they released and processed the funds immediately by now I am not dso sure. I have seen a few people on here that said they have a 2/1 date and they received theirs on their netspend cards already. If the irs released the 2/1 deposits when would I get notified by republic bank to get my check cut?

    4 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • Does anybody know when the irs releases funds?

    Do they actually release the funds on the dd day or do they release them prior to that day so you actually receive it then? I was updated by an irs rep in Friday to a dd of 2/1 and wmr updated around 12am Arizona time. Just wondering if it is possible I will get it before 2/1....also I filed through Jackson hewitt but in years past they have always took their fees and printed our check all the same day they receive the funds.

    1 AnswerUnited States9 years ago
  • Anybody with a 2/1 direct deposit date get their refund already?

    Just curious if anyone so far has received their refund a day or two prior to their direct deposit date? I spoke to the irs on Friday and was told that funds would be deposited on 2/1 and wmr just updated to that date also. Just curious...happy to finally be getting it.

    2 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • What is going on??? Irs is driving me crazy!!?

    I am a little on edge myself right now because when I called my tax preparer last night they said they could see a pending deposit for our federal refund and that I would have it for sure today. However, the wmrsite still neverupdated,mypreparer's sight hasn't updated yet andtheir office isn't open yet to call and check!! What do ya'll think?

    5 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • Anyone know what time Jackson Hewitt prints their checks once they receive a deposit?

    I am still in the processing 1/31 boat on wmr but my Jackson Hewitt preparer told me yesterday afternoon that she could see a deposit pending and that I would get it today, however as of right now (7:00 am AZ time) my refund status on jh's website has not changed...still saying pending for both state and federal. When I emailed jh customer service yesterday I was told the system is supposed to update in real time as soon as the deposit posts. So what is going on??

    3 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • Has anyone else still in 1/31 limbo but with a deposit pending?

    This is what my day has consisted of: What I know so far today: called the irsthis morning. I was told that my return is still processing but as of right now I can still expect it sometime between now and 1/31 since my edd has not changed YET. Also, was told that wmrupdates onweekends so I won'tsee a change til Monday but when I told him I have seen otherpeople saying they seen wmr changes throughout theweekhe admittedhe really didn't know when it updated because of the new system. Also, he was unable totellme what systemmine was getting processed through but that eitherwaythey were bothhaving delays andthat unless I get a actual dd on wmr that I willnot getmyrefund.

    Then called Jackson hewitt and was told that there is a deposit pending for tomorrow so we will see what happens. Don't know if it will be state or federal...guess I'll find out tomorrow.

    Called Jackson Hewitt back and they confirmed it is my federal pending deposit for tomorrow...wmr still showing edd 1/31.

    My question is should I really believe it will be here tomorrow?

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