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  • Are there ANY Brave kids out there willing to ask their teachers why they don't teach about WWI and WWII, the reason for US involvement?

    World  War I and World War II happened because Communism and Socialism were about to take over the world by dangerous dictators who killed anyone in their way. They wanted one way of life, to extinguish a race of people and their beliefs, and to rule with an iron fist telling people what they can and can not do with what THEY decide. They had the love for power and destroyed anyone in their way..

    The US got involved won the war, and saved and rebuilt Europe to the thriving cities they are today. Countries knee-deep in Socialism/Communism starved and abused their people then taxed them to death taking most of their income. This is what modern government Socialists want to do today. Why don't the kids of the US fight this? Question this? and push back? If you do, the teachers will be RELIEVED and the teachings replaced to the truth due to the demand!...We are one generation away from Socialist slavery. Socialism is "everyone shares" but no one gets ahead. Everyone has far less than they do now and NO ONE will be ever be able to pursue dreams of success as we know now. When one stands for the truth, the others will follow. Who will be the first ones to start this most important revolution for the truth??

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